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Lawsuit Naming Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs As Co-Defendant Alleges His Son Sexually Assaulted Woman On Yacht




Los Angeles — A lawsuit naming Sean “Diddy” Combs as a co-defendant claims that his son Christian “King” Combs sexually abused a lady working on a boat hired by his father.

According to the lawsuit filed on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Sean Combs engineered the circumstances that led to the assault and then paid to cover it up. It’s the latest in a slew of lawsuits alleging the producer and music tycoon of sexual assault, and it comes amid a federal sex trafficking investigation that prompted Homeland Security investigators to raid his Los Angeles and Miami properties last week.

Lawsuit Naming Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs As Co-Defendant Alleges His Son Sexually Assaulted Woman On Yacht

Grace O’Marcaigh, a crew member and bartender on the yacht, claims that in late December 2022, Christian Combs persuaded her to consume tequila that she suspects was laced with other substances. According to the lawsuit, he touched her breasts and genitals and tried to force her to have oral sex.

The Associated Press normally does not identify persons who claim to have been sexually abused unless they come out publicly, as O’Marcaigh has. She also agreed to be named through her solicitors.

Aaron Dyer, an attorney for Sean and Christian Combs, described the complaint as “lewd and meritless.”

“We will be filing a motion to dismiss this outrageous claim,” Dyer stated.

Dyer described the inquiry that resulted in last week’s raids as “nothing more than a witch hunt based on meritless accusations made in civil lawsuits.”

Sean Combs, who chartered the yacht for the holidays in 2022, “had full control of the staff and premises” and established an environment in which her assault was not only accepted but encouraged.

O’Marcaigh, who was 25 at the time, claimed that when Christian Combs, then 24, arrived late one night, he appeared intoxicated and began paying her unwanted attention.

She stated that the two were in a music studio on board the ship, where producer Rodney Jones, who filed his lawsuit in February, was instructed to be available around the clock for Sean Combs to work on his upcoming album.

In the lawsuit, O’Marcaigh claimed that Christian Combs insisted on her drinking tequila shots, and she did so out of responsibility.

According to the lawsuit, he became increasingly aggressive with her, violently seizing her arm as she attempted to leave the situation and then touching her. The suit claims that the beverages caused everything to blur unnaturally quickly.

Microphones in the studio, where Jones was instructed to record everything, captured their conversation, and the lawsuit contains a transcript in which O’Marcaigh demands that Christian Combs cease molesting her.

The suit claims that he continued the assault in the ship’s movie theater, which was utilized as a spare sleeping area and where she was looking for a place to stay the night because all of the rooms were booked before another crew member intervened, and he stopped.

O’Marcaigh informed the yacht’s captain about the assault the next morning, but she claims that when Combs handed him a substantial sum of money the same day, the captain neglected to investigate or take any action.

According to the lawsuit, O’Marcaigh was dismissed in retribution and has since been unable to find work in the music sector, where she had hoped to advance her career. According to the report, she has been experiencing significant mental anguish since 2022.

Lawsuit Naming Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs As Co-Defendant Alleges His Son Sexually Assaulted Woman On Yacht

The lawsuit demands damages that will be established at trial.

Christian Combs is also a musical artist, and his song “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” featuring Kodak Black topped Billboard’s Mainstream R&B Hip-Hop charts in 2022. He was in his father’s Los Angeles house during last week’s searches, and he and his brother were handcuffed but not jailed.

Tyrone Blackburn, the same attorney who represents O’Marcaigh, filed a federal case against producer Jones in February, alleging that Sean Combs pushed him into soliciting prostitutes and pressuring him to have sex with them.

Dyer stated that the latest lawsuit is “filled with the same kind of manufactured lies and irrelevant facts we’ve come to expect from Blackburn.”

He noted that U.S. District Judge Denise L. Cote criticized Blackburn in a separate lawsuit on Wednesday and referred him to a disciplinary committee for a “pattern of behavior” in which he “improperly files cases in federal court to garner media attention, embarrass defendants with salacious allegations, and pressure defendants to settle quickly.”

Blackburn answered via email that “a referral is not a sanction” and that Combs’ lawyer’s comment was an attempt to “deflect and distract.”

“Christian Combs sexually assaulted Ms. O’Marcaigh, and we have it on tape,” Blackburn told reporters.

Lawsuit Naming Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs As Co-Defendant Alleges His Son Sexually Assaulted Woman On Yacht

The R&B singer Cassie, his former protege and lover, filed a lawsuit in November alleging years of sexual abuse, including rape, which has since brought the music and business magnate into the public eye. It was settled the next day.

Combs and his counsel have denied all of the lawsuits’ claims.

Combs, a three-time Grammy winner and the founder of Bad Boy Records, has been one of hip-hop’s most prominent producers and executives for the last three decades. He grew his hip-hop empire into a larger economic empire that included private-label spirits, clothing, and a television network.


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Tom Brady Enshrined Into Patriots Hall Of Fame During Star-Studded Night



Foxborough, Massachusetts: Over his two-decade tenure with the New England Patriots, Tom Brady provided the squad with many memories and six Super Bowl rings.

His admission into the Patriots Hall of Fame was celebrated like the team had never done.

On Wednesday night, thousands of fans and celebrities, including Jay-Z and Bon Jovi, joined dozens of Brady’s former teammates and coaches from several eras of Patriots history to honor Brady as the 35th individual inducted into the team’s hall.

Patriots, it’s fantastic to be home, Brady declared.

Tom Brady | AP News Image

Tom Brady Enshrined Into Patriots Hall Of Fame During Star-Studded Night

Team owner Robert Kraft moved Brady to tears before he spoke when he declared that no other Patriots player would ever wear his number 12.

“The No. 12 is now formally retired,” Kraft declared.

Kraft further disclosed that a 12-foot bronze monument of Brady was being commissioned and would be unveiled outside the Patriots Hall of Fame later this year.

The highlight of a night that resembled a Patriots family reunion was former Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s meeting with Brady before his speech. Belichick, who left the team following the 2023 season, received a standing ovation.

“To draft Tom and coach him for 20 years was an incredible honor for me,” Belichick told the assembled. Being a part of everything he contributed to the team was truly an honor for me.

Brady added his voice to the never-ending discussion over who was more accountable for the Patriots’ success as teammates.

Not me, that is for sure. Not you, that is. The culprits were us, Brady claimed. Let me clarify this. I prefer playing for Bill Belichick than for any other coach.

The red carpet that opened the event represented Brady’s 20 years with the Patriots. It included Ty Law, Willie McGinest, Randy Moss, Vince Wilfork, Drew Bledsoe, and Rob Gronkowski. The event also comprised Galynn Brady and Tom Sr. Brady.

Rapper Jay-Z opened the formal celebration inside Gillette Stadium with a smoke-filled rendition of his 2003 ‘Public Service Announcement’, which Brady had used as his entrance song when he had jogged onto the pitch to warm up before games.

This evening, Brady emerged from close to the stage at the conclusion of Jay-Z’s performance, passing through the area set aside for the special guests before settling in on stage.

Tom Brady | AP News Image

Tom Brady Enshrined Into Patriots Hall Of Fame During Star-Studded Night

There, he viewed video tributes from Jason Taylor, Charles Woodson, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and other rivals over the years. Fans who still remember how the Giants stunned the Patriots in the 2007 Super Bowl and ruined their hopes for a perfect season also made video cameos. Michael Strahan and Eli Manning were among them. In the 2011 Super Bowl, they upended Brady and company once more.

Matt Damon and Red Sox legend David Ortiz were among the well-known Bostonians who made cameos in other videos.

With his second season with New England, Brady, the No. 199 pick in the 2000 draft, took over as starter after Bledsoe, the previous No. 1 overall pick, was injured. Brady helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl that same year. Over the following twenty years, he took home five more championships.

Reunited with Brady, Bledsoe made light of the fact that Brady disregarded the first rule as a backup.

“You were the worst backup quarterback in NFL history,” Bledsoe replied. You never understood that you were meant to sit back down when I got well.

Moments were poignant, such as when Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Gronkowski, and Moss—some of Brady’s best playmakers—joined him on stage.

Moss was crying as the audience gave him a two-minute standing ovation. Moss said he knew he had to be around Brady when he got to New England in 2007.

“Put my locker beside Tom Brady’s and the rest will take care of itself,” Moss declared.

Surprising in-person visitors included Pro Football Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, who sat down with Brady and the evening’s host, Mike Tirico, to discuss the quarterbacks’ past on-field arguments.

When his teams played Brady, Manning said, he never wrote the Patriots off, particularly when Brady had the ball and a chance to win late in games.

I was praying from the sidelines, Manning said. I never offer any prayers while watching.

Brady also praised Manning and dubbed him one of his closest friends. He mentioned how he had watched Manning from high school onwards throughout his career as a young quarterback.

Tom Brady | AP News Image

Tom Brady Enshrined Into Patriots Hall Of Fame During Star-Studded Night

Brady declared, “Nobody in the world is as good as Peyton Manning right now.”

Manning even cracked some of his classic banter to the applause of a frequently hostile New England audience when he said, “They like me here because I usually lose here.”

Brady declared his family, and the Patriots would always be linked in front of a crowd drenched in his No. 12 jersey.

Brady stated, “I feel like we’re still the family trying to love each other.” Adopted New Englanders, that is us.

At one point, Brady enumerated the towns he had lived in while playing for the Patriots in New England, starting with Franklin and ending with Brookline.

Brady shed tears as he finished his address.

Thomas Brady is my name. Furthermore, I identify as a Patriot,” he declared.


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Billy Ray Cyrus Files For Divorce From Firerose After 7 Months Of Marriage



Billy Ray Cyrus | AP News Image

LOS ANGELES – Billy Ray Cyrus has filed for divorce from singer Firerose after seven months of marriage.

On May 22, the 62-year-old country performer initiated the legal process by filing for divorce from his 36-year-old wife, Johanna Rose Hodges, in a Tennessee court. The divorce is being sought on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and ‘inappropriate marital conduct.’ Cyrus is also seeking a marriage annulment, citing Hodges’ alleged deception as the reason. The lawsuit, however, does not elaborate on the nature of the alleged fraud, but does state that each party should be allowed to retain their individual possessions.

Billy Ray Cyrus | AP news Image

Billy Ray Cyrus Files For Divorce From Firerose After 7 Months Of Marriage

Cyrus and Hodges’ representatives have yet to respond to calls for comment. TMZ initially reported the filing on Tuesday.

After marrying in October 2023, the artists lived in Tennessee and released numerous songs together during their partnership.

In an April Instagram post honoring their six-month anniversary, Hodges wrote, “Life isn’t always easy… but it sure helps when your husband is also your best friend.” “Thank you, Lord.”

Billy Ray Cyrus | AP News Image

Billy Ray Cyrus Files For Divorce From Firerose After 7 Months Of Marriage

Neither Hodges nor Cyrus have addressed the divorce on their social media profiles.

Cyrus has been married twice, most famously to Tish Cyrus, with whom he has five children, including artist and actor Miley Cyrus. They divorced in 2022 after nearly three decades together. They had attempted divorce twice throughout their relationship, but it was put off in 2010 and 2013.

Billy Ray Cyrus | AP News Image

Billy Ray Cyrus Files For Divorce From Firerose After 7 Months Of Marriage

The 2022 divorce sparked a well-publicised schism in the Cyrus family. Miley remarked “I don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone” following a long list of thank-yous and shoutouts to her family, which included her mother, who was in attendance, but excluded her father and onetime “Hannah Montana” co-star.


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Meghan Markle Could Become Princess Henry if She Loses ‘Sussex’ Name



Meghan Markle: BBC Image

According to royal analysts, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will most likely retain their titles, however if the don’t thet still can use Prince and Princess titles.

More than four years after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped aside from their official duties, there are still uncertainties regarding their future in the British royal family, particularly their titles.

The couple consented to give up their “HRH” titles during their transition away from senior royals, but have continued to use their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles while they continue their charity work, but huge changes would occur if they lost their Sussex titles.

Ingrid Seward, Editor in Chief of Majesty Magazine, told The Royal Beat, per the UK’s Mirror, that “Harry is a prince of the blood.” Since being born into the royal family on September 15, 1984, he has been awarded the title Prince Henry Charles Albert David, which means he will always be referred to as a “prince”.

More ambiguity surrounds Meghan, who married into the royal family in May 2018 with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle can be “Princess Henry”

The Sussexes: Getty Images

Because it is royal tradition for a princess to adopt an official title bearing her husband’s name, Seward stated that if Meghan loses her existing title, she will be known as Princess Henry.

While there have been proposals to take the royal couple of their titles, royal experts, including Seward, have questioned if this will ever happen.

According to Seward, “I don’t think anything will happen to the titles because, if they lose their titles, Harry is still a prince of the blood and Meghan instead of being the Duchess of Sussex, [would] be Princess Henry.” Seward stated that the shift would “confuse the Americans.” I think it’s probably preferable just to leave it because it appears cruel and unneeded.

“The Queen gave them the titles, so let them keep them; they’ll be ‘H and M’ anyway. “I think the best thing is to leave them, ignore them, and let them get on with it, which is exactly what the Palace and the Royal Family are doing,” Seward continued.

Kinsey Schofield, host of the To Di for Daily podcast, appeared to concur, saying Fox News Digital that removing titles is “not a conversation that has happened between King Charles and Prince William in years.”

Schofield went on to say that the King and his eldest son are aware that “if you strip Harry and Meghan of the Duke and Duchess title… they would revert to being Prince and Princess Henry.”

It is not possible to remove the prince title. This is Harry’s birthright. It would require an act of Parliament, which is just not a priority for them at this moment.”

Prince Harry Home Sick

he Sussexes’ former UK base Frogmore Cottage. Picture: Getty Images

Meanwhile, a royal specialist says the Duke of Sussex is seeking for a place to settle in England, despite his ongoing conflict with King Charles III and Prince William.

According to Tom Quinn, author of Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir from Queen Mary to Meghan Markle, “Harry misses some aspects of his old life in the UK.”

The royal expert believes that now that Frogmore Cottage is no longer available to him and Meghan, a sense of homesickness is motivating his desire to purchase a residence in the United Kingdom.

“Inevitably, the honeymoon period where everything in the States is new and exciting is coming to an end and Harry is looking back at the past through rose-tinted spectacles,” he said.

Quinn also stated that the Duke of Sussex’s desire for a “permanent home” is “partly why he’s continuing his legal action” regarding security when in town. After the pair left the royal family in 2020, Prince Harry reflected on his time at Frogmore Cottage with Meghan, saying it was a home where they felt truly safe and comfortable.

“Once, I thought this would be my forever home. Instead, it turned out to be simply another brief stay,” he writes in Spare, his biography from 2023.

Despite the growing schism, it’s logical that Harry and Meghan want their two children, Prince Archie, 5, and Princess Lilibet, 3, to feel a part of British society.

OK! magazine claimed in October 2023 that the hunt had begun, but the Duchess of Sussex was hesitant to return to a country that had not treated her well. “If they don’t have a base here, Harry’s children are going to grow up not knowing their cousins, uncles, aunts, or any of their family,” royal expert Duncan Larcombe told the media site.

“They are growing up quickly, and his father is not getting any younger. I believe he would want to do this before it was too late.

A property in the United Kingdom would not be their primary residence; rather, it would serve as a base for any European visits related to Harry’s successful Invictus Games, allowing them to spend time with Princess Eugenie, with whom they are close.

It’s a significant commitment for the couple, but a property in the United Kingdom is unlikely until the security concerns are resolved.

Source: Yahoo News

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