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Trudeau Absent From Expanded Military Pact with Allies Against China

Trudeau has refused to say whether Canada was invited to join AUKUS



Trudeau Absent From Expanded Military Pact

The United States, Britain, and Australia move forward on an expanded military pact, “AUKUS,” while Canada’s absence from that group indicates a serious problem. Especially after a flurry of recent media reports citing secret intelligence documents alleging China attempted to meddle in Canada’s 2019 and 2021 elections that helped Trudeau get elected.

On Monday, US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese met at a San Diego naval base to discuss the trilateral agreement’s next steps, dubbed “AUKUS” after the three countries involved.

In response to growing concerns about China’s actions in the Indo-Pacific region, the next steps include formalizing American and British plans to assist Australia in developing a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines.

Trudeau Absent From Expanded Military Pact

Justin Trudeau has downplayed the significance of AUKUS to Canada, claiming that Ottawa is not in the market for nuclear-powered submarines, even though others have lamented Canada’s absence from the treaty.

Vice-Admiral Bob Auchterlonie, a senior Canadian Armed Forces commander, told the CBC that he is concerned that Canada will not have access to the same cutting-edge technology as three of its closest allies.

Some see Canada’s exclusion as proof that its allies do not believe Justine Trudeau is serious about countering Chinese ambitions, despite releasing a new Indo-Pacific strategy late last year.

Former Canadian ambassador to China David Mulroney credited Australia with initiating AUKUS after seriously considering its future as a middle power in a world — and region — that China seeks to dominate.

Mulroney stated that this reflects Australia’s more realistic and innovative approach to diplomacy and Canberra’s willingness to invest the necessary resources in making such a partnership a reality.

The exact figures are unknown, but Australia is expected to spend billions of dollars as part of the deal to purchase new submarines. The United Kingdom and the United States are also expected to contribute funds to the agreement for technology development, training, and other purposes.

Defense analyst David Perry of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute noted that the United States, Britain, and Australia all spend 2% or more of their national GDP on defense, compared to less than 1.3 percent in Canada.

Australis also have firm plans to build new submarines, whereas Trudeau has yet to commit to replacing the Royal Canadian Navy’s four troubled Victoria-class vessels, let alone begin planning for a new fleet. Canadian military leaders, including Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre, have repeatedly emphasized the importance of submarines.

Trudeau Absent From Expanded Military Pact

Canadians Believe China Meddled in Getting Trudeau Elected

Meanwhile, a recent poll shows two-thirds of Canadians believe China attempted to meddle in the recent elections that returned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberals to power.

More than half of Canadians believe the alleged meddling seriously threatens democracy. A similar proportion believes Trudeau’s response to the brewing scandal has been too soft.

While supporters of the main opposition Conservatives strongly believe in Chinese interference, a survey released Wednesday by the Angus Reid Institute found majority support for the notion among supporters of all parties.

“The political aspect of this is undeniable,” Angus Reid President Shachi Kurl said via email, referring to Conservatives’ belief that China denied them an election victory in 2021. “This is significant because it risks further undermining trust in the election process.”

32% of respondents said China tried to meddle in recent Canadian elections, while 33% said it probably did. Only 6% said unequivocally no to the question.

A bipartisan group released a study on the integrity of the last national election, in which Trudeau won a third term but fell short of a parliamentary majority that would have given him free rein to pursue the Liberal government’s agenda.

“National security agencies saw attempts at foreign interference, but not enough to impact electoral integrity,” the panel concluded.

On the other hand, Angus Reid discovered that 42% of Conservative voters believed the 2021 election was “stolen” due to Chinese interference, compared to only 2% of those supporting left-wing parties.

While Trudeau and Chinese President Xi Jinping have clashed publicly, the Liberals are seen as more open to doing business with the Asian superpower than the Conservatives, who are tough on human rights and national security.

China maintains that it does not interfere in Canada’s internal affairs and has warned the northern country to stop “smearing” Beijing’s government with unfounded allegations.

Trudeau Absent From Expanded Military Pact

According to Kurl, it’s too early to tell whether the scandal will impact Trudeau long-term. “These data provide an early directional arrow in terms of expecting the Prime Minister and his government to be seen as taking this issue more seriously,” she said.

According to the poll, 53% of respondents believe Trudeau’s response to the allegations has been insufficient, and they want Canada to take further action. Approximately 64% believe Canada does not emphasize national security and defense enough.

When asked if Trudeau’s government is “afraid to stand up to China,” 69% agreed.

According to Global News and the Globe and Mail, Trudeau received secret intelligence briefings saying China tried to get certain candidates elected to parliament and preferred his Liberals to govern the country over the Conservatives.

The prime minister has called the stories false but has declined to elaborate on what he is disputing. According to the reports, China spread misinformation to harm certain candidates and directed money and volunteers toward people it wanted to see elected.

A parliamentary committee is investigating the matter and will hear testimony from government witnesses, including Trudeau’s national security adviser, Jody Thomas, later Wednesday.

The Angus Reid survey was conducted online between February 23 and 25 among 1,622 Canadian adults. According to the firm, a probability sample of this size would have a margin of error of 2 percentage points 19 times out of 20.

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Pregnant Hailey Bieber Shows Off Her Baby Bump In Glam Gothic Attire — See Her Look!



Hailey Bieber | People Image

Hailey Bieber is channeling her darker side.

On Saturday, June 22, the 27-year-old model, presently pregnant with her first child, published an Instagram Story of herself wearing a black lace gown.

Bieber posed in a black lace bodysuit, emphasizing her baby bump. She paired the outfit with black sunglasses and a small black pocketbook and wore her hair in a sloppy bun.


Hailey Bieber | People Image

Pregnant Hailey Bieber Shows Off Her Baby Bump In Glam Gothic Attire

When spotted on the streets of New York City, the Rhode founder was wearing a black leather jacket over his gothic outfit.

Hailey and Justin Bieber announced their first pregnancy in May with a romantic Instagram post in which Hailey held a bouquet and showed off her expanding baby bump.

Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette, expressed excitement in an Instagram Reel following their news.

“I’ve been waiting for this day. And now that they’ve announced it, I can finally celebrate with you all, and oh my word, I’m going to be a grandmother,” she added in the video.


Hailey Bieber | People Image

Pregnant Hailey Bieber Shows Off Her Baby Bump In Glam Gothic Attire

Shortly after, Hailey’s uncle, Billy Baldwin, spoke exclusively with PEOPLE about his growing family. “I really feel like there’s no higher calling than that responsibility,” he said of Hailey and Justin, 30, who are becoming parents.

The couple married in a small courtroom ceremony in September 2018 before exchanging vows in a grander ceremony in South Carolina the following year.

Throughout Hailey’s pregnancy, she has boldly shown her baby bump.

Earlier this month, the pregnant woman took a mirror selfie dressed in baggy black slacks and a slightly cropped striped blouse. She accessorized the look with a black leather shoulder bag, matching sunglasses, and one of Rhode’s viral phone cases.


Hailey Bieber | Teen Vogue Image

Pregnant Hailey Bieber Shows Off Her Baby Bump In Glam Gothic Attire

Before that, she published photographs from her latest campaign with Yves Saint Laurent, revealing that she had been carrying her child for months when she photographed for the brand.

“Shot this 4 months preggy with a little bean in my belly,” she posted on Instagram Stories, alongside a photo of the ad.

SOURCE – (People )

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Canada Day Parade Cancelled in Montreal Due to Bureaucracy and Politics



Canada Day Parade Cancelled in Montreal

The organizer of Montreal’s Canada Day parade has cancelled this year’s event, blaming bureaucratic red tape and politics. Nick Cowen the main Organizer of the Montreal Canada Day Parade issued a press release stating that he has had increasing difficulty in obtaining permissions and funds, as well as approval from government officials.

“Despite honoring all conditions set forth, Cowen said in his press release that he had been met with rules that change at the last minute and requests that make putting on the parade virtually impossible, An event that is meant to inspire unity has been thwarted because of division.”

Cowen claimed that in 2023, he was compelled to fill out the same documentation many times and completely restructure the event to satisfy Montreal city regulators. He also stated that he was directed to find 148 volunteers at the last minute, in order to ensure that at least one person stood by the procession cars’ tires.

“Imagine you are in traffic and need four people, one at each tire, to make sure no one runs under the wheel of a normal car,” he stated in an email.

Government Bureaucracy

He added that the federal government “requested that parts of the parade be removed entirely,” including the cake to be presented at the end of the march. “The parade’s budget was also reduced to 2013 levels in another devastating blow to this cherished event,” the author said.

The city of Montreal and the federal heritage agency did not respond to a request for comment on Sunday.

The parade has taken place since the late 1970s, however it was canceled between 2020 and 2022 due of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The news comes as organizers in some communities have rethought their celebrations in recent years due to rising security and insurance costs, as well as funding issues.

Cowen told The Canadian Press that, while COVID-19 contributed to the event’s cancellation, he was also trying to meet mounting costs as federal financing failed to keep up with inflation.

Other Canada Day celebrations will take place in Montreal on July 1, including the customary Old Port celebration with games, face painting, cupcakes, and music.

Canada Day in Montreal

In Montreal, Canada Day is a vibrant celebration that oozes enthusiasm and pride throughout the city. People dress in their finest patriotic garb, and the streets are filled with red and white.

Typically, the day begins with a massive parade through the city center, complete with colorful floats, marching bands, and cultural performers. Local parks are wonderful picnic spots since they host family-friendly activities such as face painting, games, and live music.

Streetside food trucks bordering the avenues serve a variety of Canadian foods, including poutine and maple sugar. Fireworks over the Old Port brighten the sky as the sun sets, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Concerts and other activities continue throughout the evening, emphasizing local talent and fostering a sense of community. It’s a day of celebration, togetherness, and deep appreciation for Canada’s rich history.

Both locals and foreigners should attend this event because of Montreal’s unique fusion of French and English cultures, which adds a unique flavor to the celebrations.

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NATO Secretary-General Urges Trudeau to Honour Canada’s Spending Target



NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Canada
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg: AP Image

Canada needs to meet NATO’s minimum defence spending target, and present a plan on how it will reach it as a way to show authoritarian regimes that Western allies are aligned, NATO alliance’s secretary general has said.

Numbers NATO released this week show Canada is expected to spend 1.37 per cent of its gross domestic product on defence this year, well below the two per cent target.

“Canada’s standing in NATO is strong, but at the same time of course we expect all allies to make good on the promise of investing two per cent,” Jens Stoltenberg, secretary general of NATO, said during an event hosted by the NATO Association of Canada in Ottawa.

Ahead of Stoltenberg’s remarks, Defence Minister Bill Blair promised the goal will eventually be reached, as Russia’s war in Ukraine raises a threat of expanded conflict in Europe.

Last year, members agreed that two per cent should be a minimum, a reflection of worries over Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Stoltenberg acknowledged it’s tough for politicians to prioritize defence over social services, but said a precondition of success in any Western country is preserving peace and investing in security.

Canada faces the same challenges as all the allied countries that have budgets, he said.

“They’re concerned about the fiscal balance. They want to spend money on health, education and on the other things,” he said.

But at the end of the day, if those countries aren’t able to prevent war, their efforts on health, education and climate change “will fail” he said.

NATO Association of Canada

His remarks on spending received enthusiastic applause from the NATO Association of Canada, including from former defence minister Anita Anand, who snuck in the back to listen to his remarks.

A handful of protesters gathered outside a building in the parliamentary precinct where Stoltenberg spoke.

On the sidewalk in front of the building, “Canada lagging behind our NATO allies” was written in chalk, along with “Trudeau and Blair laughing stocks of the world” and “Canadians are not laughing.”

Stoltenberg’s visit came the same day Russia and North Korea signed an agreement that pledges mutual aid if either country faces “aggression.”

Stoltenberg expressed concern that Russia could be providing support to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, and over China “propping up Russia’s war economy” by providing electronics that are being used in weapons and combat against Ukraine.

“So the answer is that when they are more and more aligned, all the authoritarian regimes like North Korea, China, Iran and Russia, then it’s even more important that we are aligned as countries believing in freedom and democracy,” he said.

Defence Spending

Defence spending across European allies and Canada was up nearly 18 per cent this year alone, Stoltenberg said during a speech at the White House on Monday — the biggest increase in decades.

Blair has said Canada’s defence spending will climb to at least 1.75 per cent of its GDP by 2029.

Additional spending on a new submarine fleet and integrated air defence and missile systems will probably push the figure past the two per cent mark, Blair said.

“Let me assure you that we’ve been doing a great deal of work within our Defence Department, with the government of Canada, but also with our NATO allies,” Blair said.

Allies were “very encouraged” by a defence policy update Canada released earlier this year, he said.

Defence spending will be among a number of topics Stoltenberg said he would raise with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who he had dinner with on Wednesday.

Defence spending delayed

The secretary general embraced Trudeau and Ottawa warmly, calling Canada like “home” and the prime minister “friend.” Stoltenberg also wants Canada to scale up its contribution in the North and maritime operations.

Both Blair and Anand, now treasury board president, acknowledged this week that defence spending is delayed because of a shortage of procurement workers. “We have the ability to accelerate spending. It does require an investment in people to get the job done,” Blair said.

The Liberal government has set aside $1.8 billion over 20 years to increase the number of workers who can purchase new equipment, recruit, train new soldiers and upgrade infrastructure.

NATO leaders are set to meet in Washington, D.C., next month for an annual summit and mark the alliance’s 75th anniversary.

Increasing funding for Ukraine will be an agenda priority, after Stoltenberg came forward with a proposal for all NATO allies to contribute 40 billion euros a year, Blair said.

At the White House on Monday, Stoltenberg said his expectation for next month’s meeting is to have allies agree “to step up financial and military support to Ukraine,” and reduce the burden on the U.S.

Source: The Canadian Press

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