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Star Trek legend William Shatner, 91 Says He Doesn’t “Have Long to Live”



Star Trek legend William Shatner

Star Trek legend William Shatner has said he doesn’t “have long to live”. The star most closely associated with the Star Trek franchise reflected candidly on his mortality, admitting that he doesn’t have “long to live” and that his “time is limited”.

The 91-year-old recently finished his new documentary You Can Call Me Bill, described as “an intimate portrait of William Shatner’s personal journey over nine decades on this Earth”.

While plans for a wider release have yet to be finalized, the film will premiere at this year’s SXSW festival.

“I’ve turned down a lot of offers to do documentaries before,” Shatner said of his decision to make the film. But I don’t have much time.”

“Whether I keel over as I’m speaking to you or 10 years from now, my time is limited, so that’s very much a factor,” he continued. I have grandchildren. This documentary is a way for me to communicate after I’m gone.

“The sad thing is that as people age, they become wiser, and then they die with all that knowledge.”

When asked about his decision to attend a fundraiser rather than Leonard Nimoy’s funeral in 2015, Shatner reiterated what he said: “People ask about a legacy. There is no heirloom. Statues are being demolished. Graveyards are being looted. “Headstones fall,” he says before adding, “but good deeds live on.”

“If you do a good deed, it reverberates to the end of time. It’s called the butterfly effect. That’s why I made this film,” he explained.

William Shatner became the oldest person to enter space in 2021.

Shatner flew on a Blue Origin rocket built by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, also on board. The journey took about ten minutes.

“You look down, there’s the blue down there and the black up there – and there’s just Mother Earth. “This is life, and that’s death, and you know that in an instant,” Shatner said after landing.

He has had a long career in film and television, with his most famous role being Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, which debuted in 1966.

He has also appeared in hit shows such as The Practice, Boston Legal, and 3rd Rock from the Sun. He received two Emmy Awards for his role as attorney Denny Crane in the legal shows.

He’s also had a musical career, covering other artists’ hits. David Bowie and his band were the ones who showed him the ‘future of music.’

With over 70 years in front of the camera, he still has a few projects.

He also voiced a character in the animated film Fireheart last year, and in 2021 he played the lead role in the film Senior Moment, in which he played a former NASA astronaut who loses his license for drag racing a vintage car.

William Shatner Born in Montreal Canada

William Shatner (born March 22, 1931, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) is a Canadian actor whose prolific output and self-deprecating sense of humor earned him a place in the pantheon of North American pop culture.

Shatner grew up in Montreal. His father worked in the menswear industry, and his mother taught elocution. He showed an early interest in acting, enrolling at eight in a children’s acting school and later appearing in radio productions for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and the Montreal Children’s Theatre.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture, a film based on the franchise, was released in 1979. Its success spawned sequels such as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984), Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989), Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991), and Star Trek: Generations (1993). (1994).

Shatner’s later filmography includes the comedies Miss Congeniality (2000), Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004), and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2006). (2005).

Shatner continued to work in television between film roles, starring in the police drama T.J. Hooker (1982-86) and hosting the crime show Rescue 911 (1989-96), which featured reenactments of actual crimes and other emergencies.

Shatner won an Emmy Award for outstanding guest actor in a drama series in 2004 for his role as lawyer Denny Crane on David E. Kelley’s legal procedural The Practice.

The character was popular enough that a spin-off series, Boston Legal (2004-08), centered on his relationship with a younger lawyer.

In 2005, Shatner won Golden Globe and Emmy awards for performing as the best supporting actor in a drama. He later appeared in the sitcom $#*! My Dad Says (2010–11). Later TV appearances included the travelogue series Better Late Than Never (2016-18), where he traveled the world with other celebrities.

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15 Months After His Firing, Tucker Carlson Returns To Fox News Airwaves With A GOP Convention Speech



NEW YORK — Tucker Carlson returned to Fox News’ airwaves 15 months after being abruptly dismissed, as witnessed Thursday during coverage of a Republican National Convention address that underscored his growing power in Donald Trump’s universe.

Carlson described the Republican nominee for president as a changed man who “became the leader of this nation” after last Saturday’s murder attempt.

His 11-minute address in Milwaukee also revealed shifts in the media personality, who had privately stated after the 2020 election that he “truly can’t wait” to ignore Trump. Before being granted the prime-time role at the convention last night, he was visible and reportedly persuaded Trump to choose Ohio Sen. JD Vance as his running mate.

carlson | Ap news Image

15 Months After His Firing, Tucker Carlson Returns To Fox News Airwaves With A GOP Convention Speech

Carlson’s address aired at prime time on Fox News, the same hour he was once the most popular figure on cable television. CNN and MSNBC did not cover it.

“That was Tucker Tucker,” his Fox replacement, Jesse Watters, explained. “You may remember him from the 8 o’clock hour here.”

How Tucker has performed in recent months
Tucker was dismissed a week after Fox agreed to pay more than $787 million to resolve a lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems over fraudulent representations made by the network after the 2020 election. The network never explained why it fired Carlson, resulting in a cottage industry of hypotheses about why the Rupert Murdoch-founded network pulled the plug.

Tucker has now launched his internet network, but he has yet to match the power he gained from five nights a week on the most popular cable network.

He has conducted a series of online interviews with prominent right individuals, including one with Trump, which was used to counterprogram a debate amongst his GOP nomination opponents. His most notable appearance was a February interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who later stated that he believed Tucker “would behave more aggressively and ask so-called sharp questions.”

Tucker has also generated money from lectures, having just finished a speaking tour of Australia. He has scheduled a September tour of arenas in the United States, with special guests including Donald Trump Jr., Roseanne Barr, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Russell Brand, Kid Rock, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Megyn Kelly, Glenn Beck, and Dan Bongino, all of whom left Fox under unpleasant circumstances.

According to Justin Wells, a longtime Tucker aide who spoke with him immediately before Carlson took the stage, his convention speech on Thursday was impromptu.

15 Months After His Firing, Tucker Carlson Returns To Fox News Airwaves With A GOP Convention Speech

Carlson praised Trump as a leader whose bravery and courage have inspired people, especially in the days following the murder attempt on the former president in western Pennsylvania last weekend. He also praised Trump for promoting unity during a time when it would have been easy to do otherwise.

“He turned down the most obvious opportunity in politics to inflame the nation after being shot,” according to Carlson. “In the moment, he did his best to bring the country together.”

He says, “people who don’t believe in God are starting to wonder — maybe there is something to this.”

Carlson avoided divisive political discourse, though he did characterize the amount of money the US has spent to assist in defending Ukraine as “a middle finger in the face of every American.”


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American Who Made Social Media Threats Against Taylor Swift Detained Ahead Of German Concert



BERLIN — An American man who made threats against Taylor Swift on social media was seized before her first concert in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, and will be held in custody until her gigs there end, authorities said Thursday.

swift | AP news Image

American Who Made Social Media Threats Against Taylor Swift Detained Ahead Of German Concert

According to police, the accused stalker, a 34-year-old whose name has not been disclosed, had a ticket to Taylor’s concert at Gelsenkirchen’s Veltins-Arena on Wednesday. They stated that he was detained at event admission checks because an early assessment could not completely rule out a risk.

According to police, the man threatened Taylor and her partner on social media. They say he was detained after receiving tips from the event’s organizers.

The American superstar will perform in Gelsenkirchen on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as part of her Eras tour. According to authorities, a local court has ordered that the suspected stalker be detained until Saturday.

They went on to say that Swift and the audience were always safe. The event drew approximately 60,000 people on Wednesday evening and went off without incident.

American Who Made Social Media Threats Against Taylor Swift Detained Ahead Of German Concert

Before the concerts, Gelsenkirchen temporarily renamed the town “Swiftkirchen” and honored the singer on a “Walk of Fame” dedicated to local luminaries.

Taylor has plans to perform in two more German cities after Gelsenkirchen: Hamburg and Munich.


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Britney Spears Has A Message For Ozzy Osbourne After He Called Her Dancing ‘Sad’



Nobody puts Britney Spears in a corner.

The singer was highlighted on a recent episode of “The Osbournes Podcast,” in which Ozzy Osbourne stated that he was “fed up with seeing poor old Britney Spears dancing on social media.”

“You know, it’s sad,” the renowned rocker admitted. “Very, very sad.”

Britney Spears | People Image

Britney Spears Has A Message For Ozzy Osbourne After He Called Her Dancing ‘Sad’

His family agreed, including his wife Sharon and older children Kelly and Jack Osbourne.

Britney, who routinely posts videos of herself dancing on social media, noticed and responded with a lengthy comment.

She began her essay by mentioning Kate Beckinsale’s 2001 film Serendipity and stating that “incredibly cruel people were talking about [Beckinsale] needs more age-appropriate content.” Beckinsale, who is in her fifties (as Britney also highlighted), has been known to confront social media bullies.

Britney then reacted to the Osbournes’ complaints. She stated that she rarely dances and responded to Sharon Osbourne’s description of her as “a poor little thing” by saying, “I’m not poor at all!!!”

Britney Spears Has A Message For Ozzy Osbourne After He Called Her Dancing ‘Sad’

“I taught dance lessons to a few adolescents last week… Spears wrote, “A lot of the kids were too thin, and some were too big.” “I know what it’s like to be judged, so it’s a ridiculous and stupid subject initially, but I think it’s important to HELP EACH OTHER and invite each other to places that help our souls to grow!!!”

Spears closed her email to the Osbournes, whom she described as “the most boring family known to mankind,” by ordering them to “kindly f**k off.”


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