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Flights Across US Thrown Into Chaos After 1- Hour Computer Outage




NEW YORK – Wednesday, a glitch in a federal system caused thousands of flights all over the United States to be delayed or canceled. This caused the world’s largest aircraft fleet to be grounded for hours.

At first, the White House said there was no proof that a hacker was behind the outage that messed up the plans of millions of travelers. Wednesday, President Joe Biden said that he had asked the Department of Transportation to investigate what happened.

Whatever the cause, the outage demonstrated how reliant the world’s greatest economy is on air travel and how dependent air travel is on an obsolete computer system known as the NOTAM.


Flights Could Tell Something Was Wrong

Before taking off, pilots must look at NOTAMs, which tell them about things that could go wrong with a flight, like construction on the runway or icing. Before, the system was based on the phone, and pilots would call specific flight service stations to get information. Now, the system is online.

According to FlightAware’s website for tracking flights, the NOTAM system broke down late Tuesday. By 11 a.m. Wednesday, more than 1,000 flights had been canceled, and more than 6,000 had been delayed.

The commotion is predicted to worsen as backups pile up. Cerium, an aviation data company, said that more than 21,000 planes were set to take off in the United States today. Most of them were domestic flights, but about 1,840 international flights were set to come into the country.

Long-term aviation insiders could not recall a similar-sized disruption caused by a technological failure. Some compared it to the nationwide airspace lockdown following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

“Periodically, there have been local concerns here and there,” said Tim Campbell, a former senior vice president of air operations at American Airlines, now a consultant in Minneapolis.

The FAA Has Been Worrying For Sometime

Campbell said that the FAA’s technology has always been a source of worry, not just the NOTAM system.

“So many of their systems are ancient mainframe systems that are typically reliable but out of date,” he explained.

Former airline pilot and aviation safety specialist John Cox said there had been talking in the aviation industry for years about trying to upgrade the NOTAM system, but he didn’t know how old the FAA’s servers are.

He couldn’t answer whether or not a cyberattack was a possibility.

“I’ve been a pilot for 53 years. “I’ve never heard the system fail like this before,” Cox added. “An extraordinary event occurred.”

According to a notice from the FAA, the NOTAM system stopped working at 8:28 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday. This meant that pilots could not get new or updated alerts. The FAA turned to a telephone hotline to keep flights flying overnight, but the telephone backup system became overwhelmed as daytime traffic increased.


Flights Halted Wednesday Morning

The FAA halted all outgoing flights early Wednesday morning, affecting passenger and cargo flights.

Some medical flights could take off, and the disruption did not affect military operations or mobility.

Flights for the United States military’s Air Mobility Command were unaffected.

Biden stated Wednesday morning that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg briefed him.

“I just talked with Buttigieg. They have no idea what is causing the problem. “But I was only on the phone with him for about 10 minutes,” Biden explained. “I instructed him to come straight to me if they found out.

On Wednesday, Julia Macpherson was on a United Airlines aircraft from Sydney to Los Angeles when she learned of anticipated delays.

“I got word from a buddy who was also traveling overseas that there was a power outage when I was up in the air,” said Macpherson, who was flying back to Florida from Hobart, Tasmania. After landing in Los Angeles, she still has a connection in Denver on her trip to Jacksonville, Florida.

She stated that there had been no announcements on the flight regarding the FAA issue.

Macpherson stated that she had previously encountered a travel delay because her original flight from Melbourne to San Francisco was canceled, and she had to rebook a trip from Sydney to Los Angeles.

Similar reports came from Chicago, Washington, Atlanta, and other major American airports.


Flights From Europe Into The United States Are Unaffected.

Aer Lingus said its services to the United States will continue, and Dublin Airport’s website showed that flights to Newark, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles were running on time.

“All transatlantic flights will run as scheduled today,” Aer Lingus said in a prepared statement. “We will continue to monitor, but we do not anticipate any service disruption due to the technical issue in the United States.”

It was the latest snarl for holiday visitors in the United States, who had to contend with flight cancellations due to winter storms and a glitch with Southwest Airlines’ staffing technology. They also saw long queues, missing baggage, cancellations, and delays this summer as travel demand rebounded from the COVID-19 outbreak and personnel cuts at airports and airlines in the United States and Europe.



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Raccoon Euthanized After Woman Brings It To Pet Store And Other Customers Kiss It




Maine’s Auburn — State wildlife authorities in Maine said that a raccoon that a woman brought into a pet shop for a nail trim and other customers kissed was put to death and rabies-tested.

According to Mark Latti, a Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife spokesman, the raccoon tested negative for the disease, and there is no rabies danger to the general population. Raccoons are one of the most frequent rabies carriers in the state. Thus, Latti said that bringing the wild animal into a pet store posed an unwarranted health risk to the general public.

The woman took the raccoon into an Auburn pet store on Tuesday, according to the wildlife department, which the authorities have not named. According to the department, she wanted to have the animal’s nails clipped, which is a service the business does not offer to raccoons.

The wildlife department reported that the animal was handled by numerous persons, some of whom even kissed it. The store manager ordered the woman to leave before contacting the Maine Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

When the raccoon was later tested for the illness, the results were negative but forced its euthanasia, according to Latti. According to him, there is no nonlethal test for animal rabies.


State wildlife authorities in Maine said that a raccoon that a woman brought into a pet shop for a nail trim and other customers kissed was put to death and rabies-tested.

Once symptoms develop, rabies is almost invariably lethal in people, so anyone with it must get help very once. Wildlife should ideally be left alone, but animal control officials can also be alerted if any animals show signs of suffering, according to Latti.

They become more likely to cause trouble or get hit by a car when they lose their fear of people, according to Latti.

According to the wildlife agency, customers who touched the animal at the store should still make a precautionary call to their doctors. Raccoons can spread several illnesses to both people and other animals.

An inquiry for comment on Sunday has yet to receive a response from the pet shop, a branch of the national brand Petco. A retail representative forwarded a request to the company’s headquarters in San Diego.



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North Korea Spy Satellite Launch Fails As Rocket Falls Into The Sea



north korea

NORTH KOREA: SEOUL, South Korea In a blow to leader Kim Jong Un’s efforts to strengthen his military capabilities as tensions with the United States and South Korea escalate, North Korea’s attempt to launch its first spy satellite into space on Wednesday was unsuccessful.

North Korea promised to launch again after learning what went wrong after making an unusually swift acknowledgment of failure. It implies that Kim is still eager to increase his weapons stockpile and put greater pressure on Seoul and Washington while diplomacy is stymied.

After the launch, South Korea and Japan momentarily encouraged inhabitants in some areas to seek refuge.

In waters 200 kilometers (125 miles) west of the southwest island of Eocheongdo, the South Korean military claimed it was retrieving an object thought to be a piece of the fallen North Korean rocket. Later, the Defence Ministry published images of a white metal cylinder that claimed to be a rocket component.

North Korea’s satellite launch violates Security Council resolutions that forbid the nation from carrying out any launch using ballistic technology. According to observers, North Korea’s past satellite launches aided in advancing its long-range missile technology. The capability of North Korean long-range missiles to reach the entire U.S. mainland was proved in previous tests, but foreign experts claim the North still has to make progress in developing operational nuclear weapons.

The Malligyong-1 satellite was launched at 6:37 a.m. by the recently created Chollima-1 rocket from the North’s Sohae Satellite Launching Ground in the northwest. According to the North’s official Korean Central News Agency, the rocket lost thrust after its first and second stages separated, and it crashed off the western coast of the Korean Peninsula.

According to the military of South Korea, the rocket had “an abnormal flight” before it landed in the water. According to Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, no object is thought to have entered space.

According to North Korean media, the nation’s space agency would look into “the serious defects revealed” by the launch and carry out a follow-up launch as soon as is practical.

north korea

North Korea failed to launch its first spy satellite into space on Wednesday.

Leif-Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha University in Seoul, said: “It is impressive when the North Korean regime actually admits failure, but it would be difficult to hide the fact of a satellite launch failure internationally, and the regime will likely offer a different narrative domestically.” This result indicates that Pyongyang may soon organize another provocation to make up for today’s failure.

In a statement, Adam Hodge, a U.S. National Security Council spokesman, said that Washington vehemently opposes the North Korean launch because it used outlawed ballistic missile technology, increased tensions, and put regional and global security at risk.

Because China and Russia, the two permanent members of the Security Council currently engaged in conflicts with the United States, have blocked efforts to put more severe economic sanctions on North Korea, the U.N. has not retaliated to recent tests.

Japan declared it was ready to respond to any emergency, while Seoul’s military claimed it had increased military readiness in collaboration with the United States. The United States declared that it would take all necessary steps to protect its national security and the defense of South Korea and Japan.

The South Korean authorities advised residents of a front-line island off the country’s west coast to leave and find safer places after the launch was discovered. Similar phone messages were sent to city residents by officials in Seoul, the nation’s capital, but the Interior and Safety Ministry later said the Seoul notifications were sent inadvertently. The mayor of Seoul expressed regret for confusing the populace.

Japan turned on its missile warning system for Okinawa Prefecture in the country’s southwest, which is thought to be in the rocket’s probable course. The Japanese advisory stated, “Please evacuate into buildings or underground.”

Yasukazu Hamada, the defense minister of Japan, stated that until June 11, when North Korea’s pre-announced launch window ends, Japan intends to maintain missile defense systems installed in its southern islands and southwestern oceans.

Beyond naming them, KCNA gave no other information on the rocket or the satellite. As with the majority of its previously tested long-range rockets and missiles, experts previously predicted that North Korea would deploy a liquid-fueled rocket.

The National Aerospace Development Administration of the North, according to KCNA, blamed the failure on “the unstable character of the fuel” and “the low reliability and stability of the new-type engine system applied to (the) carrier rocket” despite planning a more thorough examination.

Top North Korean official Ri Pyong Chol stated on Tuesday that the country needs a space-based reconnaissance system to combat growing security threats from South Korea and the U.S.

The spy satellite, earlier revealed in the nation’s state-run media, needed to be sufficiently advanced to produce high-resolution imagery. According to some outside experts, it can spot troop movements and big targets like warships and aircraft.

north korea

North Korea failed to launch its first spy satellite into space on Wednesday.

North Korea’s Sohae launch facility was visible in recent commercial satellite photos to be under construction, which suggests the country intends to launch multiple satellites. Ri also stated in his address on Tuesday that North Korea would test “different reconnaissance means” to keep track of the actions of the U.S. and its allies in real-time.

According to Lee Choon Geun, an honorary research fellow at South Korea’s Science and Technology Policy Institute, North Korea might create a space-based surveillance system that enables it to watch the Korean Peninsula in almost real-time with three to five spy satellites.

The satellite is one of many cutting-edge weaponry systems Kim has promised to introduce. He also wants a nuclear submarine, a solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile, a hypersonic missile, and a missile with multiple warheads. Kim stressed the strategic importance of a spy satellite during his mid-May visit to the space agency during North Korea’s stalemate with the U.S. and South Korea.

Professor Easley claimed that after competitor South Korea successfully launched its first commercial-grade satellite aboard its home-built Nuri rocket earlier this month, Kim probably pressured his scientists and engineers to launch the spy satellite.

Analysts say Kim likely wants his country to launch its spy satellite before the South to strengthen his military credentials at home. South Korea is anticipated to launch its first spy satellite later this year.

North Korea launched its first satellite into orbit in 2012 and a second in 2016 following a string of failures. Although the government claims both satellites were launched as part of its peaceful space development program, many outside analysts think both were designed to spy on competitors.

According to observers, no proof exists that the satellites have ever returned imagery to North Korea.


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Sloane Stephens Leads 4 American Women Into 2nd Round Of French Open




FRANCE — Returning to her “favorite court in the world,” Sloane Stephens defeated Karolina Pliskova, a veteran of two Grand Slam finals, 6-0, 6-4 in her first match at the French Open.

While the 2017 U.S. Open was Stephens’ sole Grand Slam victory to date, she has enjoyed considerable success on the red clay courts of Paris, including a runner-up finish to Simona Halep in 2018 and two quarterfinal appearances.

“This is my favourite court in the world, so I’m super happy to be back,” Stephens told the audience on Court Philippe Chatrier. It’s amazing to begin a Slam on the court or surface you enjoy playing on.

After getting off to a 1-4 start on Sunday, with the lone U.S. victory coming in a match involving two players from the country (Jessica Pegula beating Danielle Collins), she helped the American women get off to a 4-0 start during the first few hours of play on Day 2.

As of Monday, Madison Keys’ record in the first round of majors stands at 35-5. Keys was the runner-up to Stephens in New York six years ago and reached the semifinals at Roland Garros 2018. Keys defeated Kaia Kanepi 6-1, 3-6, 6-1.


Returning to her “favorite court in the world,” Sloane Stephens defeated Karolina Pliskova, a veteran of two Grand Slam finals, 6-0, 6-4 in her first match at the French Open.

Kayla Day, a qualifier from the United States, will play next for Keys after she defeated Kristina Mladenovic, a wild card entrant from France, 7-5, 6-1.

American Bernarda Pera, of Croatian descent, defeated world number two Anett Kontaveit 7-6 (6), 6-2.

The 2021 French Open runner-up Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova defeated the Czech teenager Linda Fruhvirtova in straight sets (6-2, 6-2), while the 22nd-seeded Donna Vekic prevailed over the qualifier Dayana Yastremska (6-2, 7-5).

Stephens trailed Pliskova by a break in the second set but returned to win the final three games to take the match.


Returning to her “favorite court in the world,” Sloane Stephens defeated Karolina Pliskova, a veteran of two Grand Slam finals, 6-0, 6-4 in her first match at the French Open.

With a 19-16 advantage in aces and only 10 unforced errors to Pliskova’s 31, Stephens defeated the 2016 U.S. Open and 2021 Wimbledon finalist.

This court has a few challenges. Stephens advises extensive practice to learn how and when the wind is blowing on it. Playing with it will help you learn how it works. But the court system could be clearer. But that’s part of the wonder of it.

After playing only three matches in larger clay events in Madrid and Rome, Stephens won a local tournament on clay courts in Saint-Malo, France, at the beginning of the month and reached the Morocco Open’s semifinals last week.

“Last year, my clay season wasn’t great, but I played amazing at Roland Garros last year,” Stephens said. “And this year, I really wanted to get matches and play a lot and see where that got me.”


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