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Adidas Cancels Ye and Ends a 10 Year Partnership



Adidas Cancels Rapper Ye Ending a 10 Year Partnership

Adidas has cancelled its partnership with rap artist Ye formerly known as Kanye West, saying it couldn’t survive a growing backlash over the rapper’s racist and antisemitic remarks.

The breakup will leave Adidas looking for another transcendent personality to help it compete with ever-larger rival Nike, but it will certainly cost Ye, as the rapper is now known, even more. The footwear business is the latest to cut relations with Ye, whose music career has dwindled as he courted controversy.

Adidas estimated that the move to halt production of its Yeezy line and discontinue payments to Ye and his firms would cost them up to 250 million euros ($246 million) in net income this year. Its stock dropped more than 2% on Tuesday.

“Adidas does not allow antisemitism or any other type of hate speech,” a spokesperson said in a statement released Tuesday. “Ye’s recent words and actions are reprehensible, hostile, and dangerous, and they go against Adidas values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect, and justice.”

For weeks, Ye has made antisemitic remarks in interviews and on social media, including a tweet earlier this month declaring that he would go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE,” a reference to the United States defence preparedness state scale known as DEFCON.

He was barred from using Twitter and Instagram.

Ye expressed regret in an interview with podcaster Lex Fridman that was broadcast online Monday, describing his initial tweet as a mistake and apologizing to “the Jewish community.” An email sent to a Ye spokesman was not immediately responded to.

Despite prior problems involving his comments about slavery and COVID-19 vaccines, Adidas has stood by Ye. However, Ye’s antisemitic remarks resurrected the company’s own ties to the Nazi system, which it had tried hard to break. During WWII, Adidas facilities “manufactured supplies and weaponry for the Nazi regime, using slave labour,” according to the World Jewish Congress.

Jewish organizations said the decision to eliminate Ye was long overdue.

“I would have liked a clear statement earlier from a German corporation that was also involved with the Nazi government,” said Josef Schuster, President and head of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, the country’s main Jewish organization.

Adidas Cancels Ye and Ends a 10 Year Partnership

Adidas, whose CEO Kasper Rorsted is retiring next year, said it decided following a “thorough evaluation” of its association with Ye, whose talent agency, CAA, and fashion company Balenciaga had already dumped the rapper.

Some Adidas employees in the United States have expressed on social media the company’s silence in the hours leading up to the announcement. Despite the rising backlash, Allen Adamson, co-founder of marketing firm Metaforce, feels Adidas’ delay was “understandable.”

“The benefits are enormous in terms of the demographic it appeals to — younger, urban, trendsetters, and the size of the business,” Adamson said. “I’m sure they hoped against hope that he’d apologize and try to make things right.”

According to Morningstar analyst David Swartz in a Tuesday report, the impact of Yeezy sales will be greater than projected because the brand has discontinued production of all Yeezy products and ceased royalty payments.

Swartz forecasts Adidas revenues of $23.2 billion euros ($23.1 billion) this year, with the Yeezy brand accounting for 1.5 billion to 2 billion euros ($1.99 billion), or roughly 10% of the total. According to Swartz, the expensive brand accounts for up to 15% of the company’s net income.

According to Forbes, Adidas accounted for $1.5 billion of Ye’s net worth, which will drop to $400 million without the transaction, which includes his music catalogue, real estate, cash, and a share in ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s shapewear firm Skims.

Adidas Cancels Ye and Ends a 10 Year Partnership

Despite the rapper’s long-held belief that the magazine grossly undervalues his fortune, Forbes has announced that it will no longer include Ye on its list of billionaires.

In recent years, Ye has alienated even his most fervent followers. After the couple’s acrimonious divorce and disturbing posts about her subsequent connection with comedian Pete Davidson, everyone close to him, including Kardashian and her family, has stopped openly defending him.

Many Ye fans have been disappointed, according to Carl Lamarre, Billboard’s deputy director of R&B/Hip Hop, but the implosion of his commercial ventures has been painful to witness for those who appreciated the rapper’s ability to reach new heights of success outside of hip-hop.

“This is someone who might perhaps lay down the pattern for many next performers,” Lamarre added. “When you see someone graduate to his level of superstardom and transcend into business, into fashion, and touches that billionaire point, that’s tremendously aspirational for our community, for hip-hop, for African Americans.”

“But the same students, including myself, who were previously huge supporters, you want to defend him, but every day he gives you a reason not to,” Lamarre remarked.

Adidas Cancels Ye and Ends a 10 Year Partnership

The 24-time Grammy winner has been progressively losing his radio audience, and his streaming figures have also dropped marginally in the last month.

His airplay audience has dropped from 8 million in the week ending Sept. 22 to 5.4 million in the week ending Oct. 20, according to statistics provided by Luminate, an entertainment data and insights company whose data fuels the Billboard music charts.

During the same time period, the popularity of his tracks on streaming on-demand fell from 97 million to 88.2 million, a 9% decrease.

Since 2016, when Ye was hospitalized in Los Angeles for what his team described as stress and tiredness, Ye has gained a reputation for stirring up trouble. He had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder; it was later revealed.

He has stated that slavery was a choice and referred to the COVID-19 vaccine as the “mark of the beast.” Earlier this month, during Paris Fashion Week, Ye was slammed by the woke on Twitter for wearing a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt to the show and dressing models in the same style.

Ye attempted to buy Parler, a conservative social network with no gatekeeper, after being suspended from Twitter and Facebook.

On Tuesday, the fashion, music, and garment industries distanced themselves from Ye.

Adidas Cancels Ye and Ends a 10 Year Partnership

Foot Locker announced a break with the Yeezy brand and the removal of Yeezy Adidas sneakers from its shelves and online sites.

Gap has stated that it will remove Yeezy Gap merchandise from its stores and close

According to Universal Music Group, which owns the Def Jam label, Ye’s music and merchandise contracts expired last year. The MRC studio stated on Monday that it is cancelling a full documentary about the rapper.

A Vogue representative stated on Tuesday that the magazine and its global editorial director, Anna Wintour, have no plans to work with Ye again after his recent controversial words and behaviour.

Jewish organizations have warned about the rapper’s remarks, which come from growing antisemitism. Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, who hailed Adidas’ decision to drop Ye on Tuesday, claimed his group had documented a tripling of anti-Jewish harassment, vandalism, or violence since 2015.

“We are currently dealing in a context where antisemitism is empirically on the rise,” Greenblatt added. “When people with significant platforms give antisemitism and other forms of bigotry license, it creates an environment in which these kinds of acts have a degree of permission they might not have had previously.”

Lamarre stated that he recognized Ye’s mental health and personal concerns but that it is even more necessary to halt and evaluate providing him with a platform for his hateful words.

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Biden Is Honoring Kenya With State Visit As The East African Nation Prepares To Send Police To Haiti



Biden | NBC Image

Washington — President Joe Biden is greeting Kenyan President William Ruto to the White House for a three-day state visit as the East African country prepares to send troops to Haiti as part of a United Nations-led effort to calm a deteriorating security situation in the Caribbean.

Some 1,000 Kenyan police personnel will soon arrive in Haiti as part of a multilateral security support operation aimed at reducing gang violence. Other countries anticipated to assist the Kenyan military include the Bahamas, Barbados, Benin, Chad, and Bangladesh.

For years, the United States has worked with Kenya on counterterrorism initiatives in Africa, notably the fight against the extremist group al-Shabab. Kenya has joined the Ukraine Defense Contact Group and an international maritime task force established by the Biden administration in December in response to Houthi attacks on shipping in the Red Sea.


Biden | AP News Image

Biden Is Honoring Kenya With State Visit As The East African Nation Prepares To Send Police To Haiti

A top Biden administration official praised Ruto’s decision to send police personnel to Haiti, calling it an “unprecedented undertaking” and demonstrating Kenya’s international leadership.

Kenya is the first African nation to have a state visit from the United States since 2008.

“This is a deep and broad partnership,” White House principal deputy national security adviser Jon Finer said last week. He said it begins with combatting terrorism in Kenya’s region of Africa and progresses to “becoming a net security provider in our own hemisphere” with the upcoming deployment to Haiti.

The state visit begins with the two leaders meeting with CEOs at the White House in the afternoon. The goal is to increase relations between the American and Kenyan IT industries. The White House predicts that Teneo, Alphabet, and Semiconductor Technologies Limited executives will attend.

On Thursday, Biden and Ruto will hold formal talks and a joint press conference before attending a state dinner. Ruto is also scheduled to attend a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event with Vice President Kamala Harris this Friday.

Ruto began his journey to the United States in Atlanta, where he visited The King Center, met NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal, and dropped by Tyler Perry Studios.

The United States and Kenya are commemorating their 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations. According to White House officials, the leaders’ agenda will include trade and investment, technological innovation, climate and sustainable energy, as well as health and security.

Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell stated that the two countries would make “substantial commitments” to strengthen Kenya’s technical industry. Kenya hosts Google and Microsoft headquarters and established itself as East Africa’s technology hub, the Silicon Savannah.

In December 2022, Biden gathered dozens of African leaders in Washington to make the case that the United States was “all in” on Africa’s future, promising billions of dollars in government and private investment in health, infrastructure, business, and technology. The Democrat also promised to visit Sub-Saharan Africa in 2023.


Biden | AP news Image

Biden Is Honoring Kenya With State Visit As The East African Nation Prepares To Send Police To Haiti

But other issues got in the way last year, notably the Israel-Hamas conflict and Biden’s lengthy battle with Republicans to renew financing for Ukraine’s war with Russia. Biden’s projected journey to Africa never occurred.

All the while, Russia has attempted to strengthen its economic and military influence in Africa. The junta in the West African nation recently ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Niger, which should be complete by mid-September. Meanwhile, Russia sent military trainers to Niger.

In addition, the United States needs to catch up to rival China in terms of investment in Africa, which has emerged as a vital battleground in the rivalry between great powers.

Biden and his advisers foresee fierce economic competition with Beijing in Africa but have attempted to argue that Washington is a far more stable partner in the long run

To that purpose, Biden took steps early in his presidency to prioritize Africa over his predecessors, including hosting over 50 leaders for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Conference in December 2022. However, analysts think the administration’s involvement has waned since the summit.

Cameron Hudson, a senior scholar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Africa Program, highlighted that Biden has only hosted one African leader, Angola President João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, for meetings at the White House since the conference.

“This visit today feels a bit like a fig leaf, not just for the Kenyans but for Africa in general, and a kind of a placeholder for the administration to say: All of those things that we said early on in the administration, they all remain true,” Hudson stated.

According to Macharia Munene, a professor of international relations at the United States International University in Africa, Ruto hopes to use the visit to boost his international reputation. He feels that deploying Kenyan police to Haiti will help him achieve that aim.


Biden | AP news Image

Biden Is Honoring Kenya With State Visit As The East African Nation Prepares To Send Police To Haiti

“Ruto wishes to be known as the African leader, particularly in the West. “And this kind of recognition fuels that desire,” Munene explained.

Ruto has stated that Kenya’s mission to Haiti aims to “formulate actionable strategies that will lead to long-term solutions” in the poorest Western Hemisphere country. For decades, Haiti has suffered from poverty, political instability, and natural calamities. The United States has agreed to offer direct financial assistance to the United Nations-backed mission and training, logistics, and material support.

However, Ruto’s decision to involve Kenyan police in a crisis hundreds of miles abroad has sparked criticism in Nairobi, including legal challenges to prevent police troops from being deployed.

International intervention in Haiti has a complex history. A sexual abuse scandal and the arrival of cholera, which claimed over 10,000 lives, hindered a U.N.-approved stabilization operation in Haiti that started in June 2004. The mission concluded in October 2017.


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2024: Spain, Ireland And Norway Say They Will Recognize A Palestinian State. Why Does That Matter?



Palestinian | AP News Image

Some 140 of the about 190 countries represented in the U.N. have already recognized a Palestinian state.

Here’s a look at how and why the new European announcements could be important:

A U.N. partition plan in 1947 called for the creation of a Jewish state alongside a Palestinian state, but Palestinians and the wider Arab world rejected it because it would have given them less than half of the land even though Palestinians made up two-thirds of the population.

The Arab-Israeli war the following year left Israel with even more territory, Jordan in control of the West Bank and east Jerusalem, and Egypt in control of Gaza.

In the 1967 war, Israel seized all three territories, and decades of on-again, off-again peace talks have failed.

The United States, Britain and other Western countries have backed the idea of an independent Palestinian state existing alongside Israel as a solution to the Middle East’s most intractable conflict, but they insist statehood should come as part of a negotiated settlement. There have been no substantive negotiations since 2009.


Palestinian | AP news Image

Spain, Ireland And Norway Say They Will Recognize A Palestinian State. Why Does That Matter?

Though the EU countries and Norway won’t be recognizing an existing state, just the possibility of one, the symbolism helps enhance the Palestinians’ international standing and heaps more pressure on Israel to open negotiations on ending the war.

Also, the move lends additional prominence to the Middle East issue ahead of the June 6-9 elections to the European Parliament.

Diplomatic pressure on Israel has grown as the battle with Hamas stretches into its eighth month. The U.N. General Assembly voted by a significant margin on May 11 to grant new “rights and privileges” to Palestine in a sign of growing international support for a vote on full voting membership. The Palestinian Authority currently has observer status.

The leaders of Spain, Ireland, Malta and Slovenia said in March they were considering recognizing a Palestinian state as “a positive contribution” toward ending the war.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said Wednesday, “This recognition is not against anyone, it is not against the Israeli people,” he said. “It is an act in favor of peace, justice and moral consistency.”

Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide told The Associated Press that while the country has supported the establishment of a Palestinian state for decades, recognition is “a card that you can play once.”

“We used to think that recognition would come at the end of a process,” he said. “Now we have realized that recognition should come as an impetus, as a strengthening of a process.”

While dozens of countries have recognized a Palestinian state, none of the major Western powers has done so, and it is still being determined how much of a difference the move by the three countries might make.


Palestinian | AP News Image

Spain, Ireland And Norway Say They Will Recognize A Palestinian State. Why Does That Matter?

Even so, their recognition would mark a significant accomplishment for the Palestinians, who believe it confers international legitimacy on their struggle. Norway said it would upgrade its representative’s office for Palestine to an embassy, but it was unclear what Ireland and Spain would do.

Little would likely change on the ground in the short term. Peace talks are stalled, and Israel’s hardline government has dug its heels in against Palestinian statehood.

Israel reacted rapidly Wednesday by recalling its ambassadors to Ireland, Norway and Spain.

The Israeli government slams talk of independence as a “reward” for the Hamas Oct. 7 attack on southern Israel that killed 1,200 people and led to the abduction of over 250 others. It rejects any move to legitimize the Palestinians internationally.

Steps like the ones by the three European countries Wednesday will harden the Palestinian position and undermine the negotiating process, Israel says, insisting that all issues should be solved through negotiations.

Israel often responds to foreign countries’ decisions deemed as going against its interests by summoning those countries’ ambassadors and also punishing the Palestinians through measures such as freezing tax transfers to the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority.


Palestinian | AP News Image

Spain, Ireland And Norway Say They Will Recognize A Palestinian State. Why Does That Matter?

Some 140 countries have already recognized a Palestinian, more than two-thirds of the United Nations’ membership.

Some major powers have indicated their stance may be evolving amid the outcry over the consequences of Israel’s offensive in Gaza, which has killed more than 35,000 Palestinians, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry. The ministry does not distinguish between noncombatants and fighters in its count.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said no recognition of a Palestinian state could come while Hamas remains in Gaza but that it could happen while Israeli negotiations with Palestinian leaders were in progress.

France indicated that it isn’t ready to join other countries in recognizing a Palestinian state, even if it isn’t opposed to the idea in principle. French Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné, in comments relayed by his ministry after a closed-door meeting with his Israeli counterpart on Wednesday, said that recognizing a Palestinian state must be “useful” in pushing forward a two-state solution and suggested that doing so now won’t have a genuine impact in pursuing that goal.


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Singapore Airlines Passenger Killed During Severe Turbulence



Singapore Airlines Flight Suffers Severe Turbulence That Kills 1 Passenger
The 73-year-old British passenger died from a heart attack: Reuters Image

London-Singapore Airlines crashed into an air pocket during breakfast, according to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport general manager Kittipong Kittikachorn. The pilot requested an emergency landing.

The aircraft reported sudden turbulence above Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Basin eleven hours into the flight. Without further details, the statement said the pilot reported a medical issue and rerouted the jet to Bangkok.

Reuters could not determine whether the medical issue preceded the turbulence.

Massive gashes in the overhead cabin panels, gas masks and ceiling panels, and scattered hand luggage were seen inside the airplane. Multiple heads punctured the panels above the lights, according to a passenger.

“I saw things lying everywhere and many air crew members injured” after the most severely injured passengers and crew were evacuated.

Kittikachorn believes the 73-year-old British man who died suffered a heart attack. Seven people were seriously injured, including brain trauma. He stated everyone seemed calm when they were led off the plane.

VOR News

Passengers were having breakfast when the turbulence struck: Reuters Image

Singapore Airlines condolences to the family

The Singapore Airlines apologized for the disturbing experience passengers and crew experienced on this journey.

Injury rates varied among the 211 passengers and 18 crew members. The airline reported 12 hospitalized and 18 admitted passengers. At Samitivej Hospital, 71 patients were being treated.

First, publicly available tracking data could not reconstruct the incident. However, FlightRadar 24 said it was studying data from 07:49 GMT that showed the plane leaning upwards and returning to its cruise altitude in less than a minute.

Reuters claimed that a Boeing 777-300ER passenger described feeling like you were rising and then plummeting.

As reported by Reuters, 28-year-old student Dzafran Azmir said, “Suddenly the aircraft starts tilting up and there is shaking, so I braced for what is about to happen, but suddenly there is a dramatic drop, causing everyone sitting without a seatbelt to be launched into the ceiling..”

According to him, some people hit their heads on the baggage cabins overhead and dented them. They also hit the areas where the lighting and masks are and used their heads to break straight through them.

The majority of passengers Kittikachorn spoke with said all the Singapore Air passengers were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident.

According to a report posted by FlightRadar 24 about the altitude drop, “our initial thinking is that the turbulence event occurred before the standard descent from 37,000 to 31,000 feet.” They’re probably altering the flying levels before landing.”

It has been reported by the Suvarnabhumi airport that the plane requested an emergency landing at 3:35 p.m. Bangkok time (8:35 GMT) at the time of the incident. In the meantime, uninjured passengers were able to board a different flight at 3:51 pm.

An investigation will be conducted in Bangkok by Singapore’s Transport Safety Investigation Bureau (TSIB).

Aftermath of Singapore Airlines turbulence

Aftermath of Singapore Airlines turbulence: Reuters Image

Flight Air Turbulence

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board found that turbulent circumstances cause the most airline crashes in 2021.

Turbulence caused over 33% of airline accidents between 2009 and 2018, with most resulting in serious casualties but little aircraft damage, according to the U.S. government. NTSB representatives will assist Singapore Airlines incident investigation, the statement said.

Singapore Airlines, a premium airline that sets the benchmark for the industry, has had few major issues in recent years.

The final fatal accident occurred on October 31, 2000, when it crashed into construction equipment at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport after taking off from the wrong runway from Singapore to Los Angeles via Taipei. The crash killed 83 of 179 people.

The Aviation Safety Network lists seven Singapore Airlines accidents.

Boeing said it was in touch with Singapore Airlines and ready to help. Additional queries were sent to the airline and area police.

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