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Former President Trump Will Avoid Trial on 2020 Election Charges



Election Charges
Artist depiction of Trump Trial: Source AP

Former President Donald Trump is facing significant charges in two trials, including whether he intended to subvert the Constitution by overriding the results of a fair election and illegally remaining in power.

However, a New York case involving bribes to silence an adult film performer may provide the sole legal reckoning this year about whether the Republican attempted to destroy a pillar of American democracy.

The hush money case charges Trump with attempting to falsify business records, but it was difficult to determine as the trial began Monday.

During his opening arguments, lead prosecutor Matthew Colangelo spent minimal time linking the case to Trump’s campaigns during his first presidential bid. He claimed that the payments made to Stormy Daniels constituted “a criminal scheme to corrupt the 2016 presidential election.”

Whether the jury recognizes that connection will determine Trump’s fate. The probable Republican nominee is facing allegations of manipulating company documents, which are normally misdemeanors unless linked to another crime.

Change the 2020 election results

Prosecutors were able to charge them with felonies because they allege that the fake records were part of an effort to cover up state and federal election law breaches — albeit this is still not the same type of direct election tampering that Trump is facing elsewhere.

Trump has referred to the New York trial and the three other criminal charges filed against him as a kind of election meddling, implying without evidence that they are part of a Democratic plot to disrupt his campaign for reelection.

“I’m here instead of being able to campaign in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and many other places, which is very unfair,” he told reporters before Monday’s court session.

While the allegations are felonies, the New York case is considered the least serious against the former president. In the two election cases, Trump is accused of a more direct role in attempting to change the 2020 election results.

He faces a four-count federal indictment in Washington for his conduct leading up to his supporters’ violent attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. He and others were accused in Georgia with breaking the state’s anti-racketeering legislation by attempting to illegally overturn his 2020 election loss to Democrat Joe Biden. He has pled not guilty to all of the allegations against him, including a fourth for mishandling confidential data.

All of the other cases are involved in appeals, which are expected to postpone any trials until after the November election. If that happens, the New York case will be the lone legal test throughout the campaign to determine whether Trump sought to illegally manipulate an election — and it’s not even about the election results he intended to overturn.

Linking Payments to election interference

On Monday, Trump’s attorney moved immediately to refute the notion that a case about record-keeping could be considered an illegal attempt to disrupt an election.

“I have a spoiler alert: there’s nothing wrong with attempting to influence an election.” Todd Blanche, his attorney, said that it is known as democracy. “They added something evil to this idea, as if it were a crime. You’ll discover it’s not.”

Some legal experts tracking Trump’s cases said they were cautious of linking the payments to “election interference.” This also risks reducing the seriousness of the other charges in the public mind.

Richard Painter, a University of Minnesota Law School professor and former associate White House counsel during the George W. Bush administration, said the facts of the case met the evidence needed to determine whether a felony had been committed that violated campaign law, but added, “The election interference part, I have a little bit of trouble with this.”

According to Richard Hasen, a UCLA law expert, the New York case pales in comparison to the other election-related claims against Trump.

“We can draw a fairly bright line between attempting to change vote totals to flip a presidential election and failing to disclose embarrassing information on a government form,” he said in a recent Los Angeles Times essay.

In an email, Hasen stated that New York prosecutors were treating the case as election meddling “because that boosts what may be the only case heard before the election.”

Fabricating business records

Some said that prosecutors’ decision to portray the New York case as election interference was an attempt to increase its attention.

“When (Manhattan District Attorney) Alvin Bragg calls it an election interference case, that’s more of a public relations strategy,” said Paul Butler, a former federal prosecutor and Georgetown Law professor. “I think there was concern that people were looking at the other prosecutions and they weren’t discussing the Manhattan case.”

Declaring the case a hush money trial made it appear less relevant than the others, so they rebranded it as a case about election meddling. But, once again, he is charged with fabricating business records.

Trump has denied having a sexual encounter with Daniels, and his lawyers claim the payments to Cohen were reasonable legal expenditures.

According to Chris Edelson, an assistant professor of government at American University, the essential point in the prosecution’s case is why were the business documents faked. They claim that “Trump was preventing voters from making an informed decision in the election.”

It is an argument he feels prosecutors can present. “I believe that the prosecutors will need to explain this to the jury. “I do not think it is impossible,” he replied.

The New York trial revolves around charges that Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and personal fixer, paid Daniels $130,000 to keep her claims of a sexual encounter with Trump from becoming public in the final days of the 2016 presidential campaign.

“Candidates want to hide negative news about themselves. But there’s a difference between trying to limit people’s access to that information and breaking the law to keep them from finding out,” said Andrew Warren, a former state attorney in Florida who was suspended by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and is running for his old job while his court case is ongoing.

Warren believes the matter has always been about more than just cash. If it is considered as a hush money case, “Trump wins,” he stated. “If there was intent to deceive the voters, the prosecution wins.”

Source: AP

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Thousands Descend on New York’s South Bronx for Trump Rally



Thousands Descend on New York's South Bronx for Trump Rally
Former President Donald J. Trump at a rally in the Bronx: Reuters Image

Thousands of people have gathered on the South Bronx in New York for Donald Trump’s historic event on Thursday night, as he attempts to do what many believe is impossible: turn New York red for the first time since 1984.

Former President Trump’s devoted supporters braved heavy rain to gather at Crotona Park, hours before he was scheduled to take the stage in the deep-blue district that Joe Biden won with more than 60% of the vote in 2020.

Supporters lined up to listen to MAGA rappers, display tattoos honoring the GOP leader, and insist he can follow Ronald Reagan by winning in the Empire State.

People holding Dominican Republic and US flags chant while waiting in line to attend a demonstration for former US President Donald Trump at Crotona Park in the Bronx, New York.

Trump Resonating with Voters

While the gathering was not as diverse as the South Bronx as a whole, it did contain a considerable number of Black and Hispanic voters, with Spanish spoken throughout.

Ed Rosa, who made the short trek from the North Bronx, said he regrets voting for Biden in 2020 and intends to support Trump in November.

He believes the Democratic Party has “become too socialist” and is concerned about the economy and immigration crossing the southern border.

“For 50 years I was a Democrat and switched in the last three or four years,” said Rosa, 60, whose family is from Puerto Rico.

Some in the audience replied by yelling “Build the Wall,” a reference to Trump’s quest for a border barrier between the United States and Mexico while he was in office.

Trump portrayed himself as a better president for Black and Hispanic voters than Biden, slamming Biden’s immigration policy.

Biden’s Race Based Ads

He emphasized that “the biggest negative impact” of the flood of migrants in New York is “against our Black population and our Hispanic population, who are losing jobs, housing, and everything else they can lose.” They are the most affected by what is going on.”

On Thursday, the Biden team aired a pair of TV and radio ads criticizing Trump’s treatment of Black people. These included erroneous accusations that Barack Obama, the first African American president, was not born in the United States, as well as calls for the death of a group of Black and Hispanic adolescents convicted but later exonerated of raping a white lady jogging in New York’s Central Park in 1989.

Janiyah Thomas, Black media director for the Trump campaign, said in a statement that Biden was attempting to divert attention away from “terrible policies that are harming our community,” and that as a senator, Biden helped advance a bipartisan crime bill in 1994, which resulted in more Black men being imprisoned.

Source: Daily Mail, AP

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British Prime Minister Sunak Announces July 4th National Election



British Prime Minister Sunak Announces July 4th National Election
British Prime Minister Sunak Announces July 4th National Election: Reuters Image

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a general election on Wednesday, citing July 4 as the date. After 14 years in power, his Conservatives are widely likely to lose to the opposition Labour Party.

Sunak, 44, stood outside his Downing Street office and announced that he was calling the election sooner than expected, a dangerous strategy given his party’s polling position.

“Now is the time for Britain to choose its future,” he added, highlighting highlights of his tenure in office, including the implementation of the so-called furlough program, which assisted businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We will have a general election on July 4.”

Sunak enters the election not only considerably behind the Labour Party in the polls, but also somewhat isolated from others in his party, relying on a small team of advisers to guide him through what promises to be a nasty campaign.

But, with some economic benefits, such as decreasing inflation and the economy growing at its quickest rate in over three years, he appears to have concluded it was time to take a risk and formally offer his program for a new term to voters.

Parties Prepare for Election

The former investment banker and finance minister took office less than two years ago and has since battled to explain his values, growing more upset that what he regards as his accomplishments have gone unnoticed.

Both parties have almost begun campaigning for the election, with their attack lines on the economy and defense already well defined.

Sunak and his government accuse Labour of being prepared to raise taxes if elected, and that the party would not be a safe set of hands for Britain in an increasingly perilous world because it has a plan, which the opposition disputes.

Labour accuses the government of 14 years of economic mismanagement, which has left people worse off, as well as a series of chaotic administrations that have failed to provide the stability that businesses want to stimulate growth.

If Labour wins the election, Britain, historically recognized for its political stability, will have six prime ministers in eight years, a first since the 1830s. Prior to the declaration, Labour stated that it was more than ready for an election.

“We are totally prepared to go whenever the Prime Minister declares an election. We have a fully structured and operational campaign ready to go, and we believe the country is ripe for a general election,” Labour leader Starmer’s spokeswoman told reporters.

Labour Ahead by 20 Points

Last week, Starmer launched his party’s election campaign by promising to “rebuild Britain” and outlining the first steps Labour would take if it formed the next administration.

Labour is roughly 20 percentage points ahead of Sunak’s Conservatives in opinion surveys, but some party officials are anxious that their lead is not as strong as it appears, worrying that many voters are undecided.

Sunak may be attempting to play on this uncertainty while also confusing Labour, which has yet to nominate all of its parliamentary candidates, according to a party veteran.

Sunak will also hope that economic achievements and the first flights in his centerpiece immigration plan, which involves sending illegal asylum seekers to Rwanda, will bolster his party’s fortunes. The earliest probable date for these flights is June 24, ten days before the election.

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Biden’s 2024 Re-Election Campaign Bleeding Donors Over Gaza



Biden's 2024 Re-Election Campaign Losing Donors Over Gaza
Biden continues to lag behind: Getty Images

The April fundraising totals of President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign fell behind those of his opponent Donald Trump for the first time since the former president intensified his joint operation with the Republican National Committee and hosted high-dollar fundraisers.

After Joe Biden halted arms shipments to Israel in support of its conflict with Hamas, donors who never before considered supporting Donald Trump are now contemplating cast their millions in his direction.

Four donors who contributed tens of millions of dollars during the 2020 election cycle have informed The Free Press that, now that they are aware of Biden’s stance on the Israeli conflict, they are reconsidering their contributions.

The Biden and Democratic National Committee campaigns reported raising over $51 million in April, which is less than the $90 million they raised in March and the $76 million reported by the Republican Party and Donald Trump for the month, according to the campaigns.

Since securing the Republican presidential nomination in March, Trump is now eligible to solicit contributions from the Republican National Committee.

The initial days of April witnessed a record-breaking $50.5 million in donations collected by Trump during an event at the residence of billionaire investor John Paulson in Palm Beach, Florida. Trump has proposed Paulson as a prospective Treasury secretary.

Trump out raising Biden

On Monday, the Save America entity affiliated with Trump filed a report with the Federal Election Commission detailing legal expenses exceeding $3.3 million for the month.

The April fundraising efforts of the Trump campaign were characterized as “extraordinarily remarkable” in light of the candidate’s near-daily confinement to a courtroom for the past four weeks in opposition to Biden’s trial, the campaign said in a statement.

More than five months remain until the November 5 election, and national polls tie Biden and Trump. However, recent polls indicate that Trump holds a slight advantage in the battleground states that will determine the outcome of the election.

The Telegraph reports that on economic issues such as inflation, Trump receives higher approval ratings from voters in general compared to Biden, which is causing concern within the Biden campaign.

Externally, the campaign exudes an aura of unwavering assurance. The organization consistently disparages Trump and the Republicans in its press releases and has allocated tens of millions of dollars towards advertising to support this position.

It disregards polling that consistently indicate the president’s weakness on a national level and, more significantly, in every pivotal swing state. Neither can the campaign assert with credibility that everything is in order, nor have they explicitly embraced the underdog status that the polls appear to bestow.

Biden continues to lag behind with less than six months until Election Day and only four months until early voting begins in three states. An unsuccessful candidate who gained the popular vote at this juncture dates back to 1992.

It is evident that Biden is challenging recent political events, considering Trump’s advantage in the Electoral College, which he likely retains even if he loses the popular vote by two to three percentage points, as he did in 2016.

Biden’s number dismal

Further examination of the data makes matters worse for him. At this time, Biden’s employment approval is at an all-time low for a first-term president. Approximately forty percent is where he stands, which is a tier below where Trump was at the same juncture.

Regardless of the advertising campaigns, positive media coverage, or gradual decline in inflation, his situation has not improved. Without a doubt, the campaign is cognizant of the fact that re-election for an American president has been unattainable with such dismal poll numbers, at least since Harry Truman in 1948.

This likely explains Biden’s unexpected gambit of challenging Trump to a June 27 debate. In general, incumbents avoid debates unless compelled to do so.

The explicit desire for a debate by Biden, which occurs prior to either candidate receiving official nomination from their party, indicates that he is cognizant of the fact that he is deeply trailing and must act swiftly to regain momentum.

Biden’s low favorability indicates that even a credible performance will not right the ship if Trump maintains his position. Biden must make a significant decision if the surveys continue to reflect this dismal state in early August, subsequent to a substantial debate and considerable additional expenditure amounting to tens of millions.

The party is unable to compel him to leave in accordance with the convention proceedings. Almost all the delegates will be secured for him, and they are frequently pledged to and elected directly by Biden. Therefore, Biden has the option to quit the ticket or not.

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