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US Faces Economic Uncertainty Over the Decline of the US Dollar

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US Faces Economic Catastrophe with De-Dollarization of the US Dollar

The US is facing an economic catastrophe as the use of the US dollar as a global currency may fall to 40-45% within 2-3 years because of international trading with a new BRICS currency.

The United States experienced an economic catastrophe in March 2023. One of the most famous American banks, Silicon Valley Bank, ranked one of the top 20 banks in the United States with over $215 billion in assets, went bankrupt. The bank incurred a $1.8 billion loss due to the interest rate increase on US Treasury securities.

Days later, New York-based Signature Bank, with over $110 billion in assets, failed because its deposits exceeded the maximum permissible limits of the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, while First Republic Bank, with over $215 billion in assets, saw its share price fall by 67% and Western Alliance Bancorporation fell by 90%.

Also, almost every major private bank in the United States has had its credit ranking downgraded. Before all of this, Silvergate Bank, another cryptocurrency-related institution, failed due to liquidity problems in the first week of March 2023.

Global demand for the US dollar falling

The manner American financial institutions are collapsing one after the other portends the Western superpower’s economic doom. These banks have a singular explanation for their failure, and it is related to the interest rate on US Treasury bonds.

As global demand for the US dollar falls, so do these bonds, and to keep them afloat, banks are forced to give higher interest rates, which eats into their liquidity.

When renowned economist Dr. Nouriel Roubini, also known as ‘Dr. Doom,’ who accurately predicted the 2008 global recession, not only predicts another global economic collapse but also warns that problems will last for a long period, possibly a decade or more.

De-dollarization would be one of the primary causes of the impending recession. Once thought to be the sole currency for global commerce, the US dollar is losing its luster and being replaced by other currencies.

Naturally, it will significantly affect the American economy and may lead to an economic disaster for the world’s leading superpower.
Let us attempt to grasp the concept of de-dollarization.

Historically, the value of any currency has been determined by the assets held by the nation issuing that currency. Until about a century ago, the British Pound was the most valuable worldwide currency, not the US Dollar.

Following World War I, America, which escaped relatively unscathed because the war was not fought on its soil and got the lion’s share of wartime gold reserves, began to replace the pound as a global trade currency.

The Bretton Woods Agreement

In 1944, the United States implemented the Bretton Woods Agreement, which promoted bilateral commerce in US dollars. Surprisingly, by the late 1960s, it was thought that keeping US dollars was more profitable than holding stocks or gold. As a result, its hoarding was widespread not only among people but also among countries.

After the London Gold Pool was disbanded in 1970, the Bretton Woods Agreement was nearly null and void, and Asian economies began to recover. On the other hand, the United States was confronting a negative balance of payment crisis due to massive Cold War and Vietnam War expenditures.

President Nixon canceled the US dollar’s convertibility into gold in 1971, detaching it from the worth of his country’s assets. As a result, the value of the US dollar was now determined by worldwide demand rather than assets held by the US government.

The advent of ‘Petro Dollars increased demand for the greenback, and to meet the demand, the US began printing more and more dollars.

Because the United States was the largest contributor to worldwide institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank, all payments were made in US dollars. Consequently, developing or underdeveloped countries were compelled to trade in US dollars with other countries. By the late 1990s, nearly 90% of worldwide trade was conducted in US dollars.

Bilateral currency swap agreements

Hoarding grew, and more money was printed to meet the demand. Today, instead of nearly $500 billion in US gold reserves, they have released nearly $4 trillion in hard currency and $38 trillion in US treasury bonds, nearly 80 times the total assets of the US Treasury.

The US believed that because its currency was in high demand in the market, it would continue to cruise on its artificial bubble. It has produced war-like situations worldwide in recent years, compelling countries to purchase more weapons, fuel, and other items from the global market, promoting trade in US dollars.

The Information Technology (IT) boom of the 1990s boosted demand even more because most of the top IT firms were American, and nearly 80% of the IT industry was based in the United States. American sanctions were also imposed on bilateral currency swap agreements between nations to discourage trade in other currencies.

Since 2014, when the US imposed economic sanctions on Russia and created roadblocks in its trade in US dollars, countries have considered alternatives to using the US currency.

The introduction of the Euro also assisted nations in breaking the US dollar’s monopoly. Over the last eight years, many nations have signed bilateral agreements to avoid a situation similar to Russia’s. Russia and China created payment gateways, and India and Russia signed a similar arrangement that linked the Reserve Bank of India and Russia’s Sistema Peredachi Finansovykh Soobscheniy. (SPFS).

The US dollar’s share has fallen.

Meanwhile, nations such as Brazil, China, Australia, Argentina, Egypt, the European Union (EU), Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Turkey signed bilateral treaties to break the monopoly of the US dollar.

As a result, the total circulation of the US dollar worldwide decreased considerably, as has greenback stockpiling. According to one estimate, the US dollar’s worldwide trade has dropped by more than 20% in the last four years.

This is evident in the International Monetary Fund’s foreign currency assets, where the US dollar’s share has fallen from 71% in 1999 to 57% in 2021 and is expected to fall further.

The net cascading impact on the worldwide circulation of the US dollar will be significant. The worldwide use of the US dollar as a currency is anticipated to fall to 40-45% within the next 2-3 years.

The Euro, previously traded below the US dollar, now has the upper edge. Russia trades in Ruble against its cheap oil, while other nations trade in Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Saudi Riyal, and UAE Dirham. India also trades in the Indian Rupee with over 44 nations.

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Disney Plus Announces Crackdown On Password Sharing In Canada In 2023

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disney plus

NEW YORK — Today, password-sharing crackdowns are becoming increasingly prevalent in the streaming industry. In addition, Disney Plus follows suit.

In an email sent to Canadian users this week, Disney announced restrictions on the “ability to share your account or credentials outside of the household.”

The updated Canadian Subscriber Agreement for Disney Plus stipulates that users may only share a subscription within their domicile if permitted by their account tier and that violations may result in Disney Plus limiting or terminating service. According to the streamer’s help center, “Household” refers to the collection of devices associated with a subscriber’s principal residence and used by the residents.

These password-sharing restrictions are part of multiple revisions to the Disney Plus Subscriber Agreement that will go into effect on November 1 for most Canadian users. According to this week’s email, annual subscribers in Quebec may see the changes a bit later, depending on their billing cycle, while users who alter their plan before November 1 will see the changes take effect immediately.

As previously disclosed in August, Disney Plus will launch its ad-supported tier offerings in Canada and select European markets on November 1. The ad-supported tier of Disney Plus has been available in the U.S. since December 2022.

disney plus

Disney Plus Announces Crackdown On Password Sharing In Canada

When contacted by The Associated Press, a Disney Plus spokesperson declined to comment on whether similar domestic restrictions could be anticipated in countries other than Canada.

In a recent earnings call, Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger pledged to make the company’s streaming services profitable, notably through an October price increase on its ad-free Disney+ and Hulu plans in the U.S. and a restriction on password sharing that is expected to last through 2019.

At the time, Iger did not elaborate on the password-sharing crackdown beyond stating that Disney could reap some benefits in 2024, although he added that the work “might not be completed” by then and that Disney could not predict how many password-sharing users would switch to paid subscriptions.

New restrictions on streaming extend far beyond Disney. Netflix, for instance, made headlines when it began clamping down on password sharing. Freeloading viewers are now required to open their accounts in the United States unless a subscriber with a standard or premium plan agrees to pay a $8 monthly surcharge to enable more people from different households to watch.


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Man Wanted In Killing Of Baltimore Tech Entrepreneur Pava LaPere Is Arrested, Police Say

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BALTIMORE — Officials said Thursday that police had been searching for the man arrested in a Baltimore tech entrepreneur slaying since last week as a suspect in a separate rape and arson.

Jason Billingsley, charged with first-degree murder in the death of Pava LaPere, 26, was released from prison in October 2016 after accumulating good behavior credits to reduce his sentence for a 2013 sexual assault.

Commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department Richard Worley stated at a news conference on Thursday that detectives believe LaPere was murdered on Friday evening, even though her body was not discovered until after she was reported missing on Monday. The Johns Hopkins University graduate, who founded the tech startup EcoMap Technologies while still a student, was discovered deceased in her flat complex with signs of blunt force trauma.

Brandon Scott, the mayor of Baltimore, questioned why Billingsley was released from prison so soon after his sexual assault conviction, but he noted that police are only one component of a larger system that includes prosecutors, courts, and prisons.\

“We are aware that we are discussing a system with which we must also contend,” he said.

Worley stated that investigators are evaluating all open cases since Billingsley’s release in October 2022 to determine whether any connections exist.

This violent criminal offender and repeat offender will be returned to prison, where he belongs, Worley stated. Now, let’s all collaborate to ensure that he stays there.
The family of LaPere thanked the city police and their law enforcement colleagues for their “tireless efforts” during the investigation and capture of the suspect.


Man Wanted In Killing Of Baltimore Tech Entrepreneur Pava LaPere Is Arrested, Police Say.

“We’re relieved to know he can no longer hurt other innocent victims,” the family said. While this does not alter the fact that Baltimore lost one of its most devoted and influential admirers, we will continue to honor Pava Marie’s life, achievements, and legacy.

According to an application for an arrest warrant, the victim in the 2013 case told police that during the assault, he displayed a knife and strangled her. Ivan Bates, the state’s attorney for Baltimore City, stated that Billingsley pleaded guilty in 2015 to first-degree sex assault, for which state guidelines prescribe a sentence of 15 to 25 years, but Billingsley received a sentence of 30 years with all but 14 years suspended as part of a plea agreement.

Bates stated that the judge who sentenced Billingsley hesitated before approving the plea agreement reached between prosecutors and Billingsley’s counsel. However, the judge ultimately approved the terms of the agreement.

According to court documents, Billingsley was convicted of second-degree assault in 2011 and first-degree assault in 2009.

Police say Billingsley is also a suspect in a rape, attempted murder, and arson that occurred in Baltimore on September 19. Within hours of the crime, a warrant was issued for Billingsley, and detectives have been actively searching for him ever since, including through his mobile and social media use, interviewing witnesses and monitoring his known addresses, according to Worley.

“When we held a press conference about the death of LaPere, we were approximately 88 metres away from capturing the suspect, but he was able to evade capture,” Worley said.

According to Worley, Billingsley knew the victims of the September 19 incident, which was not a random act, but the department did not warn the public about Billingsley at the time. According to him, the police have no reason to suspect LaPere knew Billingsley.


Man Wanted In Killing Of Baltimore Tech Entrepreneur Pava LaPere Is Arrested, Police Say.

“I hope this sends a message to anyone else who enjoys committing these kinds of cowardly, heinous acts that we will not tolerate it and will remove you from the streets of Baltimore,” said the mayor of Baltimore, Brandon Scott.

The public defender’s office, which has previously represented Billingsley, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that it was too soon to comment on this case. Thursday morning, the office waited to respond to an email seeking comment on behalf of Billingsley.

Bates stated that if a grand jury returns an indictment, his office will pursue a life sentence without parole.

“If this person is found guilty in a court of law, he or she will never again be able to harm any of the citizens of our fine city,” Bates said.

LaPere, named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for social impact earlier this year, was remembered at a vigil on Wednesday evening as someone who remained committed to building community and using entrepreneurship to create meaningful social change even as her national profile increased.

LaPere remained committed to the philanthropic endeavors that initially inspired her as she developed EcoMap, a platform that uses technology to curate data and make it more accessible throughout social ecosystems.

Frank LaPere, her father, told the crowd of more than 100 people assembled for the vigil, “She knew exactly what she wanted to accomplish, and nothing could stand in her way.”

according to Taboola


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Netflix’s DVD-By-Mail Service Bows Out As Its Red-And-White Envelopes Make Their Final Trip

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VOR News

Netflix’s once-iconic DVD-by-mail service is finally coming to an end, a quarter century after two Silicon Valley visionaries came up with the idea that destroyed Blockbuster video stores while paving the way for video streaming, which has revolutionized the entertainment industry.

After its five remaining distribution centers in California, Texas, Georgia, and New Jersey mail their final discs on Friday, the DVD service that has consistently declined in the shadow of Netflix’s video streaming service will cease operations.

Less than one million remaining DVD service subscribers can retain the final discs that arrive in their mailboxes.

Longtime Netflix DVD subscriber Amanda Konkle said on Thursday as she awaited the arrival of her final disc, the 1971 British horror film “The Nightcomers” starring Marlon Brando, “It’s sad.” “It makes me feel sentimental. Acquiring these DVDs has been an integral part of my regimen for decades.


Netflix’s DVD-By-Mail Service Bows Out As Its Red-And-White Envelopes Make Their Final Trip

Some of the remaining DVD enthusiasts will receive up to ten discs as a farewell gift, including 41-year-old Konkle, who has viewed more than 900 titles since joining the service in 2006. In the hopes of being selected for the 10 DVD giveaway, Konkle prioritized Brando films and older films that are difficult to locate on streaming services in her queue.

At its height, the DVD had 16 million subscribers who could choose from more than 100,000 titles. But in 2011, Netflix decided to separate its DVD business from its streaming business, which now claims 238 million subscribers worldwide and generates $31.5 billion in annual revenue.

On the other hand, the DVD service generated only $146 million in revenue last year, making its eventual closure inevitable against the backdrop of intensifying competition in video streaming, which has compelled Netflix to cut costs to increase profits.

“It’s bittersweet,” Netflix’s CEO Marc Randolph said when the company delivered its first DVD, “Beetlejuice,” in April 1998. “We knew this day was coming, but the miraculous thing is that it didn’t come 15 years ago.”


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