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Take a Stroll Through the Pros and Cons of Permanent Eyebrows Tattoos




Find people with high expectations and a low tolerance for excuses. They’ll have higher expectations for you than you have for yourself. Don’t flatter yourself that this has much to do with you – this is just who they are. Don’t look for “nice” in these relationships. Look for trust.

Be fearless in front of them with your ideas as many times as they’ll let you

Beauty Dust is very pretty to look at and it tastes like nothing, which is great. Here is what it’s supposed to do: This ancient empiric formula expands beauty through alchemizing elements legendary for their youth preserving, fortifying and tonifying qualities. Glowing supple skin, lustrous shiny hair and twinkling bright eyes are holistically bestowed from the inside out.


I actually first read this as alkalizing meaning effecting pH level, and I was like, OK I guess I understand how that could positively effect your body, but alchemizing means turning elements to gold basically through magic. That lead me to research each ingredient because I know alchemy is not actually happening in my body when I eat this, since alchemy is not real.

In addition to loving beauty and taking care of myself, I also love opening people minds to other paths of self-care, and good marketing and I can honestly say that I use and personally love this product but I’m not sure for which reason.

I think it made me think about it more and really consider why I was choosing to add this to my routine

It poses an interesting question for me on the wellness category – will people be willing to buy in, or does eating something change your “sniff” test on the believe-ability of the claims?

The color is very long lasting and they have an interesting texture that’s like a powder and a cream but neither really. They’re made with pure pigments and oils and will never melt with the warmth of your skin because they don’t contain any waxes. You can literally use them for anything – obviously as eye shadow and liner, but the light shade is a great highlighter, and the red can be used for lip or blush with a little balm.


There’s also a little pouch to store the rollerballs, and a card with different inspirations as to how to blend them on your skin – but it’s foolproof. You can’t make a mess if you mix them all up.

Badger Beard Balm is perfect for the bearded gents in your life (is this everyone? beards are so trending). It is filled with good things such as vitamins A, D, E & F to keep his beard healthy, thicker and cleaner, as well as helping to relieve itchiness as it soothes the skin under the hair.

If you’re looking to get rid of this beard, maybe this is not the right angle for your gifting

Further, no one wants to cuddle with a dirty beard – who knows, maybe you already are and are dying for a nice way to help this problem of yours his. Beard Wash made by Beard Buddy. Started in 2011 in California, all Beard Buddy products are hand crafted by beards for beards. Both founders have large beards of their own to tame, and wanted to do this with organic products – kudos, and cuddles, to them.

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Dior Channels Rebellious Women At Paris Fashion Week 2023




ARIS, Greece — Following Milan DIOR, the spotlight in global fashion shifted to the final stretch of ready-to-wear shows in Paris on Tuesday, as the industry looks to the future with all of the final fall trends.

This week, however, displays in the French capital will pay tribute to deceased designers Vivienne Westwood and Paco Rabanne.

Here are some highlights from the fall-winter 2023-2024 collections unveiled on Tuesday, including Dior:



Dior’s guests were treated to a surreal world in the Tuileries gardens in Paris.

The round runway was filled with a giant, multicolored octopus installation. Its fabric tentacles were lit up with thousands of tiny lights. A Portuguese artist named Joana Vasconcelos was interested in how organic form interacted with the “feminine realm of artisanal savoir-faire.” It was a beautiful background, especially when paparazzi flashes caught guests like Charlize Theron and Maisie Williams, model Elle Macpherson, and K-pop star Jisoo.

If the decor appeared futuristic, the clothing took inspiration from the past, resulting in less vitality but plenty of flairs.

Three women — the house founder’s sister Catherine Dior, a French resistance hero, and French singers Edith Piaf and Juliette Greco, each described as “rebellious, at once strong and fragile” — were muses in this collection. Christian Dior’s heyday inspired it in the 1950s.

A faded black leather menswear coat, crumpled houndstooth skirt, and wrinkled woolen socks gave off a vintage vibe. Sweaters and skirts featured extra volume in the shoulders or hips, a nod to the thicker fabrics of the post-war era. A black textured skirt hung heavily with thousands of embellished flowers cut a fine androgynous figure beneath a white shirt and tie. While the mottled fabric had a gleaming metallic thread sewn into it, revealing Dior’s atelier’s skills.



Mame Kurogouchi’s Japanese ready-to-wear label delves edgily between past and present, fusing traditional dressmaking with cutting-edge technology.

At the fall’s minimalist take on the 1980s, this was on full display as minimalist as a decade that exuberant can be.

A grey pantsuit with crisp, clean lines and a diagonal dynamic had a futuristic feel. A black scarf that gripped the neck like a hand tugged down the shoulder was paired with a black space-age fanny pack that resembled a cummerbund.

A sanitized color palette worked well with the 80s references — broad, flat apron silhouettes, hoods, and thickly textured top-heavy ensembles.



“Obscene dress,” reads one T-shirt in Vaquera’s rather risque collection, despite being one of the least kinky looks in a show that featured inches of flesh, studded chokers, bare torsos, a shredded take on bondage gear, and multiple takes on 90s grunge and denim jeans.

Patric DiCaprio and Bryn Taubensee, who rose to prominence six years ago in New York with their iconic U.S. flag gown, debuted their sophomore collection in Paris. Following a more commercial season last year, the talented duo returned to their daring antics.

The black-heavy 12-look presentation began with a masked headpiece and a patch over one breast on a naked female torso. The model’s gloved hand covered the other breast. It’d be a difficult look to pull off on the street, but it got guests’ cameras clicking. Then, a black cotton top with numerous volume and edge shreds. A skirt with flaps was deconstructed to resemble a bondage outfit, and it was worn with a thermal hat in a woolen take on a bondage mask.



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Brazilian Supermodel Adriana Lima Named FIFA Global Fan Ambassador




Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima, a well-known Brazilian supermodel regarded as a global fashion icon and one of the most accomplished models in history, has been named the first-ever FIFA Global Fan Ambassador by the organization that governs football.

Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, announced in a statement. “When you meet Adriana, you immediately feel her warmth, kindness, and how approachable and passionate she is about our game,” he said. She “breathes and lives football,” which is another reason why she can serve as a fantastic conduit between FIFA and soccer fans everywhere.

Adriana expressed her own opinions regarding the appointment to the newly created position.

Adriana Lima, “I am very thankful and honored to have been chosen by FIFA as the first Global Fan Ambassador and given such a platform to help fans get closer to the game”.

Coming from a more than modest background and being a football fan.

Lima’s responsibilities will include “developing, promoting, and participating in several global initiatives involving fans from all over the world.” On Monday night in Paris at The Best FIFA Football Awards, Lima will also present the FIFA Fan Award.

Adriana Lima

About Adriana Lima

Brazilian supermodel, actress, and businesswoman Adriana Lima. Adriana’s portfolio quickly soared after she turned fifteen, making her one of the most successful models ever.

Adriana is a global fashion icon best known for her Victoria’s Secret model work from 1999 to 2018. She was the longest-tenured model and was named “the most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel” in 2017. 103.7 million people watched Adriana’s Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl commercial in 2009!

Nielsen said it was “The Most Watched Commercial in the History of Television.” After placing second in the “Supermodel of the World” competition and winning Ford’s “Supermodel of Brazil” competition, she began her modeling career. Elite Model Management subsequently signed Adriana Lima as a model. Adriana opened the show five times while working for Victoria’s Secret, in 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2012.

Only two angels, including Adriana, have worn the Fantasy bra three times. Together with 4 other Angels, she participated in the 2004 “Angels Across America” tour, a nationwide Victoria’s Secret advertising campaign.

After participating in 18 Victoria’s Secret catwalks, her last performance was in 2018. She has additionally appeared in runway shows for renowned fashion houses like Versace, Jason Wu, Giorgio Armani, Vera Wang, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Christian Dior, Alexandre Herchcovitch, and Anna Sui.

Her fame allowed her to grace the covers of many prestigious international publications, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Grazia, GQ, Numero, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire, in the USA, Spain, the UK, France, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. Adriana is an Afro-Brazilian with West Indian, Portuguese, Swiss, Native Brazilian, and Japanese ancestry.

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Former Hollywood Bombshell Raquel Welch Dies at 82




Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch, whose appearance in the film “One Million Years B.C.” in a skimpy, furry bikini propelled her to international sex symbol status throughout the 1960s and 1970s, has died. She was 82 years old.

According to her agent, Stephen LaManna of the talent agency Innovative Artists, Welch died early Wednesday after a brief illness.

Despite having only three lines, Welch’s breakthrough came in the campy prehistoric film “One Million Years B.C.” in 1966. She avoided pterodactyls but not public attention while dressed in a brown doeskin bikini.

“I just thought it was a silly dinosaur epic that we’d be able to sweep under the rug one day,” she told The Associated Press in 1981. “Wrong. It turned out that I was the season’s Bo Derek, the lady in the loin cloth about whom everyone exclaimed, ‘My God, what a bod,’ and they expected me to vanish overnight.”

She didn’t, instead playing Lust in Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s comedy “Bedazzled” in 1967 and a secret agent in the sexy spy spoof “Fathom” that same year.

Raquel Welch Playboy

Raquel Welch’s curves and beauty drew the attention of pop culture, with Playboy crowning her the “most desired woman” of the 1970s despite never being completely naked in the magazine.

She was ranked No. 2 on Men’s Health’s “Hottest Women of All Time” list in 2013. A poster of Welch covers an escape tunnel in the film “The Shawshank Redemption,” the third of three characters Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) used after Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe.

Raquel Welch

TV host Rosie O’Donnell, actor Chris Meloni, and writer-director Paul Feig, who worked with Welch on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and called her “Kind, funny, and a true superstar whom I was pretty much in love with for most of my childhood,” all took to Twitter to express their condolences. “A true icon has passed away.”

Welch was a singer and dancer in addition to her acting career. She surprised many critics — and received positive feedback — when she replaced a vacationing Lauren Bacall in the Broadway musical “Woman of the Year” in 1981. In 1997, she returned to Broadway with “Victor/Victoria.”

Raquel Welch knew some people did not take her seriously because of her glamorous appearance. “I’m not Penny Marshall or Barbra Streisand,” she said to the Associated Press in 1993. “‘Raquel Welch wants to direct?'” they’ll say. Please give me a break.”‘

Raquel Welch

The Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program

Jo-Raquel Tejada was born in Chicago and raised in La Jolla, California. (The Jo in her name comes from her mother, Josephine). When Welch met ex-actor turned press agent Patrick Curtis, she was a divorced mother.

“The irony is that while people thought of me as a sex symbol, I was a single mother of two small children!” “Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage,” her autobiography, says.

Curtis became her manager and second husband, helping shape her into a glam girl with hundreds of magazine covers, films, exercise videos, and books like “The Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program.”

Though she would appear in exploitative films, she also surprised many in the industry with strong performances, such as in Richard Lester’s “The Three Musketeers,” for which she received a Golden Globe, and in “Wild Party,” opposite James Coco. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe in 1988 for the television film “Right to Die.” In an episode of “Seinfeld,” she played herself and mocked divas, famously attacking Elaine and rattling Kramer.

Raquel Welch was married and divorced four times and is survived by two children, Damon Welch and Tahnee Welch, who both became actors, including a role in 1985’s “Cocoon.”

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