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Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Recovering after Inflight Medical Emergency



Mike Tyson Recovering
Mike Tyson: Getty Images

Boxing legend Mike Tyson was recovering Monday after getting ill on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles the day before, according to his agents. The 58-year-old boxing legend “became nauseous and dizzy due to an ulcer flare up 30 minutes before landing” on Sunday.

“Thankfully, Mr. Tyson is doing great,” the statement read. “He is appreciative to the medical staff that were there to help him.”

First responders met American Airlines flight 1815 as it landed at LA International Airport “due to the medical needs of a customer,” according to an airline statement.

Tyson is planning to fight Jake Paul, a 27-year-old social media celebrity turned boxer, this summer at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, which seats 80,000 people. Netflix will broadcast the fight live, marking a first for the streaming platform.

Tyson was the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990. He retired in 2005, but most recently competed in an exhibition versus Roy Jones in California in November of 2020.

Mike Tyson emerged on the boxing world as a fearsome and intimidating heavyweight. With his bald head, fierce scowl, and explosive power, he rapidly gained the nickname “Iron Mike.” In his prime, Tyson’s mix of speed and knockout punches made him an unstoppable force in the ring.

He won his first 19 professional fights via knockout, 12 of which came in the first round. At the age of 20, Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history. His reign of terror included the 91-second demolition of Michael Spinks and the 93-second annihilation of Carl Williams. Tyson’s savage attitude and ability to stop fights with a single strike made him must-see television.

However, Tyson’s life outside of the ring was turbulent. He suffered legal challenges, jail time, and personal difficulties. Losses, controversies, and an infamous 1997 bite fight all contributed to the end of his great career. Despite his shortcomings, Tyson enthralled spectators with his sheer power and left a lasting impression on boxing history.

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson trade insults

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson: Getty Images

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson trade insults

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson hurled obscenities and expletives as they previewed their fight just a few football fields from the planned June clash at the Dallas Cowboys’ 80,000-seat stadium.

In terms of substance, Thursday night offered little.

Paul denied that the 27-year-old social media star-turned-boxer still hasn’t faced a serious opponent, while Tyson just declined to answer a question regarding his age. The former heavyweight champion will be 58 years old when the match takes place on July 20 at AT&T Stadium.

“I haven’t seen too many people criticizing it. Look at this,” Tyson added, referring to the rowdy audience at an entertainment establishment near the fight location.

When a reporter mentioned there were detractors, Tyson responded, “Who? Please name me someone. You? Who?”

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has approved the fight as a professional battle, although it will only last eight two-minute rounds rather than ten or twelve three-minute rounds. The gloves will be heavier (14 ounces instead of 10), reducing the force of punches.

Tyson retired in 2005, but he most recently competed in an exhibition against Roy Jones in California in November 2000, which was not considered a professional bout. Tyson was largely agitated by the scene and the questions, particularly when asked what it meant to have the opportunity to fill AT&T Stadium.

“I was doing this years ago, so this is nothing new to me,” said Tyson, who won 50 fights and 44 knockouts before retiring. “This is new to this young boy over here.”

Entering to loud boos, Jake Paul responded with bad language and rude gestures before encouraging and leading the pro-Tyson audience in an expletive-laden chant.

“I hope you all keep that same energy when I knock this old man out,” stated Paul.

Paul has nine wins in ten fights, including three since his sole defeat to Tommy Fury, the teenage half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. One of his most recent victories was against former UFC fighter Nate Diaz in nearby Dallas.

“In due time, I will be fighting for a world championship,” Paul responded to the idea that he hasn’t fought a genuine opponent, which prompted Tyson’s ire. “And I will be making you eat your own words.”

Netflix is broadcasting the fight live, marking a first for the streaming service. Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano are the co-main event in a repeat of their fight at Madison Square Garden two years ago.

Paul amassed a sizable fan base as a YouTube influencer before pursuing a professional boxing career four years ago. Tyson was the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990.

“I respect Mike,” Paul stated. “But it is time. It’s my turn now. “I will be remembered as the man who defeated Mike Tyson for the final time.”

Source: AP

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IndyCar Moves To Fox Sports In 2025 After 16 Seasons With NBC. Fox Now Has Daytona 500 And Indy 500



IndyCar | AP News Image

The Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR’s Daytona 500 are two of the largest races in the world, and Fox Sports announced on Thursday that it has bought the rights to broadcast IndyCar beginning in 2025.

Fox Sports has already telecast the first half of the NASCAR schedule. In November, NASCAR revealed a seven-year media rights agreement that included streaming components and two new partners as the 38-race schedule is dispersed over several networks and platforms.

While the specifics of the Fox Sports and IndyCar agreement were kept under wraps, Fox guaranteed network coverage for all 17 races and the two days of Indy 500 qualifying. That assurance lasts the duration of the IndyCar contract.


IndyCar | AP news Image

IndyCar Moves To Fox Sports In 2025 After 16 Seasons With NBC. Fox Now Has Daytona 500 And Indy 500

IndyCar said NBC Sports could not provide the same number of national broadcast opportunities.

“This offers the most competitive and entertaining motorsport on the planet unmatched growth opportunity and unparalleled exposure,” said IndyCar CEO Mark Miles. “Fox Sports is a fully committed partner, ready to promote IndyCar extensively across all of its platforms while delivering millions of fans nationwide engaging and technically innovative coverage.”

Since 2009, NBC has owned the rights to IndyCar; the most recent three-year agreement was said to be for $20 million a season. However, NBC Sports has transferred all of its practice and qualifying session broadcast to its Peacock app, and cable has carried many IndyCar races. The crown jewel race at Long Beach was shifted by NBC to USA Network earlier this season, and it attracted little over 300,000 viewers; when it was broadcast on NBC again in 2023, it drew 1.026 million.

NBC stated, “We are very proud of our contributions to the growth of IndyCar over the past 16 seasons, generating record viewership, unprecedented promotion, and best-in-class production.” “We appreciate the cooperation of the owners, teams, and drivers and look forward to introducing the remainder of the 2024 season to the ardent and devoted IndyCar fans.”

The whole IndyCar season was not licensed to NBC Sports until 2019. It had divided up the programming with ABC before that. The NBC Sports IndyCar season 2023 was the most watched since 2011 and the most streamed season ever.

Compared to the previous year, IndyCar’s viewership on NBC platforms is stable this season; the Indy 500 attracted 5.344 million viewers, up from 4.927 million in 2023.


IndyCar | PIxa Bay Image

IndyCar Moves To Fox Sports In 2025 After 16 Seasons With NBC. Fox Now Has Daytona 500 And Indy 500

Fox Deportes will provide Spanish-language coverage of all races, which is also available on Fox and the Fox Sports app. Fox also committed to covering both Indy 500 qualifying days. Every practice and qualifying round will be broadcast on cable on FS1 or FS2.

It’s an IndyCar record for 19 events aired on television. IndyCar will be the only national premier motorsports series with exclusive major broadcast network coverage for every race. For instance, Fox has announced that five of the 14 NASCAR events will air on the network in 2025, with the remaining races on cable.

Fox Sports CEO and executive producer Eric Shanks promoted the Indy 500 as a network addition. He said that on Wednesday, he had a conversation with NASCAR chairman Jim France to discuss Fox’s new alliance with IndyCar, a competitor.

“Adding the legendary Indianapolis 500… to the Fox Sports roster fits perfectly within our model of teaming with sports’ largest events and best-in-class brands,” Shanks stated. “It gives us great pleasure to serve as the new broadcast home for ‘The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,’ an event that is very meaningful to everyone at Fox Sports.”


IndyCar | PixaBay Image

IndyCar Moves To Fox Sports In 2025 After 16 Seasons With NBC. Fox Now Has Daytona 500 And Indy 500

Other than Milwaukee not being a doubleheader and the All-Star race at the Thermal Club in California becoming a points race, the 2025 IndyCar schedule is essentially the same. The season ends in Nashville, Tennessee, on August 31. It starts in St. Petersburg, Florida, on March 2.

Long a fixture on the IndyCar calendar, Texas Motor Speedway will not be used in 2025 for the second year running.


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Tom Brady Enshrined Into Patriots Hall Of Fame During Star-Studded Night




Foxborough, Massachusetts: Over his two-decade tenure with the New England Patriots, Tom Brady provided the squad with many memories and six Super Bowl rings.

His admission into the Patriots Hall of Fame was celebrated like the team had never done.

On Wednesday night, thousands of fans and celebrities, including Jay-Z and Bon Jovi, joined dozens of Brady’s former teammates and coaches from several eras of Patriots history to honor Brady as the 35th individual inducted into the team’s hall.

Patriots, it’s fantastic to be home, Brady declared.


Tom Brady | AP News Image

Tom Brady Enshrined Into Patriots Hall Of Fame During Star-Studded Night

Team owner Robert Kraft moved Brady to tears before he spoke when he declared that no other Patriots player would ever wear his number 12.

“The No. 12 is now formally retired,” Kraft declared.

Kraft further disclosed that a 12-foot bronze monument of Brady was being commissioned and would be unveiled outside the Patriots Hall of Fame later this year.

The highlight of a night that resembled a Patriots family reunion was former Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s meeting with Brady before his speech. Belichick, who left the team following the 2023 season, received a standing ovation.

“To draft Tom and coach him for 20 years was an incredible honor for me,” Belichick told the assembled. Being a part of everything he contributed to the team was truly an honor for me.

Brady added his voice to the never-ending discussion over who was more accountable for the Patriots’ success as teammates.

Not me, that is for sure. Not you, that is. The culprits were us, Brady claimed. Let me clarify this. I prefer playing for Bill Belichick than for any other coach.

The red carpet that opened the event represented Brady’s 20 years with the Patriots. It included Ty Law, Willie McGinest, Randy Moss, Vince Wilfork, Drew Bledsoe, and Rob Gronkowski. The event also comprised Galynn Brady and Tom Sr. Brady.

Rapper Jay-Z opened the formal celebration inside Gillette Stadium with a smoke-filled rendition of his 2003 ‘Public Service Announcement’, which Brady had used as his entrance song when he had jogged onto the pitch to warm up before games.

This evening, Brady emerged from close to the stage at the conclusion of Jay-Z’s performance, passing through the area set aside for the special guests before settling in on stage.


Tom Brady | AP News Image

Tom Brady Enshrined Into Patriots Hall Of Fame During Star-Studded Night

There, he viewed video tributes from Jason Taylor, Charles Woodson, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and other rivals over the years. Fans who still remember how the Giants stunned the Patriots in the 2007 Super Bowl and ruined their hopes for a perfect season also made video cameos. Michael Strahan and Eli Manning were among them. In the 2011 Super Bowl, they upended Brady and company once more.

Matt Damon and Red Sox legend David Ortiz were among the well-known Bostonians who made cameos in other videos.

With his second season with New England, Brady, the No. 199 pick in the 2000 draft, took over as starter after Bledsoe, the previous No. 1 overall pick, was injured. Brady helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl that same year. Over the following twenty years, he took home five more championships.

Reunited with Brady, Bledsoe made light of the fact that Brady disregarded the first rule as a backup.

“You were the worst backup quarterback in NFL history,” Bledsoe replied. You never understood that you were meant to sit back down when I got well.

Moments were poignant, such as when Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Gronkowski, and Moss—some of Brady’s best playmakers—joined him on stage.

Moss was crying as the audience gave him a two-minute standing ovation. Moss said he knew he had to be around Brady when he got to New England in 2007.

“Put my locker beside Tom Brady’s and the rest will take care of itself,” Moss declared.

Surprising in-person visitors included Pro Football Hall of Famer Peyton Manning, who sat down with Brady and the evening’s host, Mike Tirico, to discuss the quarterbacks’ past on-field arguments.

When his teams played Brady, Manning said, he never wrote the Patriots off, particularly when Brady had the ball and a chance to win late in games.

I was praying from the sidelines, Manning said. I never offer any prayers while watching.

Brady also praised Manning and dubbed him one of his closest friends. He mentioned how he had watched Manning from high school onwards throughout his career as a young quarterback.


Tom Brady | AP News Image

Tom Brady Enshrined Into Patriots Hall Of Fame During Star-Studded Night

Brady declared, “Nobody in the world is as good as Peyton Manning right now.”

Manning even cracked some of his classic banter to the applause of a frequently hostile New England audience when he said, “They like me here because I usually lose here.”

Brady declared his family, and the Patriots would always be linked in front of a crowd drenched in his No. 12 jersey.

Brady stated, “I feel like we’re still the family trying to love each other.” Adopted New Englanders, that is us.

At one point, Brady enumerated the towns he had lived in while playing for the Patriots in New England, starting with Franklin and ending with Brookline.

Brady shed tears as he finished his address.

Thomas Brady is my name. Furthermore, I identify as a Patriot,” he declared.


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Jerry West, A 3-Time Hall Of Fame Selection And The Inspiration For The NBA Logo, Dies At 86



Jerry West | AP news image

Jerry West, who was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame three times throughout his illustrious career as a player and executive and whose silhouette is considered the basis of the NBA emblem, died Wednesday morning, the Los Angeles Clippers confirmed.

He was 86.

West, nicknamed “Mr. Clutch” for his late-game exploits as a player, was an NBA champion who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1980 and as a member of the gold medal-winning 1960 United States Olympic Team in 2010. West will be inducted as a contributor for the third time later this year, and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has referred to him as “one of the greatest executives in sports history.”

“He helped build eight championship teams during his tenure in the NBA — a legacy of achievement that mirrors his on-court excellence,” Silver stated. “And in October, he will be inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame as a contributor, becoming the first individual to be honored as both a player and a contributor. I appreciated my connection with Jerry and the basketball and life expertise he imparted.


Jerry West | AP News Image

Jerry West, A 3-Time Hall Of Fame Selection And The Inspiration For The NBA Logo, Dies At 86

West was “the personification of basketball excellence and a friend to all who knew him,” the Clippers said in announcing his passing. The Clippers said that West’s wife, Karen, was by his side when he died. West has spent the last seven years as a consultant with the Clippers.

He was an All-Star in all 14 of his NBA seasons, a 12-time All-NBA selection, a member of the 1972 Lakers championship team, and an NBA Finals MVP when the Lakers lost to the Boston Celtics in 1969 — the first year that award was given out and the only time it went to a player on the losing team — and was named to the NBA’s 75th anniversary team.

West was the Los Angeles Lakers championship team’s general manager, helping to establish the “Showtime” dynasty. He has held front-office positions with the Memphis Grizzlies, Golden State Warriors, and Los Angeles Clippers. Among his many accomplishments as an executive with the Lakers, he drafted Magic Johnson and James Worthy before bringing in Kobe Bryant and, eventually, Shaquille O’Neal to play alongside Bryant.

His basketball career crossed generations: West played with Elgin Baylor, whom he described as “the most supportive and greatest player of that era,” and Wilt Chamberlain. As a coach and executive, he worked with a who’s-who of NBA stars over the previous four decades, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Johnson, Worthy, O’Neal, Bryant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George.

“I marvel at them, at the joy they brought basketball fans all over the world,” West stated in 2019.

Even in his dying years, West was regarded as basketball royalty. He often sat courtside at Summer League games in Las Vegas, watching multiple games daily while greeting long lines of players, including LeBron James, who approached to shake his hand.

“The game transcends many things,” West stated during last year’s Summer League. “The players change, the style of play may change, but the respect that you learn in this game never changes.”

James expressed his condolences on social media: “I will genuinely miss our conversations, my dear friend! My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your amazing family! I will always love Jerry! “Rest in Paradise, my guy!” wrote the NBA’s all-time leading scorer Wednesday.

West is 25th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list, and while the league has never confirmed that West was the model for its emblem, which depicts a person dribbling a ball against a red-and-blue background, it has also never denied this.


Jerry West | AP News Image

Jerry West, A 3-Time Hall Of Fame Selection And The Inspiration For The NBA Logo, Dies At 86

“While it’s never been officially declared that the logo is Jerry West,” Silver noted in 2021, “it sure looks a lot like him.”

West remains the all-time NBA Finals leader in total points, field goals made and attempted, and free throws attempted. He appeared in the title series nine times with the Lakers, going 1-2 against the New York Knicks and 0-6 against Boston.

“Those damn Celtics,” he frequently remarked.

West also made one of the most famous shots in finals history, a 60-footer at the buzzer in Game 3 of the 1970 series between the Knicks and the Lakers that forced OT.

Tributes from around the sports world flooded in Wednesday morning. The Los Angeles Dodgers issued a statement describing West as “an indelible figure on the Los Angeles sports landscape for more than 60 years,” while the NBA announced a pregame tribute to West before Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Celtics and Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night.

“Jerry West is one of my favorite people that I had the honor to get to know in the NBA,” Miami Heat managing general partner Micky Arison said Wednesday. “He welcomed me to the league, supplied advice from the first day, and asked for nothing in return. “He’ll be missed.”

Michael Jordan described West as “a friend and mentor — like an older brother to me.”

“I valued his friendship and knowledge,” Jordan stated. “I always wanted I could have competed against him, but as I got to know him better, I wished I had been his teammate. I appreciated his basketball insights, and he and I had many similarities in how we viewed the game.

West, a native of Chelyan, West Virginia, was known as a tenacious player who was rarely satisfied with his performances. He grew up shooting at a basket affixed to the side of a shed, sometimes firing until his fingers bled. He became the only high school player in state history to score more than 900 points in a single season, averaging 32.2 points while guiding East Bank High to the state championship.

Basketball, he would later admit, was his therapy.

jerry west

Jerry West | AP News Image

Jerry West, A 3-Time Hall Of Fame Selection And The Inspiration For The NBA Logo, Dies At 86

West’s memoir, “West by West: My Charmed, Tormented Life,” detailed his lifelong battle with depression. He claimed that his childhood was devoid of love and filled with rage as a result of an abusive father. He often felt worthless. Therefore, he said he focused his attention on playing the game.

West led West Virginia University — where he is still the all-time scoring average leader — to the NCAA finals in 1959, but the Mountaineers lost to California by one point.

A year after winning Olympic gold in Rome, West joined the Lakers, where he spent the rest of his professional career. West was named one of the league’s 50 greatest players in 1996, and when the league increased the poll to 75 players to commemorate its 75th anniversary in 2021, he was chosen again.

“You know, it never ceases to amaze me the places you can go in this world chasing a bouncing ball,” West remarked in 2019 when then-President Donald Trump bestowed upon him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. “My chase began in Chelyan, West Virginia, where I hung a wire basket with no net from the side of a bridge. If your shot missed, the ball would slide down a long bank, leaving you chasing it indefinitely. So you’d best make it.

“I was a dreamer.” My family didn’t have much, but we had a good view of the Appalachian Mountains, and I’d sit alone on our front porch and think, ‘If I ever make it to the top of that mountain, what will I see on the other side?’ I got to the other side, and my hopes came true. I can see the sides thanks to that bouncing ball.”


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