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Eagles Fans Flood Philly Streets After Super Bowl 38-35 Loss: ‘F–k The Chiefs’




SUPER BOWL: Eagles fans were very upset after their team lost the Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs. They went out into the streets of Philadelphia, yelled obscenities, set off fireworks, and fought with police Sunday night and early Monday morning.

According to social media videos, Broad Street looked like a sea of green after heartbroken Philadelphia fans climbed traffic lights and chanted “F— the Chiefs!” after the Eagles’ stunning 38-35 loss.

According to Fox News, police issued warnings to rowdy fans who were seen igniting fireworks on the ground, climbing greased poles, and jumping onto bus shelters.

“The thing is, whether you win or lose… “Philly will still be Philly because IT’S A PHILLY THING,” Twitter user @Annie Wu 22 wrote, sharing the video of a crowd yelling obscenities.

Someone threw a section of a fence at one point, but it did not hit anyone.

Dozens of police officers and SWAT team members in riot gear stood ready to disperse the revelers over a speaker.


Eagles Fans Used Smoke Bombs In Protest To The Chiefs Win

According to videos posted on Twitter, police used smoke bombs around 11 p.m. to disperse the crowds and get people to go home.

Bicycle cops and a crowd also clashed on Broad Street, according to NBC Philadelphia.

Some fans were seen being arrested late Sunday.

Two people were charged with misdemeanors, and 11 others were cited for disorderly conduct, according to police, who also stated that one officer was injured in the melee but did not seek medical attention.

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Earlier in the day, before the big game, a car was overturned on a crowded street near Temple University.

According to Fox 29, people remained mostly peaceful on Broad Street, and the crowd left between 11 p.m. and midnight.


The Chiefs Had A Game Winning Field Goal Half-Way Through The Game The Sealed The Win

The diehards had started partying on the streets while the Eagles were still ahead — before a controversial holding call late in the game paved the way for the Chiefs’ game-winning field goal.

Following the game, Eagles cornerback James Bradberry admitted to blitzing Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster on the game-winning drive.

“I’m so disappointed at that call, (Bradberry) barely touched him. At the game’s end, will you make a call like that? “Will a call like that decide the Super Bowl?” one fan asked, according to Fox 29.

Despite the last-minute upset, Birds fans continued to cheer on their team as confetti rained and fireworks lit up the sky.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Grumpy’s Tavern manager Keith D’Alfonso grumbled, “Not happy,” as patrons yelled expletives.

Ashton Crawford, 31, sat glumly at Reale’s Sports Bar & Grill on Frankford Avenue as the Chiefs celebrated their victory.

“I’m simply torturing myself. I thought we had it figured out. “I assumed we’d be out in the streets celebrating,” he explained.


Different Fans Weigh In On Their Opinions Of their Teams

Amid the disappointment, Jamel Fanning, 40, waxed philosophical on Broad Street.

“There will always be ups and downs when you play this game,” Fanning told the Inquirer. “We must continue to support our team. We don’t stop supporting them because they lost.”

Police lined up on Broad Street around midnight Monday to clear the area near City Hall, and crews from the Department of Public Property later collected and stacked fencing onto trucks.

Given the notoriously raucous Birds fans’ past behavior, Philadelphia police had braced for a chaotic scene following the Super Bowl.

Fans celebrated the Eagles’ NFC Championship game victory over the 49ers last month by climbing light poles, crosswalk lights, and standing on bus stop shelters.

When the Eagles defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl in 2018, authorities famously greased light poles throughout the city, but it wasn’t enough to keep enterprising fans from climbing them.

SOURCE – (NY Post)



NASCAR Teams Have Hired A Top Antitrust Attorney In Their Revenue Dispute. Here’s What It Means




The NASCAR season has begun, with 38 races to select another stock car racing champion in the 76th season of the main motorsports series in the United States.

There is a significant issue for NASCAR and its teams: negotiations on a new revenue-sharing plan have stalled. In mid-February, officials from five teams notified The Associated Press that they had recruited renowned antitrust sports lawyer Jeffrey Kessler as an adviser.

The action was a power play by the 15 teams with the 36 charters that ensured entry into every race, sending a message that they would not be intimidated in negotiations. Here’s what you need to know about this off-track battle worth millions:

Charters are comparable to NASCAR franchises, but the series can withdraw them at any time. The current market rate determines their worth, but the specifics are not publicised. Live Fast Motorsports reportedly paid $40 million for a charter that Spire Motorsports bought last year, a significant increase from the $6 million Spire Motorsports paid in 2018 when it became the first team to purchase a charter from another team.

NASCAR chose which teams were granted charters in 2016. Four charters have yet to be offered for sale and are being held by NASCAR for use if a fourth manufacturer joins the Cup Series.

The present pact expires after the season, and teams have been negotiating with NASCAR for two years to get a better deal, including making the charters permanent.

NASCAR stated it needed to finish a new media rights package first, and a new $7.7 billion broadcast rights agreement was revealed in December. NASCAR’s economic offer to the teams arrived shortly after that.

The five-person negotiation committee for the race teams told the Associated Press that NASCAR was clear: “We’ve been informed, ‘This is all there is; there is no flexibility.’ “That is not a negotiation,” said Curtis Polk, co-owner of 23XI Racing with Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin.


NASCAR’s Financial Health

NASCAR’s stability has ebbed and flowed for years, with significant emphasis on empty seats in the bleachers and viewing figures from season to season. The series has been through it all, and the TV contract is deemed significant.

According to a recent S&P Global Ratings report, NASCAR will continue to see strong growth in live attendance, sponsorship, and advertising-related revenue this year, and the new rights deal “provides good revenue visibility” until 2031.

The report also raised its credit rating for NASCAR, highlighting the series’ capacity to pay down debt while increasing revenue. This year, NASCAR’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation are expected to climb by 6% to 8%, according to Standard & Poor’s.

S&P also anticipates a positive cash flow of $135 million to $145 million, which could be lowered to $85 million following infrastructure repairs and utilised to reduce debt further.

Polk stated that the data demonstrates that NASCAR is financially solid and has had minimal difficulty repaying the almost $1.5 billion borrowed in 2019 to take its racetracks private.

“The rating agencies have upped NASCAR to a better rating based on the health of NASCAR,” Polk said in a statement. “NASCAR’s debt is now reduced to around $400 million. They repaid $1 billion in debt in less than five years.



The teams seek more than simply a bigger financial stake.

In addition to a rise in the proportion of the television rights deal, the teams want the charters to be permanent, as they are in other leagues. With so many of NASCAR’s top team owners in their 70s (Roger Penske turned 87 this week), they want their investments to be legacies for their families.

NASCAR has declined to contemplate making the charters permanent.

The teams also want to have a say in governance and foster a collaborative environment to generate new revenue prospects.

The teams are unaffiliated with NASCAR, which regulates the 38 races each year and provides payouts and cash from licencing, merchandise, and other sources. It also owns several top-tier tracks.

The teams wish to refrain from launching their breakaway series, noting CART’s downfall when Tony George removed the Indianapolis 500 and founded a competing league. Two open-wheel racing series could not be sustained. Thus, they merged in 2008 to form IndyCar. However, the damage had already been done: NASCAR bypassed what was formerly the leading US motorsports series during the split.

Currently, the teams do not intend to promote a race outside of NASCAR’s supervision. They want to strike a deal.

Teams could legally go on strike and cease turning up at the track, but it makes no financial sense, and NASCAR would most likely fill a field with teams from a stock car league it does not currently own.

Who is Jeffrey Kessler?
The attorney specialises in sports labour and antitrust conflicts. In 2021, he helped obtain a 9-0 victory at the United States Supreme Court in NCAA v. Alston, a significant issue on athlete remuneration. He also led the United States women’s soccer team in its winning fight for equal pay and lawsuits against the NBA and NFL’s current free agent rules.

Although employing Kessler could imply that the teams are considering litigation, the negotiating representatives said the attorney was hired to advise them during discussions.

The Race Team Alliance convened at Daytona International Speedway; NASCAR failed to attend, and the teams say NASCAR is no longer negotiating with them collectively. Instead, they feel NASCAR is attempting to communicate with teams individually to create division among what is now a unified front.



NASCAR could completely overhaul the eligibility system and develop its income distribution guidelines. NASCAR does not have a collective bargaining agreement for teams, and the RTA, founded to fight this struggle, is not a union.

The teams might file an antitrust lawsuit challenging NASCAR’s market dominance, arguing that NASCAR operates stock car racing as a monopoly.

But NASCAR has already won legal battles, including a 2009 case in which Kentucky Speedway failed to demonstrate that its refusal to host a Cup Series race constituted an illegal monopoly.


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Kenya Mourns As Marathon World Record-Holder Kelvin Kiptum Is Given A State Funeral




NAIROBI, Kenya – Kelvin Kiptum, Kenya’s world marathon record holder, was accorded a state funeral Friday after being killed in a vehicle accident earlier this month, prompting many Kenyans to call on the government to do more to protect the country’s famed sportsmen.

Hundreds of dignitaries, including Kenyan President William Ruto and World Athletics Federation President Sebastian Coe, paid their final respects to Kiptum as he was interred in Naiberi, some 6 kilometres (4 miles) from his village of Chepkorio in western Kenya.

The 24-year-old runner and his Rwandan coach, Gervais Hakizimana, died in a collision two weeks ago near the town of Kaptagat in western Kenya, in the heart of a high-altitude region known as a training ground for Kenya’s and the world’s greatest distance runners.


Kenya Mourns As Marathon World Record-Holder Kelvin Kiptum Is Given A State Funeral

Kiptum was one of the most promising road runners to emerge in recent years, breaking the world record in only his third competitive marathon outing. Just days before his death, the world track body World Athletics certified his record of 2 hours and 35 seconds achieved at the Chicago Marathon last October.

Kiptum intended to break the two-hour marathon record in Rotterdam in April and make his Olympic debut in Paris this year.

His death echoed throughout Kenya, where runners are the biggest sports heroes, and many people have become accustomed to tragedies involving their best athletes, with dozens dying in traffic accidents or as a result of domestic abuse.

According to officials, Kiptum was driving on the night of February 11 when the car went off the road into a ditch and collided with a huge tree. He and Hakizimana died instantly. Sharon Kosgei, another passenger, was also hurt in the incident.

Kiptum, an only child, leaves his wife, Asentah Cheruto, and their two children. A High Court on Thursday declined to postpone the funeral in response to a woman’s legal claim that Kiptum fathered her kid.


Kenya Mourns As Marathon World Record-Holder Kelvin Kiptum Is Given A State Funeral

Kiptum ran the fastest as a marathon debutant in the 2022 Valencia Marathon. The next year, he won two of the world’s most prestigious marathons: London and Chicago. He set a new course record at the London Marathon in April; months later, he set the global record in Chicago.

He became the latest Kenyan celebrity to die in sad circumstances.

David Lelei, an All-Africa Games silver medalist, was killed in a car crash in 2010. Francis Kiplagat, a marathon runner, was among five individuals who died in a crash in 2018. Nicholas Bett, who won gold in the 400-meter hurdles at the 2015 World Championships, was also killed in a car accident in 2018.

Many Kenyans believe the government should do more to protect athletes who bring international attention to their country, such as providing them with security, drivers, and advisors.

Elizabeth Wairimu, a vegetable trader in the western Kenya town of Nakuru, said the number of athletes killed in road accidents was frightening.

“I am asking myself what is the problem with our athletes,” she said. “The government should look into this… figure out what is killing our athletes. Where are we headed?”

She expressed sadness that the government was rushing through the process instead of Kiptum, who had pledged to build a new house for his parents.


Kenya Mourns As Marathon World Record-Holder Kelvin Kiptum Is Given A State Funeral

Others in the packed market agreed with Wairimu’s comments.

“The government should not wait until the legends are dead to start caring about their welfare,” said George Thuo, a market seller.

Jimmy Muindi, a six-time Honolulu Marathon winner from Kenya, believes young athletes who reach Kiptum’s level require assistance managing their newfound celebrity status. Former marathoner Isaac Macharia concurred, stating that a support system is required to develop stars.

Jack Tuwei, the president of Athletics Kenya, urged President Ruto and MPs to find a solution to secure the athletes’ well-being and “allow them to have everything they need to be safe.”

Ruto announced that an endowment fund would be established for athletes and that the government would provide Kiptum’s widow with another house and $34,000 in support.


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Former NFL Star Richard Sherman Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI, Authorities In Washington State Say




SEATTLE — Former NFL player Richard Sherman was arrested early Saturday on charges of driving while intoxicated, according to the Washington State Patrol.

In a probable cause statement, Trooper Jordan Hazzard-Thomas, who assisted with the traffic stop, described speaking with Sherman and noticing “the odour of intoxicants” as well as Sherman’s eyes being “bloodshot and watery.”


Former NFL Star Richard Sherman Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI, Authorities In Washington State Say

Emails seeking comment on Sherman’s arrest were sent Saturday to a representative identified on his social media sites and an attorney who has previously represented him. According to the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Sherman will appear in court on Monday.


Former NFL Star Richard Sherman Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI, Authorities In Washington State Say

He was named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s All-Decade Team of the 2010s in 2020 after being one of the best defensive players of his era.

Sherman played seven seasons in Seattle before moving to San Francisco for three. He also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and attended Stanford University.


Former NFL Star Richard Sherman Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI, Authorities In Washington State Say

More recently, he served as a football analyst.

In 2022, Sherman pled guilty in Seattle to two misdemeanour offences coming from a drunken driving and domestic dispute the previous year. He also admitted to a criminal charge of speeding in a construction zone.


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