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Celery Juice’s Nutritional Benefits: 6 Reasons Why it’s Good For You



Celery Juice's Nutritional Benefits

(VORNews) – A platter of vegetables is never complete without red peppers, carrots, or cherry tomatoes. Celery is one of those green, leafy vegetables we always avoid eating. Some vegetables provide more nutrients than others, such as celery. In addition to its health benefits, celery juice has several other advantages as well!

As a vegetable, celery belongs to the Apiaceae family, which consists of green, crunchy leaves. The plant belongs to the same family as carrots and parsley and grows in marshes. Celery is commonly used in salads, soups, snacks, and soups because of its distinct flavor and high water content.

Celery is a low-calorie food that provides essential nutrients like vitamins K and C. It is known for its crisp and crunchy flavor as well as its low calorie content and high water content.

The stalks are long, pale green, fibrous, and sturdy, with leaves on top. Drinking celery juice first thing in the morning is the best way to incorporate celery into our diet.

How does celery juice benefit your health?

Celery Juice's Nutritional Benefits

According to nutritionist Avni Kaul, celury juice may be good for your overall health.

1. A cup of celery can provide hydration and nutrients

The high water content of celary juice helps to replenish fluids in the body, making it a beneficial source of hydration. Avni Kaul says celary juice contributes to a well-rounded diet by supplying essential nutrients like vitamins A and K.

2. Properties that reduce inflammation

Several antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in celery might help reduce inflammation in the body, potentially benefiting individuals with inflammatory disorders.

3. Support for heart health

Celery contains compounds like phthalides that may lower blood pressure, promoting cardiovascular health. Celery’s fiber content may also assist in maintaining a healthy cholesterol level.

4. Aid for digestion

Natural diuretics in celery juice may help promote a healthy digestive system by flushing out toxins. In addition to supporting regular bowel movements, fiber reduces the chances of constipation.

5. Controlling weight

Celery juice, owing to its low caloric and high water content, may prove advantageous in supplementing a weight management regimen by supplying essential nutrients while avoiding surplus calories.

6. Enhances the health of the skin

Celery juice’s antioxidants combat oxidative stress and promote a radiant complexion, contributing to skin health. The hydration that celery juice provides also contributes to the overall hydration of the skin,” adds Avni Kaul.

What is the best way to make celery juice?

To make celery juice, you would need the following:


• Fresh celery stalks (organic if possible)
• Water (optional for dilution)


• Wash the celery stalks thoroughly.
• Trim the base and the leafy tops, leaving the stalks.
• If you have a juicer, pass the celery through the juicer.
• If using a blender, chop the celery into smaller pieces, add water, blend, and strain the juice.

How much celery juice should I drink each day?

Despite celery juice’s potential health benefits, maintaining a balanced diet and lifestyle is crucial. Celery juice shouldn’t be consumed in excess, either. Celery juice may cause different reactions in different individuals, so check with a qualified dietician before drinking it, especially if you have a preexisting health condition.

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Google Doodle Celebrates Breakfast at Chilaquiles



Google Doodle Celebrates Breakfast at Chilaquiles
Google Doodle Celebrates Breakfast at Chilaquiles: Image Google Doodle

Thursday’s Google Doodle features Chilaquiles, a classic tortilla-based Mexican delicacy. The original recipe for the breakfast and brunch favorite was widely distributed 62 years ago.

“The phrase ‘chilaquiles’ derives from the Aztec language Nahuatl, which means ‘chilis and greens.’ The predominance of corn in North America prompted people to explore for ways to repurpose stale tortillas, according to Google’s website.

“They discovered magic by frying tortilla strips and sautéing them in salsa. The breakfast dish evolved into these fried tortilla strips topped with cream, queso fresco, onions, and avocado.”

The Google Doodle animated artwork depicts the meal, with a fried egg on top and a dish surrounded by peppers.

The majority of the letters of the word “Google” are composed of tortilla strips, with the “Os” being egg yolk and red onion.

Chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican delicacy consisting of crispy tortilla chips slathered in a delicious red or green salsa. It’s a hearty, delicious meal that’s popular for breakfast or brunch.

Toppings for chilaquiles include crumbled queso fresco, shredded chicken, sliced avocado, and crema. They are a fantastic way to transform stale tortilla chips into a filling, spicy, and hearty dinner.

Whether you favor the brilliant red salsa or the tangy green tomatillo version, chilaquiles give powerful Mexican flavors with each bite.

Google Doodles are entertaining, temporary changes to the Google logo on the search engine’s home page. They use images and animations to commemorate holidays, events, achievements, and noteworthy historical personalities.

The drawings frequently feature interactive games or animations that you may play directly from the homepage. Google began adding doodles in 1998, with the first being a stick figure drawing behind the second “o” to commemorate the Burning Man festival.

Since then, Google has created more than 5,000 doodles for various occasions throughout the world. Doodles add a joyful, creative element to the search experience while honoring the people, events, and experiences that define our world.

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Google Shares Special Doodle On Mother’s Day



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Why Do Brown Eggs Cost More Than White Eggs? Blame The Bird



CNN - VOR News Image

Many buyers wonder why a carton of brown eggs is more expensive than a carton of white eggs.

It’s not as you might assume. It’s not about one type being healthier, more natural, or finer than the other, but about the nuts and bolts of agricultural economics. Maintaining a brown egg-laying hen that is happy and properly nourished costs more.

“In terms of nutrition, a brown egg and a white egg are identical. It’s all about the breed of the chicken,” explained Daniel Brey, proprietor of Brey’s Egg Farm, a fourth-generation family egg farm in Jeffersonville, New York. The farm produces around 200,000 white eggs every day.

Some varieties, such as White Leghorn chickens, produce eggs with white shells, while others, such as Rhode Island Reds, lay brown shells. According to Brey, the price and flavor of the egg you buy—white or brown—are affected by what and how much the hen is given.


CNN – VOR News Image

Why Do Brown Eggs Cost More Than White Eggs? Blame The Bird

“It has a lot to do with the chicken feed,” Brey told me. “It costs more to make a dozen brown eggs because the chickens that produce them tend to eat more.”

Edmund McNamara and his wife, Rose, own Sova Farms near Norwich, New York, approximately 200 miles north of New York City’s Central Park. Sova Farms, he added, is USDA-certified organic for brown eggs, chicken, pig, and lamb.

The farm now produces about 350 brown eggs daily but aims to increase that to over 1,000 after supplying over 700 pullets (or young hens) this month.

“All of our eggs are brown, but once in a while a chicken will lay a very light brown,” he added, adding that the eggs are sold directly to consumers in Westchester County, New York.

Brown eggs command a higher price in retailers, even only because of their unusual color.

“Eggs occur in a variety of colors, including white and brown. Some are even blue and green, depending on the breed,” said Joan Frank, assistant program director for dietetics at the University of California, Davis Department of Nutrition. Still, the nutritional content of eggs does not alter depending on the color of the shell, she noted.

“I think consumers for some reason have come to believe that brown eggs are healthier, which they are not,” he stated.

Sova Farms is presently offering a dozen big brown eggs for $8. Organic pastured brown eggs can cost up to $10 per dozen, but ordinary brown eggs cost between $4.50 and $6 in most supermarkets.

According to the most recent weekly government data, a dozen white eggs cost around $2.50 in supermarkets, up from $1.50 a year ago.


CNN – VOR News Image

Why Do Brown Eggs Cost More Than White Eggs? Blame The Bird

However, McNamara agreed that “there is really no nutritional difference between white and brown eggs.”

Phil Lempert, a supermarket business researcher and editor of, assessed how much extra customers normally spend on brown eggs than white eggs. “If there’s brown eggs next to white eggs, typically you’re going to pay anywhere between 10% to 20% more for brown eggs, regardless of free range or organic,” he said.

David Anderson, a professor of agricultural economics (with a focus on livestock economics) at Texas A&M University, has researched egg prices and the factors that influence them on farms and in supermarkets.

Egg prices, regardless of shell color, typically respond to fluctuations in demand, he added. “You have short-term seasonal events, like Easter. We always have a high demand for eggs around the holidays. “In the fall, we see an increase in demand for eggs for holiday-related activities such as baking,” Anderson explained.

Other factors influencing egg costs include the cost of poultry feed. “Feed costs have been falling,” he said, which helps egg producers. We had a record crop in the United States last year, and maize and soybean meal prices are significantly lower right now.


CNN – VOR News Image

Why Do Brown Eggs Cost More Than White Eggs? Blame The Bird

On the other hand, the recent epidemic of Bird Flu could keep egg prices higher than last year. Prices will rise if egg farmers cannot meet demand because they have had to slaughter their chicken populations due to bird flu.

Anderson confirmed that producing brown eggs cost more than typical white eggs. “If it costs more to produce they’ll probably be priced higher to the consumer.”

But what about the “perception” that brown eggs are healthier than white?

“It’s almost like, what comes first, the chicken or the egg?” Anderson stated. “Did the companies advertise that first or did it come from consumers who think that brown eggs just must be healthier?”


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Unilever To Cut 7,500 Jobs And Spin Off Its Ice Cream Business, Which Includes Ben & Jerry’s




LONDON — Unilever, which makes Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Dove soaps, and Vaseline, announced on Tuesday that it is laying off 7,500 people and spinning off its ice cream division to cut costs and increase earnings.

Unilever, located in London, stated that its ice cream company, which includes Magnum bars, has “distinctive characteristics” from its other brands and would benefit from separate ownership to boost growth. It stated that the separation would be complete by the end of the following year.


Unilever To Cut 7,500 Jobs And Spin Off Its Ice Cream Business, Which Includes Ben & Jerry’s

The British consumer goods company, which employs 128,000 people, has also announced the commencement of a “productivity program” that is projected to eliminate approximately 7,500 office-based jobs globally.

Unilever announced that it will invest in technology to uncover economies and eliminate duplication, which it expects will save 800 million euros ($867 million) over the next three years. The corporation also cut off 1,500 employees in early 2022.

“Simplifying our portfolio and driving greater productivity will allow us to further unlock the potential of this business, supporting our ambition to position Unilever as a world-leading consumer goods company delivering strong, sustainable growth and enhanced profitability,” said Hein Schumacher, CEO, who took over as CEO of Unilever in the summer of 2015.

The company’s shares rose more than 3% in late-morning trading on the London Stock Exchange.

“The share price bounce goes some way in reversing what has been a difficult last year, as investors have fretted over a company with limited high growth prospects and in need of streamlining despite its reputation as a solid defensive play,” said Richard Hunter, head of markets for interactive investor, an online investment service.


Unilever To Cut 7,500 Jobs And Spin Off Its Ice Cream Business, Which Includes Ben & Jerry’s

The company behind Hellman’s mayonnaise, Axe fragrances, and Cif home cleaners said it expects underlying sales growth in the mid-single digits after spinning off its ice cream division.

It witnessed sales volume fall 3.6% in 2022 after raising prices by 13.3% on average across its brands that year. In response, it hiked prices by only 2.8% last year, while sales increased by 1.8%.

Some analysts believe that Unilever could benefit from parting from Ben & Jerry’s, which is known for social activity that has occasionally placed it in conflict with its corporate owner.

“A side benefit of the brand exiting Unilever’s portfolio is that it may quieten the ‘go woke and go broke’ noise, but more broadly, the reasoning for the decision appears pretty sound,” said Russ Mould, investment director at AJ Bell, a financial services company.

He stated that the market did not generally anticipate the ice cream split, even if “political pronouncements from Ben & Jerry’s had provoked a meltdown among some investors.”

Ben & Jerry’s has backed liberal causes such as LGBTQ+ rights, Black Lives Matter, migrants’ rights, and initiatives to combat climate change.


Unilever To Cut 7,500 Jobs And Spin Off Its Ice Cream Business, Which Includes Ben & Jerry’s

The company announced that it would stop selling ice cream in the Palestinian-claimed West Bank and contested east Jerusalem in 2021.

Unilever later announced that it would sell its commercial interest in Ben & Jerry’s in Israel to an Israeli licensee, who would offer the items under Hebrew and Arabic labels. In 2022, a US judge denied Ben & Jerry’s lawsuit to block the proposal.

More recently, after the Israel-Hamas conflict began, Anuradha Mittal, Ben & Jerry’s independent board chair, has advocated for a permanent truce in Gaza.


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