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US Lawmaker AOC Under Investigation for 2021 Ethics Violation



AOC Under Investigation

The US House Ethics Committee has extended its probe into lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC is accused of violating congressional rules. An impartial watchdog investigation discovered “strong evidence to think she accepted unlawful gifts” from a fashion event.

The investigation focuses on the payments for the garment she rented to attend the renowned Met Gala in 2021. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has denied all wrongdoing.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez made waves in 2021 while attending an event at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art wearing a white dress with the words “Tax The Rich” scribbled over the back.

The impartial Office of House Ethics (OCE) filed a report on Thursday stating that the Democratic politician was furnished with the dress, handbag, shoes, and jewelry for the occasion. She also received hair and makeup services, as well as the use of a hotel room for the event.

“Although Rep. Ocasio-Cortez appears to have now paid for the rental value of the apparel she wore to the Met Gala and the goods and services she and her boyfriend received in connection with this September 2021 event,” the OCE said in a report released on Thursday.

“If Rep. Ocasio-Cortez accepted improper gifts, she may have broken House rules, standards of conduct, and federal law,” according to the OCE study.


In June 2022, the OCE board recommended that the House investigate the charges against AOC. The House Ethics Committee revealed in December that it was investigating her but did not reveal the nature of the investigation at the time.

According to Ms. Ocasio-attorney, Cortez’s David Mitrani, the congresswoman “finds these (payment) delays intolerable, and she has taken multiple steps to assure nothing of this type will ever happen again.”

“But, while regrettable, this issue does not constitute a breach of House Rules or federal law,” he continued.

AOC ‘is great at killing jobs

Kevin O’Leary, an investor and “Shark Tank” star, said Friday that blue states in America are “uninvestable” due to rules passed by politicians, and he joked that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is “excellent at killing jobs.”

The business entrepreneur came on “CNN This Morning” to address the status of the economy following the recent decline in US jobless claims, which indicated promising signals of low jobless claims.

According to O’Leary, the figures and a 4% unemployment rate create an “exceptional economy” in which “we’re hiring every day and competing every day.”

The mogul observed an intriguing kink in the post-epidemic economy: people no longer want to work in an office since many have become accustomed to working from home or entered the labor force during the pandemic and never set foot in an office.

This rise in remote labor has caused another significant change in the new economy, one he claims “nobody saw coming.” “This is state competition,” he explained.

O’Leary stated that he and other investors are no longer investing in or expanding their enterprises in blue states such as New York or California due to their poor business climate.

“I don’t put firms here in New York anymore or in Massachusetts, New Jersey, or California,” he remarked. These are uninvestable states. The policy in place here is absurd. The taxes are excessive. We chose Fargo, North Dakota, because 40% of the population works abroad, including in Boston.”

He detailed a debate with socialist-leaning Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), alleging, “I say, ‘Hey, Senator, we’ve got to get the corporations out of your state because you are not investable anymore. You punish successful individuals by overtaxing them and hitting them with a super tax.’ What a mess, New Jersey! Uninvestable in New York.”

Poppy Harlow and Don Lemon of “CNN This Morning” asked their guest if it was worse than merely high taxes. “Yes, the regulatory climate is punitive,” O’Leary stated.

“I had a project in upstate New York for the energy behind the grid near Niagara Falls – a global data center we were building. “It got so nasty with the local government and state policy that we moved it to Norway and all the employees,” O’Leary explained.

“This is New York. “Uninvestable,” he proclaimed before adding, “Sorry, don’t shoot the messenger. Simply telling you the truth.”

Anchor Kaitlin Collins responded that “pushback from our elected representatives in New York on that” is unavoidable.

“I’ll debate them any time of day you want, particularly AOC,” O’Leary responded. He then mocked the “Squad” member’s economic views on TV, adding, “She’s fantastic at eliminating jobs. Thousands of jobs are lost as a result of her actions.”

The investor raised AOC’s efforts to keep Amazon from locating its second headquarters in New York City in Queens. In 2020, Alfredo Ortiz, CEO of Job Creators Network, told Fox News Digital that her campaign cost the city “25,000 good-paying jobs” and “gave a message to job creators worldwide that they were no longer welcome in her community.”

“Where have Amazon’s employees gone? They had taken them away from her. If they produced jobs, she threatened to sue them. “I mean, is this a reality?” O’Leary inquired.

“There’s a little more to it, but let’s not re-litigate that,” Harlow responded, attempting to defend the congresswoman.

“Oh, you know, just telling the truth,” O’Leary explained.

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Pope Francis Says Clergy is Overflowing with “Faggottness”



Pope Francis Says Clergy is Overflowing with "Faggottness"
Pope Francis: Getty Images

According to La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera, Italy’s major circulation dailies, Pope Francis stated that seminaries, or priestly institutions, are already overflowing with “frociaggine,” a vulgar Italian phrase loosely translating as “faggottness.”

The Vatican did not return a request for comment.

La Repubblica cited many nameless sources, while Corriere cited a few unnamed bishops who argued that the pope, as an Argentine, may not have realized the Italian term he used was derogatory.

Political gossip website. Dagospia was the first to report on the alleged incident, which occurred on May 20, when the Italian Bishops Conference began a four-day conference with a private meeting with the Pope.

Francis, who is 87, has been credited with moving the Roman Catholic Church toward a more tolerant stance to the LGBT population.

Pope’s message to gay seminarians

In 2013, at the start of his papacy, he famously declared, “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” Last year, he permitted priests to bless members of same-sex couples, eliciting strong conservative criticism.

Nonetheless, when he met with Italian bishops in 2018, he issued a similar message to gay seminarians, minus the reported swear word, instructing them to thoroughly scrutinize priesthood hopefuls and reject any suspected homosexuals.

In a 2005 declaration issued by Francis’ late predecessor, Benedict XVI, the Vatican stated that anyone who had decisively overcome homosexual impulses for at least three years might be admitted to the priesthood.

The statement stated that practicing homosexuals, people with “deep-seated” gay tendencies, and those who “support the so-called gay culture” should be excluded.

Gay men in the Catholic priesthood

The acceptance of gay men in the Catholic priesthood has long been controversial. While the Church officially forbids same-sex partnerships, many priests are considered to be gay, sparking issues about celibacy, secrecy, and hypocrisy among the clergy.

Critics claim that gay priests frequently conceal their sexuality, living secretive lifestyles that breach their vows of honesty and integrity. This secrecy can foster toxic cultures and encourage aggressive conduct. Supporters argue that a person’s sexual orientation does not determine their ability to serve God or live a faithful life.

The problem presents difficult considerations about the Church’s position on homosexuality, the function of celibacy in the priesthood, and how societal perceptions affect religious institutions. Finally, whether gay men should be allowed to become priests remains a divisive issue in the Catholic world and elsewhere.


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Trans Activist Jared Ravizza Arrested for Stabbing Four Girls in Movie Theatre



Trans Activist Jared Ravizza Arrested
Jared Ravizza: Shore News Image

Jared Ravizza, a trans activist who identifies as a woman, has been detained in connection with a stabbing at an AMC theater in Massachusetts, which injured four people. Ravizza has also been named as a suspect in a second murder investigation in Connecticut.

Jason Ravizza, 26, of Martha’s Vineyard, is thought to have been involved in another violent crime in Deep River, Connecticut. According to WCVB, police discovered a body at the address associated with this investigation approximately 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

Police said he also drove thirty miles and stabbed two McDonald’s employees.

On Saturday at 3:36 p.m., Connecticut State Police responded to a report of a suspicious occurrence in Westbrook. The name of the victim is unknown, but Ravizza is a suspect in the murder.

Ravizza, whose father, Jared, is an acclaimed sports psychiatrist, identifies as a woman and has been reported to be a trans activist.

Jared Ravizza: Image Shore News

Jared Ravizza Laughed Entire Time

According to Fox News, a Massachusetts mother claims her girls were among the victims of a stabbing spree that left six people injured in two towns over the weekend, and that the suspect was “laughing the whole time” during the assault.

“I received a call from my sister informing me that my oldest daughter had contacted her and that I needed to hurry to the AMC movie theater right immediately because they had been stabbed.

Honestly, I just hopped in my car and drove right there,” Lisa Dembowski told reporters about the first incident, in which Braintree Police said four young females aged 9 to 17 had “non-life-threatening injuries.”

“They were the only four individuals in the movie theater. They’d just sat down. They had just received their concessions. And I believe he walked up behind them in the row – they were in the second row – and he approached them,” Dembowski explained.

“My oldest was leaning forward to grab something. He hit her in the back, then my other daughter in the top of the chest. Then, my last daughter crossed her arm, giggling the entire while, grabbed their friend, and went off.”

Jared Ravizza: Image Shore News

Jared Ravizza: Image Shore News

Second attack on McDonald’s employees

Dembowski stated that her girls are now “physically fine” but “shaken up” and “terrified that they could just go to a movie on a Saturday night and this could happen, someone could just walk into a movie theater and do this.”

Officials said the movie theater stabbing occurred at 6 p.m., before Ravizza reportedly carried out a second attack on McDonald’s employees at a rest stop on Route 3 in Plymouth about an hour later.

The current investigations in Massachusetts and Connecticut are closely linked as police strive to determine the links between these terrible crimes. Further information is expected as the investigations progress.

According to a statement published by the Braintree Police Department, a man snuck into the movie without paying, and then suddenly attacked and stabbed the four young females. “The attack appeared unprovoked.”

Paramedics responded quickly to the site, while police initiated a manhunt for the perpetrator and shared a description of his car with other law enforcement agencies.

All of the girls were sent to the hospital, but none had life-threatening injuries. Dembowski described the two older girls as heroes who cared for her two smaller children before the authorities arrived.

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North Korea Appears To Have Fired A Missile Into The Sea, Japan And South Korea Say




TOKYO — North Korea launched a missile into the sea on Monday, according to Japan and South Korea, just hours after announcing preparations to launch a rocket into space, reportedly carrying its second military reconnaissance satellite.

North Korea had previously informed Japan’s coast guard of its plans to launch “a satellite rocket” during a launch window from Monday to June 3.


Korea | News Arab Image

North Korea Appears To Have Fired A Missile Into The Sea, Japan And South Korea Say

Following North Korea’s launch, the Japanese Prime Minister’s Office canceled a missile alert for the island of Okinawa, stating that the missile was not considered to be headed for the region.

North Korea launched its first military reconnaissance satellite into orbit in November of last year as part of attempts to establish a space-based monitoring network to counter what it considers growing US-led military threats. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un later said at a governing party conference that the country would launch three more military spy satellites in 2024.


Korea | NDTV Image

North Korea Appears To Have Fired A Missile Into The Sea, Japan And South Korea Say

The United Nations prohibits North Korea from carrying out any satellite launches, perceiving them as cover for testing long-range missile technologies. North Korea has consistently claimed that it has the right to launch satellites and test missiles. Kim has stated that spy satellites will help his military to better observe US and South Korean military activity while also increasing the threat posed by its nuclear-capable missiles.


Korea | Japan Times Image

North Korea Appears To Have Fired A Missile Into The Sea, Japan And South Korea Say

North Korea provides Japan with launch information because the Japanese Coast Guard coordinates and disseminates maritime safety information throughout East Asia.


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