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Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban Impersonators



Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban Impersonators

Elon Musk announced Sunday that any Twitter account impersonating another would be permanently suspended.

Twitter issued the warning after some minor celebrities changed their Twitter display names and pretended to tweet as ‘Elon Musk’ in response to the decision to offer verified blue check accounts for $8 per month while terminating a large portion of the workforce.

“Any Twitter handles engaging in impersonating another person without clearly mentioning “parody” will be permanently suspended going forward,” Musk posted.


Twitter offered warnings before suspensions. Now that “blue check verification” is being implemented on the platform, “there will be no warning.”

Unter Twitter’s new guidelines, “any name change at all” would necessitate the temporary loss of a confirmed checkmark.

twitter bans kathy griffin rich impersonation

Kathy Griffin’s account was terminated on Sunday after she changed her screen name to Musk. She admitted to Bloomberg News that she had also used his profile photo.


“I suppose not all of the content moderators were fired?” “Lol,” Griffin laughed later on Mastodon, an alternative social media network where she had created an account.

Actress Valerie Bertinelli similarly used Musk’s screen name, tweeting in support of Democratic candidates on Saturday before reverting to her real identity. “Okey-dokey. “I had a good time, and I hope I made my point,” she tweeted.

Valerie Bertinelli noted the original purpose of the blue check before the prank was given away for free to those whose identities Twitter workers confirmed, with journalists making up a large share of the receivers.


“It just meant that your identification has been validated.” Scammers would have a more difficult time imitating you,” Bertinelli observed.

“That is no longer true. “Best of luck out there!” She continued.

Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban Impersonators

Musk believes that the $8 verified accounts are his approach to democratizing the service. Users of Twitter who sign up for the new “Twitter Blue with verification” can obtain the blue check next to their names “exactly like the celebrities, companies, and politicians you currently follow,” according to a Twitter update for iOS devices featured on Apple’s app store on Saturday.


It stated that the new service would be available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. As of Sunday, it was unavailable, and no timetable was provided.

Esther Crawford, a Twitter employee, told The Associated Press that it will be available “soon but not yet.”

On Sunday, Twitter did not respond to an email requesting comment on the verified accounts issue and Griffin’s suspension.


Musk later tweeted, “Twitter must become the most accurate global information source.” That is our goal.”

If the firm removes blue checks from current verified users — which has not happened — this might encourage disinformation on the platform during Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Following layoffs on Friday that affected roughly half of Twitter’s 7,500-employee workforce, some Twitter users, like Kathy Griffin, have already begun migrating away from the platform.


They say they are concerned that moderation and verification will result in a free-for-all of disinformation on the internet’s primary channel for accurate communications from government agencies and other institutions.

Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban Impersonators

Many businesses have delayed advertising on the platform for fear of being subject to cancellation by the cancel culture that previously lived on Twitter.

In a Friday message, Yoel Roth, Twitter’s head of safety and integrity, attempted to allay such fears. He claimed that the employment reduction had the least impact on the company’s front-line content moderation team.


Musk said late Friday that there was no choice but to slash positions “when the firm is losing over $4 million per day.” He did not share specifics on Twitter’s daily losses, but he did say that employees who were let go were given three months’ pay as severance.

Now that Elon Musk controls Twitter Inc., a small but rising number of celebrities, actresses, and artists are leaving the social media platform, citing concerns about what it could become under Mr. Musk’s leadership.

These people say they can’t wait to see what improvements Mr. Musk brings. Of course, it remains to be seen whether these celebs will keep their promises to stay away from the platform, which has over 237 million members.


In a series of tweets this month, Mr. Musk stated that people who have been booted from Twitter for breaking the rules would not be let back until the firm has a clear process. He estimated that it would take at least a few weeks to implement.

Here is a WSJ list of some well-known people who have stated their intention to leave Twitter:

Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban Impersonators

Sara Bareilles

The 42-year-old singer, known for hits such as “Brave” and “King of Anything,” announced on Twitter that she would see fans on other platforms.


“Welp. Twitter has been entertaining. “I’m out,” she tweeted, adding, “This one’s just not for me.”

Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban ImpersonatorsToni Braxton

“I’m startled and dismayed at some of the ‘free speech I’ve witnessed on this platform since its acquisition,” said Ms. Braxton, a 55-year-old R&B performer best known for her song “Un-Break My Heart.”

“I am opting to stay off Twitter because it is no longer a safe platform for myself, my sons, and other POC,” she wrote on Twitter, referring to people of colour.

Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban ImpersonatorsGigi Hadid

The 27-year-old model stated that she had cancelled her account, which had over 10.4 million followers. She stated that she did not believe Twitter was a secure environment for anyone.

“For a long time, but especially under its new leadership, it’s become a sewer of hate and prejudice,” she wrote in an Instagram message.


Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban ImpersonatorsTéa Leoni

The actress, 56, is best known for her role in the CBS sitcom “Madam Secretary,” as well as other films and television shows.

“I’m leaving Twitter today—see, let’s where we are when the dust settles,” she tweeted. “Today’s dust has uncovered much too much hatred.”

Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban ImpersonatorsBrian Koppelman

Mr. Koppelman, the showrunner of “Billions,” said his followers could find him on Instagram and TikTok in the days before Mr. Musk concluded his deal with Twitter.

Mr. Koppelman, 56, remarked on Twitter, “Gonna truly attempt to take a breather from here for a minute or a month come deal closure time.”

Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban ImpersonatorsKen Olin

“Hey everyone—I’m out of here,” the 68-year-old actor and producer of shows such as “This Is Us” tweeted. “Let us maintain our faith. Let us defend our democracy.”

Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban ImpersonatorsShonda Rhimes

“Not hanging around for whatever Elon has planned,” the 52-year-old showrunner and producer behind successful shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” posted on Twitter. Bye.”

Here are some notable persons that have stated that they are considering leaving Twitter:


Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban ImpersonatorsJosh Gad

The 41-year-old actor, best known for his role as Olaf in “Frozen” films, said he was thinking about staying on Twitter but wasn’t sure.

“Hate speech intended to inspire harm (with no consequences),” he said on the platform.

Since then, he has frequently tweeted.

Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban ImpersonatorsJohn Green

The 45-year-old novelist and YouTube sensation has joked that he wants to stop using Twitter but hasn’t been able to.

“Some of you may be wondering why I’m still on Twitter,” he wrote. “It’s because I follow a strict code of etiquette known as ‘The Brexit,’ which requires me to publicize my departure for at least a year before I leave.”


Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban ImpersonatorsStephen King

The 75-year-old prolific author finds himself at the centre of Mr. Musk’s fight over charging a monthly fee for verified users.

“If that is implemented, I’m gone like Enron,” he tweeted. Mr. Musk said that his company needed to pay its expenses somehow. Mr. Musk later said that Twitter would implement the fee. Mr. King has remained active on Twitter since then.

Elon Musk Announces Twitter Will Ban ImpersonatorsWhoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg announced her departure from the app on Monday’s episode of “The View” while defining Musk’s first week at the company as “a catastrophe.”

“I’m leaving today because I just feel like it’s so messed up, and I’m weary of having certain sorts of attitudes blocked now that I’m back on.” So I’m going to go, and if things calm down sufficiently and I feel more at ease, I might return. But I’m done with Twitter as of tonight.”

Source: AP, VOR News



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Biden Slammed for Viktor Bout, Brittney Griner Exchange




Biden Slammed as Weak for Viktor Bout, Brittney Griner Exchange

US President Biden has been slammed as weak after Viktor Bout, the Russian arms dealer was exchanged for WNBA star Brittney Griner. Bout is widely known abroad as the “Merchant of Death,” fueling some of the world’s worst conflicts.

In Russia, however, he’s seen as a swashbuckling businessman who was unjustly imprisoned after an overly aggressive U.S. sting operation. In 2008, one of the world’s leading illegal arms dealers was apprehended in Thailand on suspicion of supplying weapons to a Colombian rebel group.

Victor Bout is a former Soviet air force officer who gained fame supposedly by supplying weapons for civil wars in South America, the Middle East and Africa.


The 41-year-old former Russian KGB officer allegedly sold weapons to anyone willing to pay, including Taliban forces and various warring factions in more than a dozen African countries.

Biden Slammed for Viktor Bout, Brittney Griner Exchange

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement the swap took place in Abu Dhabi, and Russian TV showed a video of Bout in a private jet, getting his blood pressure checked and speaking with his family by phone.

It later showed his arrival at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport, with his wife and mother hugging him.


“They simply woke me up and told me to gather my belongings,” Bout said, referring to U.S. prison officials. “They didn’t provide any special information, but I understood the unfolding situation.”

Tass reported that Bout’s mother, Raisa, thanked President Vladimir Putin and the Foreign Ministry for freeing her son.

Russia had pushed for Bout’s release for years, and as speculation about a deal grew, the upper house of parliament opened a display of paintings he created while imprisoned, ranging from Soviet dictator Josef Stalin to a kitten.


The show of his art underlined Bout’s complexities. Though in a bloody business, the 55-year-old was a vegetarian and classical music fan who is said to speak six languages.

Even the former federal judge who sentenced him in 2011 to 11 years in prison was sufficient punishment.

“He’s done enough time for what he did in this case,” Shira A. Scheindlin told The Associated Press in July as prospects for his release appeared to rise.


Biden Slammed for Viktor Bout, Brittney Griner Exchange

Griner, arrested in February at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport after vape canisters containing cannabis oil were discovered in her luggage, was sentenced to nine years in August.

Washington protested her sentence as disproportionate, and some observers suggested that trading an arms merchant for someone jailed for a small number of drugs would be a poor deal.

Bout was convicted in 2011 on terrorism charges. Prosecutors said he was willing to sell weapons worth up to $20 million, including surface-to-air missiles capable of shooting down US helicopters. When they claimed at his sentencing in 2012, Bout yelled, “It’s a lie! ”


Bout has maintained his innocence throughout, describing himself as a legitimate businessman who did not sell weapons.

Bout’s case fits well into Moscow’s narrative that Washington sought to trap and oppress innocent Russians on flimsy grounds.

“From the resonant Bout case, a real ‘hunt’ by Americans for Russian citizens around the world has unfolded,” the government newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta wrote last year.


Biden Slammed for Viktor Bout, Brittney Griner Exchange

Russia has increasingly cited his case as a human rights issue. His wife and lawyer claimed his health deteriorated in the harsh prison environment where foreigners are not always eligible for breaks that Americans might receive.

Bout had not been scheduled to be released until 2029. He was held in a medium-security facility in Marion, Illinois.

“He got a hard deal,” said Scheindlin, the retired judge, noting the U.S. sting operatives “put words in his mouth” so he’d say he was aware Americans could die from weapons he sold to require a terrorism enhancement that would force a long prison sentence, if not a life term.


Scheindlin gave Bout the mandatory minimum 25-year sentence but said she did so only because it was required.

At the time, his defence lawyer claimed the U.S. targeted Bout vindictively because it was embarrassing that his companies helped deliver goods to American military contractors involved in the war in Iraq.

The deliveries took place despite UN sanctions imposed on Bout in 2001 due to his reputation as a notorious illegal arms dealer.


Prosecutors had urged Scheindlin to sentence Bout to life in prison, claiming that if he was right to call himself a businessman, “he was a businessman of the most dangerous order.”

Biden Slammed for Viktor Bout, Brittney Griner Exchange

When Bout was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand, in March 2008, his net worth was estimated to be around $6 billion. Authorities in the United States duped him into leaving Russia for what he thought was a business meeting to ship what prosecutors described as “a breathtaking arsenal of weapons — including hundreds of surface-to-air missiles, machine guns, and sniper rifles — 10 million rounds of ammunition, and five tons of plastic explosives.”

He was apprehended at a Bangkok luxury hotel following conversations with Drug Enforcement Administration informants posing as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, also known as the FARC. Washington had classified the group as a narco-terrorist group.


He was extradited to the U.S. in November 2010.

A high-ranking Foreign Office minister bestowed the moniker “Merchant of Death” on Bout. The nickname was mentioned in Bout’s indictment by the US government.

Biden was Slammed as weak on Twitter.


Critics slammed the Biden administration’s deal to bring WNBA player Brittney Griner back to the United States after she was sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison on drug-related charges.

In addition to critics claiming Russian President Vladimir Putin gained an advantage in this deal by regaining control of its “Merchant of Death,” they chastised Biden for failing to return U.S. Paul Whelan, a Marine veteran.

Whelan has been imprisoned in Russia since 2018 on espionage charges and is serving a 16-year sentence.


On Twitter, critics slammed the entire transaction, with some calling it the worst trade they’d ever seen.

In a Thursday morning tweet, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy slammed the trade, writing, “This is great news until you Google Victor Bout and realizes Biden just got taken to the woodshed on this deal. This has to go down as the most lopsided trade in history. What happened to Griner was beyond f—-ed, but this feels like a short-sighted PR stunt.”

Sports journalist and conservative podcaster Jason Whitlock was not impressed with the trade either, commenting, “Help me wrap my mind around this Griner-for-Death trade.

Is this one of the lowest points in US foreign policy history, or am I exaggerating? Please provide some context: what compares? Bay of BIG 2.0?”


“While it’s nice that Griner is home,” former CIA member John Sipher tweeted, “we need to be honest. This is playing Putin’s game. Bout was an actual criminal charged through a credible legal process recognized worldwide. Griner was a hostage taken to extort us.”


RedState author Bonchie tweeted, “To accomplish this, you put a murderous arms dealer back on the street and left the US Marine who has been there three years out of the deal. Griner shouldn’t have been sentenced to nine years, but bragging like this? That’s pretty gross.”


National Review correspondent Jim Geraghty slammed President Biden’s tweet promoting the swap. He tweeted, “And all it cost the U.S. was putting the world’s most notorious arms dealer, with a near-ocean of blood on his hands, who equipped armies of child soldiers and sold weapons to al-Qaeda and the Taliban, back on the metaphorical streets.”

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Harry and Meghan Netflix Trailer Slammed as ‘Staged and Phony’




Harry and Meghan Netflix Trailer Slammed as 'Staged and Phony'

Angela Levin, a royal biographer, has slammed the release of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new Netflix trailer and staged and phony and “vicious” attack on the Royal Family by a pair of “very jealous” individuals.

Ms. Levin commented during a weekend interview with The Sun, where she revealed she “felt quite sick” while watching the Sussexes’ docuseries trailer. She blasted the trailer for being “staged and phony” after discussing one of the photos used of Meghan.

The image shows the 41-year-old woman crying with her head in her hands.


Ms. Levin responded to the question, “How do you get that photo?” by saying, “Well, you ask a photographer to come along, and then you act.” “She’s a model.”

Ms. Levin also claimed that Meghan had “been trying to get Harry to be an actor,” adding that “he can’t do it.”

The teaser trailer for the couple was released during Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales’s visit to Boston.


Because of the timing of the release, the couple has been accused of “trying to torpedo” the royal couple’s much-anticipated trip to the United States.

“It’s a mystery why they would act that way.” It’s extremely unprofessional. It’s very deceptive. It’s extremely repulsive.

“You have to smarten up if they want people to feel sorry for them, which is part of what they want.”


“There’s a lack of competence there.” If a newspaper did that, the reporter would be fired. You’re lying to me.

“They complain about the press manipulating things and not telling the truth, and here they are.” It’s extremely stupid.

“They are jeopardizing their entire reputation.” They must believe that we are all fools and that we would not dare to look at the pictures they have because they have placed them there.”


In a new trailer released today, Prince Harry slammed the royal hierarchy, and Meghan sobbed, “They’re never going to protect you.”

The trailer features misleading photographs as Harry and Meghan as they describe their lives.

“It’s hard looking back and thinking, ‘what on earth happened?’” says Prince Harry.


“There is a family hierarchy,” he adds.

“It’s a feeding frenzy, the pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution.”

“I was terrified because I didn’t want history to repeat itself.”


“I don’t imagine Harry would have realized, but Netflix have been careless here as it weakens Harry’s comment about protecting his family,” royal expert Ingrid Seward told The Sun.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have come under fire for sharing a photo that is thought to have been taken in a private area of Buckingham Palace that is never seen by the public.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been dubbed “hypocrites” for sharing Netflix footage shot near the late Queen Elizabeth II’s private apartments at Buckingham Palace.


While the public may be familiar with certain areas of the palace, the Queen and other royals’ private apartments were completely off-limits, with the Royal Household sharing only a few photos.

On the other hand, Harry and Meghan have been chastised for filming during a trip to the United Kingdom two years after announcing their intention to relocate overseas.

The pair can be seen walking towards a set of doors with two footmen preparing to open them in the official trailer for their explosive Netflix documentary, which airs on December 8.


On each side of the room, two chairs with initials etched into them indicate that they belong to a monarch, while a box with “Her Majesty” sits on the windowsill.

Many people have pointed out that the scene was shot on the North Side of the palace, directly beneath the Queen’s private apartments, which the late Sovereign and family members only use.


Harry and Meghan slammed on Social Media.

Since the trailer was released, thousands of people have taken to social media to express their outrage after discovering where the photo was taken.

“Can you imagine screaming that your privacy has been violated but having the audacity to bring your photographer here of all places?” “They’re two sick people,” one grumbled.
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“It’s interesting how they always think it’s OK to violate somebody else’s privacy and then complain about being harassed over the same thing,” said another.


“OMG, that’s terrible!! “They shouldn’t have released photos taken at private palace locations,” another said.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph claims that the Sussexes took a photograph without the late Queen’s permission.

The image was a “genuine violation” of the Queen’s privacy, according to a source, who also admitted that word would have spread quickly around the palace.


“Aah!” said a third. But I believe they did want to film inside their own homes. Hypocrites.”

Due to “strict protocol” surrounding images in the Monarch’s private quarters, those wishing to film at any of the Monarch’s homes typically require permission.

The publication claims, however, that Buckingham Palace did not authorize the image taken in March 2020 and that “a memo” is usually sent to the Queen.


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Caitlyn Jenner Worried Over Musk’s Safety After Twitter Files Dump




Caitlyn Jenner Worried Over Musk's Safety After Twitter Files Dump

Caitlyn Jenner expressed concern for Elon Musk’s safety following the release of “The Twitter Files” in connection with the latest Hunter Biden laptop controversy. The former Olympic champion said in a Friday tweet: “@elonmusk.

I hope you’re surrounded by massive security and in a highly secure undisclosed location – you’ve just become public enemy number one to some very bad people; I pray for your safety and thank you for your bravery! More @elonmusk is needed in our society!!!”

Musk, Twitter’s new owner, also stated during a live interview on Twitter Space on Saturday that he should “increase his security.” One speaker asked if he was under any pressure following the release of documents detailing Twitter’s decision to suppress a 2020 New York Post report about a laptop linked to President Biden’s son Hunter.

Elon musk twitter

The billionaire, who purchased the social media platform on October 27, justified the release of internal documents by claiming that his goal was to build trust. Matt Taibbi, an independent journalist, obtained the documents – it is unclear whether Musk provided them – and published internal communications and other details about the company’s decisions at the time.


“Twitter acting alone to suppress free speech is not a 1st amendment violation,” Musk said in a tweet, “but acting under orders from the government to suppress free speech, with no judicial review, is.”

What was the most significant difference between the Democrats’ efforts to rig the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections? They were successful in 2020.

That’s the main takeaway from Elon Musk’s Friday night release of internal Twitter documents relating to the biggest Democrat presidential-election scandal since… the last one, in 2016.


Musk demonstrated conclusively that corporate executives colluded with Democrats to suppress the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which revealed the breathtaking corruption of the entire Biden crime family.

In 2016, the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton concocted a fake scandal involving Donald Trump and then peddled it to Democrats in the media, who hysterically promoted it for years despite knowing it was completely false.

hunter biden dorsey twitter post 01

After the discovery of Hunter Biden’s X-rated laptop in 2020, Democrats peddled the fantastic story that it was Russian disinformation, even though everything on it was 100 percent true.


And the same corrupt Democrats in the media who had promoted a bogus scandal about Republicans four years before now refused to cover a far worse scandal about Democrats.

As one person put it on the newly liberated Twitter Friday night:

“They cheated the election.” And they tried to convince you that you were insane for believing they had stolen the election.”


The Democrats have been exposed. Their new fallback position is that stealing an election isn’t a big deal as long as they’re doing it.

Thank you, Elon Musk, for your brave attempt to expose the truth. What Musk has done could be hazardous to his health, regardless of how much money he has. So, I’ll state the obvious: Elon Musk did not kill himself.

matt taibbi comp 2 1

Most of the details surrounding Twitter’s Orwellian operation to install a senile vegetable in the White House were already public knowledge.

However, releasing the documents (via journalist Matt Taibbi) fills in many of the gaps.


The New York Post obtained Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020, with endless references to his role as a bagman for his demented father by the criminal, crack-addled, degenerate, alcoholic son himself.

Everything was right there on the record, undeniable. To prevent Trump from being re-elected, Democrats demanded that their Silicon Valley colleagues keep the story about “the Big Guy” from spreading before the election.

Twitter’s multi-millionaire Democratic operatives have been given the following orders:


Lie, lie, lie!

On Oct. 24, one message said, “More from the Biden team.” “An additional report from the DNC,” said another.

Twitter’s response was, “Handled these.”


The Democrat trolls immediately deactivated the Post’s Twitter account. They canceled the White House press secretary’s appointment. President Trump had already been barred. Anyone who attempted to circumvent the bans was also disconnected.

This was an insurgency — the real thing.


What about the First Amendment? Democrats don’t need the First Amendment!

Twitter’s multi-millionaire conspirators came from similarly privileged backgrounds, including membership in multiple protected classes and graduate degrees from elite American-hating universities, as well as few ties to traditional national institutions such as the military, religion, the working classes, or public schools.


Vijaya Gadde appears to be the mastermind behind the Twitter coup against MAGA. Vijaya, born in India, attended Cornell, then the even more expensive NYU School of Law.

By the way, Colinford Mattis, the equally woke New York lawyer who firebombed an NYPD cruiser during the BLM murder-arson-looting riots of 2020, attended NYU Law.

Gadde cried when she learned Musk was going to blow the lid off her sinister conspiracy, but don’t cry for her. She received $7 million in 2020 and $17.3 million last year for her above-and-beyond service to the New World Order.


musk twitter

Musk fired Gadde from Twitter and the new CEO, Parag Agrawal, who arrived in the United States from India in 2006.

He was immediately admitted to Stanford University, where the parents of Sam Bankman-Fried, the multi-millionaire fraudster who donated $5 million to the Biden campaign, are tenured professors.

Following the demise of the laptop story and Trump’s defeat, Agrawal boasted to an MIT publication about his contempt for the Bill of Rights, saying he wanted to “focus less on thinking about free speech and (rather) thinking about how the times have changed.”

Yes, times have certainly changed. Immigrants to this country used to want to defend, not destroy, the Constitution.


Yoel Roth, the head of “safety and integrity,” was another comrade involved in Twitter’s First Amendment suppression campaign.

twitter muck

Roth was a disinterested observer, describing the Trump administration in all capital letters in his tweet as “ACTUAL NAZIS IN THE WHITE HOUSE.” Roth called Trump a “racist tangerine” the day after the 2016 election. Later, he compared Kellyanne Conway to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Roth is a Ph.D. scholar who has written for academic journals on topics such as “gay digital communities,” “gay geosocial media,” and “the digital geography of gay social media.”


Roth currently resides in San Francisco after graduating from Swarthmore College, the alma mater of failed far-left Democrat presidential candidate M. Stanley Dukakis.

As they tried to keep Americans from learning about the Biden family’s racketeering, Democrats on Twitter turned to a veteran of the Democrats’ previous attempt to steal a presidential election — the Russian collusion hoax.

In 2016, James Baker worked for the corrupt FBI on, among other things, the phony-baloney surveillance FISA warrants. Baker’s Democratic colleagues rewarded him with a big job at Twitter for tireless efforts to railroad POTUS and everyone around him.


Soon, the bent G-man was assuring his fellow passengers that “caution is warranted” in preventing any true news about Democrat corruption from reaching the electorate.

It was the same nonsense that 51 other Democrats in the “intelligence community” were peddling. They claimed that Biden’s laptop bore “hallmarks” of Russian disinformation, giving the Big Guy cover to lie about it during one of the debates with the racist tangerine.

I could go on, but I’ll end by repeating something I said earlier.


Elon Musk did not kill himself.

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