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Canada’s Joni Mitchell Returns to the Stage After 20 Years



Canada's Joni Mitchell Returns to the Stage After 20 Years

Joni Mitchell, the legendary singer, gave her first full headlining act in 23 years at the Echoes Through the Canyon festival. Mitchell announced a unique headline performance at Carlile’s festival, which took place yesterday at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington State.

The Seattle Times reports, Joni Mitchell performed a 24-song career-spanning concert with Carlile and an ensemble of backup musicians that included Marcus Mumford, as well as some covers.

The 26,000 or so spectators who jammed the Gorge Amphitheatre on Saturday felt a jittery atmosphere. For years, thousands of Joni Mitchell fans believed they would never be able to witness one of the greatest living composers perform live again.

Fans who made the journey to the legendary Washington venue were minutes away from seeing music history, two decades after Mitchell stopped from performing and eight years distant from her life-threatening brain aneurysm.

At the opening notes of “Big Yellow Taxi,” one of Mitchell’s oft-reinterpreted hits, Mitchell and the 20 or so all-star musician buddies who acted as her backing band transformed the peppy melody into a big ol’ family singalong.

The audience could hardly contain their joy, briefly hushed when Mitchell’s anchor vocals were unaccompanied, only to erupt again when the rest of the chorus joined her.

As stunned spectators stood for an extended standing ovation following the opening song, the 79-year-old’s pleased chuckle seemed to make them cheer even louder. Following a surprise set with Brandi Carlile and pals at the Newport Folk Festival last year as Joni Mitchell & the Joni Jam.

Joni mitchell

Fans came from all over the world

Fans travelled from as far away as Australia and England, San Francisco, and Saskatoon (Mitchell’s hometown in Saskatchewan) to witness Mitchell’s first true, ticketed headlining show in years.

The Newport set and last night’s show, the highlight of Carlile’s Echoes Through the Canyon weekend, were extensions of private jam sessions Mitchell has held at her house for the past four years while recovering from a 2015 aneurysm that left her unable to speak, let alone sing and play guitar. The monthly jams, which Carlile eventually assisted in organising, prepared the way for Mitchell’s public return to music, as she relearned to sing and play guitar.

Saturday night was less of a regular concert and more of an opportunity to collectively celebrate a generational artist’s wide-ranging canon and bathe in Mitchell’s light for 2 hours and 40 minutes. Carlile phrased it better, or at least more poetically, in her opening remarks on stage, comparing the intimate Joni Jam experience to peeking into a tiny hut inside a snow globe.

The stage was decorated in the style of a living room, complete with couches, lights, end tables, and even framed pet photos. Mitchell sat front and centre with Carlile in plush easy chairs, wearing sunglasses and a pink floral-print blouse, bantering like old friends sipping pinot grigio when not singing into matching golden microphones. “When you come to Washington, you drink out of a Yeti,” Carlile exclaimed as she filled a glass for a friend. (Mitchell afterwards made fun of Carlile for drinking directly from the bottle.)

Joni Mitchell

Old rock ‘n’ roll adventures

The Joni Jam felt like a campfire hootenanny coupled with a music nerd’s fantasy storyteller session. Carlile acted as interviewer/fan-girl-in-chief between songs, getting Mitchell to talk about old rock ‘n’ roll adventures — knee-slapping quests for wolf-howl recordings, spacing lyrics with Bob Dylan, with whom she played the Gorge in ’98 — and the inspiration behind some of Mitchell’s most revered songs.

Mitchell vigorously tapped her cane on the massive stage to “Raised on Robbery” – a song about a prostitute in a Saskatoon hotel, she’d explain later. Mitchell’s sassy vocals matched one of the night’s revelling rockers, before cooling off with “Come in From the Cold” and the hazy gentle rocker “Amelia.” Mitchell’s lone voice seemed louder on the latter, as though the first few gang-vocal tunes cleared a runway for the honoree to take off, just as the sun sank into an amber glow hanging over the canyon behind her.

Mitchell’s all-star supporting cast — which included the Hanseroth twins, Marcus Mumford on percussion, and Annie Lennox and Sarah McLachlan as backup singers in an embarrassment of vocal riches — formed a half circle around Mitchell and Carlile, with each member getting their chance to shine and heap praise on the woman of the hour.

When Mitchell wasn’t leading a song, the Joni Jammers took turns leading songs, singing with and for the revered music legend — a frightening notion, according to Carlile, who opened with a stripped-down acoustic set. Celisse Henderson, a frequent Carlile collaborator who Mitchell likened to a female Jimi Hendrix (but a far better voice), was extensively featured throughout the night.

Mitchell’s voice has undoubtedly changed

Her moving guitar solo complemented Mitchell’s bluesy “Summertime,” which transported the audience to a smokey speakeasy. The low-lit number was the first song Mitchell sang in their private jam sessions, so the Gorge performance was somewhat of a full-circle moment.

Sarah McLachlan’s honest, stunning performance in “Blue” was another guest-led highlight. Carlile, a late-blooming Mitchell fan who grew up hearing McLachlan and Lilith Fair at the Gorge, was definitely in a good mood, lying back in her cushy chair, eyes closed and mouthing along with every syllable, pausing only to pull from her wine bottle.

Mitchell’s voice has undoubtedly changed since she recorded her most acclaimed work in the 1970s, but she sang with soul, vigour, and tenacity throughout the marathon performance.

She also had an instrumental solo moment, playing lead guitar on “Just Like This Train” (like she did in Newport) and “If” during the encore.

The only time it was clear her previous tour was 20 years ago was when she asked what all the lights in the audience were during a gospel-infused “Shine,” which saw Carlile let loose vocally after spending much of the concert as a supporting voice alongside Mitchell’s. “That was quite a spectacle, all the little lights from your cellphones,” she laughed.

Joni Mitchell & the Joni Jam set list:

1. “Big Yellow Taxi”
2. “Night Ride Home”
3. “Raised on Robbery”
4. “Come In From the Cold”
5. “Amelia”
6. “Carey”
7. “Sex Kills”
8. “Summertime” (George Gershwin cover)
9. “Ladies of the Canyon” (Annie Lennox)
10. “Help Me” (Celisse Henderson)
11. “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way” (Rick Whitfield original)
12. “Love Potion No. 9” (The Clovers cover)
13. “A Case of You”
14. “A Strange Boy” (Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman)
15. “Cactus Tree” (Lucius)
16. “California” (Marcus Mumford)
17. “Blue” (Sarah McLachlan)
18. “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” (Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers cover)
19. “Shine”
20. “Both Sides Now”
21. “Circle Game”

22. “Just Like This Train”
23. “If”
24. “Young at Heart” (Frank Sinatra cover)

About Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is a Canadian singer-songwriter and visual artist who is considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. She was born on November 7, 1943, in Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada, as Roberta Joan Anderson. Mitchell’s music spans multiple genres, including folk, pop, jazz, and rock.

Mitchell’s career began in the 1960s folk music scene, where she gained recognition for her distinctive soprano voice and her skillful guitar playing. She released her debut album, “Song to a Seagull,” in 1968, followed by the critically acclaimed “Clouds” in 1969. Her third album, “Ladies of the Canyon” (1970), brought her mainstream success with songs like “Big Yellow Taxi” and “Woodstock.”

Throughout her career, Joni Mitchell released several influential and highly regarded albums, including “Blue” (1971), “Court and Spark” (1974), and “Hejira” (1976). Her music often showcased introspective and personal lyrics, exploring themes of love, relationships, and the human condition. Mitchell’s poetic songwriting style and unique melodies set her apart from her peers and made her an icon of the singer-songwriter movement.

Aside from her musical achievements, Joni Mitchell is also known for her visual art. She began painting in the late 1960s and has created numerous works of art throughout her life. Her art often reflects her personal experiences and complements her music.

Over the years, Joni Mitchell’s work has earned her numerous accolades, including multiple Grammy Awards and inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Her impact on popular music and songwriting continues to resonate with artists and fans alike.

Please note that the information provided here represents a general overview of Joni Mitchell’s career up until September 2021, and there may have been additional developments since then.

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Inside The Met Gala: A Fairytale Forest, Woodland Creatures, And Some Starstruck First-Timers



AP News - VOR News Image

NEW YORK  — James Corden casually held his arms up as if he owned the Metropolitan Museum of Art while strolling through the hallways heading to cocktails. Joking around with Jeff Bezos and his partner Lauren Sánchez, who happened to be strolling behind him, he remarked, pointing to the priceless artwork on the walls. “Let me know if you want me to talk you through any of this.”

Corden, like many celebs, regularly attends the Met Gala; it was all in good humor.

And then there are the novices. No matter how well-known they are in their industry, these guests frequently express awe at the concentration of notoriety around them and some nervousness akin to a child attending a new school.

Consider Stray Kids. The eight members of the K-pop group showed up for their first gala together, each wearing a distinct combination of red, navy, and white that designer Tommy Hilfiger had created. After climbing the magnificent internal staircase to enter the museum, they went to the receiving queue and proceeded to the drink area, where they claimed to have gradually begun to unwind.


AP News – VOR News Image

Inside The Met Gala: A Fairytale Forest, Woodland Creatures, And Some Starstruck First-Timers

“At first, we were anxious,” band member Bang Chan admitted. Felix, the bandmate, said, “We had no idea who we would meet or what to expect.” However, they were getting along well and had previously had conversations with Steven Yeun, Chris Hemsworth, and Brooklyn Nets guard Ben Simmons.

The star of “The Bear,” Ayo Edebiri, was also present. She had won numerous honors this year and was attending her first gala. After welcoming hosts Jennifer Lopez, Bad Bunny, Hemsworth, and Anna Wintour at the top of the staircase, she appeared to be nearly out of breath.

She exclaimed, “I’m really, really, really excited to be here.” “This is yet another truly lovely thing that I will make an effort to keep in mind.”

The accompanying exhibit for the event was titled “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” but it wasn’t really about our beloved Princess Aurora. Instead, the goal was to draw attention to and shed light on delicate clothing items from the museum’s collection that were being “awakened” to the public. Nevertheless, the museum fully embraced the fantasy atmosphere.

Guests passed a massive centerpiece that stood 32 feet tall and symbolized a “whimsical tree” as they entered the Great Hall. Over a forest-like undergrowth with twisted branches that resembled the vegetation Sleeping Beauty’s prince had to cut through to give her a genuine love kiss, enormous green fabric flowers began to blossom. Following that, guests were treated to a live string orchestra and a scene that included actors dressed as forest animals playing in tights and tunics.

galaAP News - VOR News Image

AP News – VOR News Image

Inside The Met Gala: A Fairytale Forest, Woodland Creatures, And Some Starstruck First-Timers

When asked if they would rather see the exhibit or go to the cocktails, most guests opted for the latter. However, a few people attended the event, which was a multi-sensory fashion experience that included touch, smell, sound, and sight. Lena Waithe was “just blown away by the work that I’m seeing” after spending some alone time reviewing the clothing.

Like many others, the actor/producer continued, she finds fashion lighthearted and enjoyable. She remarked, “But then I come here and am reminded that it’s an art form.” She also brought up a comment made by Meryl Streep, who played a role akin to Wintour, to Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada,” regarding how our wardrobe choices are predetermined. Waithe stated, “I think we need to be reminded of that, that people who are long gone influence our style.”

After spending the evening away from childcare, late-night host Meyers, who was at the event with his wife, commented that it was a pleasant respite. He also playfully questioned why his children, who are 2, 6, and 8 years old, weren’t invited. Meyers joked, “I think it’s very rude that Vogue didn’t invite them.” This place is kid-friendly. Additionally, they excel at keeping their hands off objects.

Meyers claimed that meeting “a lot of people that I’m a fan of, or have interviewed on the show,” was his favorite part of the evening. Regarding style, however, he prefers to play things safe, saying that “nobody wants a guy like me taking a big swing.” I remain in my lane.

Because Wintour is such a theater enthusiast, a sizable Broadway contingent typically exists at the Met Gala. Jonathan Groff, who was nominated for a Tony Award for “Merrily We Roll Along,” laughed and joked at this gala with fellow “Glee” alum and “Funny Girl” actor Lea Michele. Michele is expecting her second child and looks stunning in baby blue Rodarte. Groff reminisced about other Met Gala appearances, such as one in which he performed the television series “Hair” and another in which Beyoncé appeared and sang her song “Lemonade,” which had just been released a week prior. That was epic, he recalled.

Her clothing scraped the floor with an equally unique sound as Sánchez and Bezos walked through the display. “You won’t be lost,” Bezos said in jest. Sánchez claimed that when she initially tried on the striking design by Oscar de la Renta’s Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim, she had started crying. The flowing skirt was intended to mimic Tiffany’s glass with pearl and mirror appliques.


AP News – VOR News Image

Inside The Met Gala: A Fairytale Forest, Woodland Creatures, And Some Starstruck First-Timers

Sánchez said, “Use my dress if you need a mirror.” She continued by saying that she believed the outfit represented life, in which everything is somewhat shattered, and what you do with the parts determines the outcome. She also mentioned trying the dress on for Bezos, crying as she said. “He told me I had never looked so beautiful,” she remarked.

Interesting fact: according to Sánchez, Garcia had informed her he needed to get a part from Amazon in order to mend the outfit.

How do you obtain meals for hundreds of chit-chatting celebs around the museum? The organizers have made several attempts. It was a group of buglers one year. In a different year, Jon Batiste led a band snapping across the audience with his melodica. David Byrne did the honors last year. A massive choir with dancers accompanying them performed original song “Future of Us” on Monday. “To dinner!” was yelled by the performers as a bell sounded. The throng then moved slowly to the Temple of Dendur, where tables with “enchanted candelabras entwined with flower arrangements” maintained the fairytale theme.


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Elevate Your Style: Unveiling the Timeless Charm of 1930s Mens Fashion



Elevate Your Style Unveiling the Timeless Charm of 1930s Mens Fashion

Undoubtedly, the 1930s Mens Fashion was the sharpest era for male fashion, with sleek, elegant outfits that oozed style. However, the Great Depression significantly impacted men’s fashion in the 30s, not just cigars and evening wear. The following are some of the most stylish looks of this decade and how you can adapt them to your needs.

With the Wall Street Crash of 1929 leading to the Great Depression, the lack of money could be seen in fashion, as demonstrated in films such as It Happened One Night and Bonnie and Clyde.

For Hollywood and the rich, bigger was better when it came to attire. Double-breasted suits, full-cut trousers, and tuxedos were the standard of what a gentleman should wear in the 1930s.

1930s Mens Fashion: Retro, Gangster, And Hollywood-Esque

It is undeniable that the Great Depression had a substantial impact on men’s fashion. The somber, double-breasted suit of the 30s was a far cry from the flashy style of the roaring 20s.

In spite of the hardships of the time, formal wear made a quick return. However, the availability of newer, cheaper materials made suits more affordable. Sweaters and trousers became more widespread (especially among middle-class families), while useful clothes such as coats became common.

When the economy recovered from the economic crisis, some brighter colors returned to summer fashion once again. Later in the decade, blended and synthetic fabrics made clothing more affordable for many who preferred practicality and comfort over the “all-over-the-place” aesthetic of the 20s.

Highlights Of 1930s Mens Fashion

The Drape Suit

During the 1930s, the classic V-cut suit was very popular due to its imposing silhouette, broad shoulders and long drapes, as well as its softer material that allowed for a great deal of freedom of movement.


Due to the popularity of fedoras during the decade, top hats were still sometimes worn on formal occasions. The vibrant colors of the previous decade were replaced with statement pieces, such as wide, colorful neckties. Loafers and brogues were the footwear of choice—fashion choices that are still very popular today.

Here is a look at 1930s Mens Fashion

VOR News

1930s mens fashion

VOR News

1930s mens fashion

VOR News

1930s mens fashion

VOR News

George Melly, Soho Jazz Festival, London, 1993.

VOR News

1930s mens fashion

During the 1930s, men’s fashion experienced a convergence of style and resilience, navigating the Great Depression with practical yet refined ensembles. In addition to the iconic drape suit, statement accessories like fedoras and wide neckties shaped the era’s aesthetic, combining elegance with flexibility.

Following the onset of economic recovery, a gradual return to color and advances in fabric technology reflected an increasing optimism. There is no doubt that 1930s men’s fashion has left an enduring legacy of sophistication and innovation as a testament to creativity thriving despite adversity.

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Luxury Jewelry Maker Cartier Doesn’t Give Stuff Away, But They Pretty Much Did For One Man In Mexico



Global - VOR News Image

MEXICO CITY — Cartier, the luxury jewelry brand, is not known for giving out gifts, but in the case of one Mexican guy, they pretty much did.

Rogelio Villarreal was browsing Cartier’s website when he stumbled upon an offer that appeared too good to be true. “I broke out in a cold sweat,” he posted on his X account, previously known as Twitter.


Ny Post – VOR News Image

Luxury Jewelry Maker Cartier Doesn’t Give Stuff Away, But They Pretty Much Did For One Man In Mexico

Cartier made a mistake and advertised gold-and-diamond earrings for 237 pesos ($14) rather than the exact price of 237,000 pesos ($14,000). Villarreal ordered two sets.

What ensued was months of back-and-forth, during which he claimed Cartier offered him a consolation gift instead of the jewelry, and Mexican officials supported his argument that the corporation should uphold the listed price.

Villarreal eventually received the earrings last week at his price, and he posted a video online of himself unwrapping them. But he quickly grew tired of the public attention, realizing that not all that glitters is gold, and posted on Monday, “Alright already, talk about something else, I’m tired of the earrings being the only thing anyone knows about my personality.”

Villarreal’s case had become a lightning rod online during a particularly polarizing period in Mexico, ahead of the June 2 presidential elections.

Some onlookers chastised Villarreal for taking advantage of what they perceived as a genuine error by the high-end jewelry manufacturer. Some claimed he should return the earrings or pay taxes on them. Some called him a thief.


Jeb – VOR News Image

Luxury Jewelry Maker Cartier Doesn’t Give Stuff Away, But They Pretty Much Did For One Man In Mexico

Villarreal, a doctor doing his medical residency, claimed he had to fight for months to get the company to deliver and that it offered to give him a bottle of champagne instead.

The corporation did not reply to inquiries for comment.

“I have the worst luck in the world, and I’ve never made any money, and what I do have is because I bought it,” Villarreal posted on social media. However, he could now purchase two $14,000 sets of earrings for only around $28.

He says he gave one of them to his mom.

“It feels great and it’s cool not to be the underdog for once in my life,” Villarreal said.

Profeco’s representative, Jesús Montaño, validated Villarreal’s account of his struggle.


Ebay – VOR News Image

Luxury Jewelry Maker Cartier Doesn’t Give Stuff Away, But They Pretty Much Did For One Man In Mexico

“He filed a complaint in December,” Montaño explained. “There is a conciliation hearing scheduled for May 3, but the consumer already received his purchase.”

When asked about ethics, Montaño stated that corporations “have to respect the published price.” If an error occurs, “it’s not the consumer’s fault.”


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