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Explosion in Prince George Canada Send 3 to Hospital With Serious Injuries

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According to the RCMP, a big explosion in downtown Prince George, Canada, has sent at least three individuals to the hospital. Northern Health confirms that at least one of the three victims sent to the hospital had serious injuries, according to an update from RCMP investigators.

Northern Health stated that three persons were taken to the hospital this morning, with only one suffering serious injuries. “It is too early in the investigation to determine a cause,” said Cpl. Jennifer Cooper, media relations officer for the Prince George RCMP.

“We have been informed that the hydro in the area has been shut down and will remain so for an unknown period of time.”

Police have closed Third Avenue to Fifth Avenue from George Street to Dominion Street. There is no automobile or pedestrian traffic allowed within the perimeter, the Prince George Citizen reported.

The Achillion Restaurant in Prince George had been located in the structure that exploded in 1956. Kostas Iliopulos ran it for 35 years before it closed in 2016.

The region where the building burst has long been plagued by crime, with Prince George’s downtown centre having similar problems as many other Canadian communities.

“All of the small businesses, even some of the big businesses and office buildings, it’s very challenging because there’s thefts and damage,” she explained. “There are fires all the time in the winter because they make their fires on the sidewalks or in the doorways and they’re not very careful.”

Prince George

Deborah Dissler’s craft and collectable shop, A Butler’s Market, located just down the block on the opposite side of the street from where the explosion occurred. She received a call early Tuesday morning regarding a broken glass sensor that had gone off.

“I decided to go look for myself,” said Ms. Dissler. “I couldn’t get near the building because they had the area blocked off.”

The blast occurred at 7 a.m., and power was cut to the region. Video footage of the aftermath shared online showed thick black smoke plummeting into the air as firefighters extinguished the flames.

Other People’s Treasures, Randy Wilson’s antique and collection shop, located two doors down from Ms. Dissler’s.

Mr. Wilson stated that his company’s alarm went off Tuesday morning, and when he reviewed the security camera footage, all he saw was smoke.

“I don’t think it was an unintentional situation,” Mr. Wilson added. “It’s insane downtown. “Perhaps this will be an eye-opener.”

He claimed that police wouldn’t let him into his building, but he was able to check on things from a back entrance, and that some items had been knocked off shelves, but no other damage had occurred.

Crime wave Prince George

Crime wave in Prince George

Mr. Wilson stated that his store sells a variety of products, including sports memorabilia such as antique hockey cards, as well as other keepsakes and rarities. He claims that a break-in a few years ago robbed the shop of roughly $60,000 in merchandise.

“I’m frustrated with the whole thing, with the entire downtown core,” he remarked. “It’s getting worse every year.”

Mr. Wilson said other buildings in the city’s downtown area had burned down in recent years, which has been frustrating as the city’s homelessness problem has worsened.

“I’ve come downtown at 11 p.m. when they’re burning things in the back alley behind my store.” “I built my house out of wood,” he explained. “I’ve got some decisions to make.”

Corporal Jennifer Cooper, a police spokesperson, said one of those brought to hospital has critical injuries. B.C. Emergency Health Services said it sent two patients to hospital, while a third was taken by a different party.

Fortis and BC Hydro were on the scene Tuesday to assist firefighters in putting out the fire and assisting with the investigation.

The City of Prince George published drone footage of firefighters responding to a reported explosion. A big explosion at an abandoned building in downtown Prince George, B.C., has sent numerous individuals to the hospital, according to RCMP. The explosion occurred at 7 a.m. Tuesday.


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India, At UN, Is Mum About Dispute With Canada Over Sikh Separatist Leader’s Killing

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UNITED NATIONS — As he addressed world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, India’s top diplomat avoided addressing his country’s dispute with Canada over the assassination of a Sikh separatist leader. However, he indirectly criticized how other nations respond to “terrorism.”

Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar devoted most of his speech to praising India’s rising global stature and aspirations for leadership, highlighting its recent tenure as chair of the Group of 20 industrialized nations and presiding over a substantial summit meeting last month.

However, he also stated that the international community must not “allow political expediency to determine responses to terrorism, extremism, and violence.”

India has frequently attacked Pakistan at the United Nations over what New Delhi perceives as Pakistan’s sponsorship of terrorism. This time, however, the remark could be interpreted as an attack on Canada, whose representative is scheduled to speak at the United Nations later on Tuesday.

As a result of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement last week that India may have been involved in the June murder of a Canadian citizen in a Vancouver suburb, relations between the two countries have reached their lowest point in years.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar, 45, was murdered by masked assailants, but Canada has not yet provided any public evidence of Indian involvement in the murder. India had designated him as a terrorist because he led the remnants of a once-powerful movement to establish an independent Sikh homeland, Khalistan.


India’s top diplomat avoided addressing his country’s dispute with Canada over the assassination of a Sikh separatist leader.

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs dismissed the allegation as “absurd” and accused Canada of harboring “terrorists and extremists.” It also asserted that the allegations were politically motivated, indicating that Trudeau sought domestic support from the Sikh diaspora.

“Such unsubstantiated allegations seek to divert attention away from Khalistani terrorists and extremists, who have found refuge in Canada and continue to threaten India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the ministry said in a statement released last week.

However, they have long accused Canada of allowing Sikh separatists, including Nijjar, unfettered reign.

Even though the active insurgency ended decades ago, the Modi administration has warned that Sikh separatists are attempting a comeback. New Delhi has urged nations such as Canada, where Sikhs account for more than 2% of the population, to do more to prevent a separatist revival.

After the G20 summit, Canada’s allegation obscured India’s diplomatic moment. Jaishankar sought to refocus attention on his country’s ambitions in the international arena, noting that India is the world’s most populous nation and a growing economic superpower.

“When we aspire to be a leading power, it is not for self-promotion, but to assume more responsibility and make more contributions,” he explained. “The goals we have set for ourselves will distinguish us from those who rose before us.”


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Spain Charges Pop Singer Shakira With Tax Evasion For A Second Time And Demands More Than $7 Million

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BARCELONA, SPAIN — Spanish prosecutors have charged Colombian pop sensation Shakira with failing to pay 6.7 million euros ($7.1 million) in tax on her 2018 earnings, authorities announced Tuesday. This is Spain’s most recent fiscal accusation against the Colombian singer.

Prosecutors in Barcelona alleged in a statement that Shakira used an offshore company based in a tax refuge to avoid paying the tax.

According to the statement, she has been notified of the allegations in Miami, where she resides.

Shakira is already scheduled to be tried in Barcelona on November 20 for a separate case involving her residence between 2012 and 2014. Prosecutors allege she neglected to pay 14.5 million euros in taxes in this instance.

Prosecutors in Barcelona have asserted that the Grammy winner spent more than fifty percent of the 2012-2014 period in Spain and thus should have paid taxes in the country, even though her official residence was in the Bahamas.


Spanish prosecutors have charged Colombian pop sensation Shakira with failing to pay 6.7 million euros ($7.1 million) in tax on her 2018 earnings.

Last July, Spanish tax officials launched a new investigation against Shakira. Prosecutors have decided to file charges after reviewing the evidence compiled over the past two months. No trial date has been set.

Llorente y Cuenca, the public relations firm previously managing Shakira’s affairs, had no immediate comment.

Last July, it was stated that the artist had “always complied with the law and followed the advice of her financial advisors.”

Since she began dating the now-retired football player Gerard Pique, Shakira, whose full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, has been linked to Spain. The couple, who have two children, resided in Barcelona until the end of their 11-year relationship last year.

In the past decade, Spain’s tax authorities have cracked down on football superstars such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for not paying their entire tax obligations. These athletes were found guilty of tax evasion but were spared prison time due to a provision that enables judges to forego sentences of less than two years for first-time offenders.


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Toymaker Lego Will Stick To Its Quest To Find Sustainable Materials Despite Failed Recycle Attempt In 2023

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Lego stated on Monday that it remains committed to its quest to find sustainable materials to reduce carbon emissions despite the failure of an experiment to use recycled bottles. Lego is the world’s largest toy manufacturer.

After more than two years of testing, Lego “decided not to proceed” with producing its trademark colorful bricks from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles because “the material did not reduce carbon emissions.”

Nonetheless, the toymaker remains “fully committed to making Lego bricks from sustainable materials by 2032,” according to the company’s website.

Two years ago, the private company that manufactures bricks from oil-derived plastic began researching a potential transition to recycled plastic bottles made of PET plastic, which does not degrade in quality when recycled.

The company stated that it had invested “more than $1.2 billion in sustainability initiatives” to transition to more sustainable materials and reduce carbon emissions by 37% by 2032.

The company reported that it was “currently testing and developing Lego bricks made from a range of alternative sustainable materials, including other recycled plastics and plastics made from alternative sources such as e-methanol.”


Nonetheless, the toymaker remains “fully committed to making Lego bricks from sustainable materials by 2032,” according to the company’s website.

E-methanol, also known as green methanol, is composed of residual carbon dioxide and hydrogen and is produced by splitting water molecules using renewable energy.

The company said it would continue to use bio-polypropylene, the sustainable and biological variant of polyethylene — a plastic used in everything from consumer and food packaging to tires — for elements in Lego sets such as leaves, trees and other accessories.

Long-term, “we believe that this will encourage increased production of more sustainable raw materials, such as recycled oils, and help support our transition to sustainable materials,” the report stated.

The company was founded by Ole Kirk Kristiansen in 1932. The name comprises the Danish words leg and godt, meaning “play well.” The brand name was created without knowledge of the Latin Lego, meaning “I assemble.”


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