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Jon Stewart’s Return To ‘The Daily Show’ Felt Familiar To Those Who Missed Him While He Was Away



jon stewart

NEW YORK — Jon Stewart hasn’t been sitting at his desk at Comedy Central for the past nine years, waiting for someone to switch the lights on.

It almost felt that way when Jon Stewart returned to “The Daily Show” on Monday night. His distinctive manoeuvres — biting satire, facial grimaces, intelligent use of video, and occasional lectures — remained intact. Public personalities have been notified that the media’s sharpest bull detector is back on the job.

Jon Stewart has stated that the absence of a humorous outlet for his thoughts throughout the presidential campaign influenced his decision to repeat his most remembered role one night every week throughout the election. The much-reduced Comedy Central, unable to find a replacement for Trevor Noah as host, gladly welcomed him back.

Questions concerning the future of late-night television, which is fast losing viewers and influence, will not be answered in one night. Neither will that night demonstrate Jon Stewart’s ability to reclaim the notoriety he lost in August 2015.

jon stewart

Jon Stewart’s Return To ‘The Daily Show’ Felt Familiar To Those Who Missed Him While He Was Away

But it was a promising beginning.

“Are you disappointed yet?” After making a stupid joke about dubbing “The Daily Show’s” election coverage “Indecision 2024: Electile Dysfunction,” Stewart added.

He dived directly into the news of the day.

Stewart appeared to borrow a leaf from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow when she expanded her daily hosting job to a weekly one. Both avoided the temptation to jam a week’s — or nine years’ — worth of content into a single show. He quickly got into the news and the latest activities of President Joe Biden and his Republican adversary.

In Biden’s case, this meant explicitly addressing questions about his age and fitness for office, which the president’s supporters will undoubtedly want to avoid. He analyzed Biden’s news conference last week, intended to dispute characterizations in special counsel Robert Hur’s report on sensitive papers discovered in Biden’s residence.

“Joe Biden had a big press conference to dispel the notion that he may have lost a step and, politically speaking, lost three or four steps,” claimed the former vice president.

He responded to Biden aides who felt it was a good idea for him to reject a Super Bowl interview in favour of a TikTok appearance, “Fire everyone.”


Jon Stewart’s Return To ‘The Daily Show’ Felt Familiar To Those Who Missed Him While He Was Away

Stewart played a video of administration officials, including Vice President Kamala Harris and other Democrats, testifying to Biden’s sharpness and urged that the president be filmed at those meetings so that the public could see him.

However, Stewart utilized carefully edited videos of Donald Trump and his family admitting they couldn’t recollect things during depositions to refute the assumption that Biden is alone in exhibiting memory impairments during such high-pressure legal hearings. “The Daily Show” even discovered one in which Trump claimed he couldn’t recall discussing his excellent memory.

His major point: Concerns over whether 81-year-old Biden or 77-year-old Trump can handle the world’s most difficult job should be addressed.

“It is the candidates’ job to assuage concerns, not the voters’ job not to mention them,” Stewart said in a statement.

He was well-received by critics.

Based on one night, a few critics praised Jon Stewart’s smooth transition.

Variety’s Alison Herman stated that “it almost seemed like he never left,” which was mirrored in the headlines of reviews by NPR reviewer Eric Deggans and CNN’s Brian Lowry.

“From the show’s opening moments, Jon Stewart eased back into the host’s chair without missing a beat, firing off jokes with a familiar style that felt like he had left just a few weeks ago, rather than in 2015,” he wrote. “He brought a confidence the show sorely needs.”

According to Jeremy Egner of The New York Times, “Stewart’s first night found him greyer—at one point, he used his own wizened face as a prop in a joke about the presidential candidates’ ages.” However, he was otherwise in classic form.

930,000 people on Comedy Central saw the show, but viewership increased to 1.85 million when a later rerun and simulcasts with other Paramount-owned networks, such as MTV and Paramount, were included, according to Nielsen. It was the most-watched episode of “The Daily Show” since 2018 and more than quadruple Trevor Noah’s average for 2022.

jon stewart

Jon Stewart’s Return To ‘The Daily Show’ Felt Familiar To Those Who Missed Him While He Was Away

The similarity between Stewart returning to “The Daily Show” and two candidates potentially staging a rematch was too clear to ignore. Correspondent Dulce Sloan, purportedly speaking about disheartened voters, stated that they needed someone new rather than “old white dudes” returning to regain a position.

“We’re talking about the election, right?” Stewart stated.

After his departure, the “campaign” break allowed Stewart and fans who had fallen away from “The Daily Show” to become acquainted with new cast members. An on-set interview with Jordan Klepper, who will host the show for the remainder of the week, went less well.

Stewart spent his time away as an activist lobbying for benefits for 9/11 responders and hosted “The Problem with Jon Stewart” on Apple TV+ for two years. He nodded veiled to the latter on Monday, stating that he would be making jokes about China and AI, topics that supposedly made Apple uncomfortable before cancelling the show.

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G7 Warns Of New Sanctions Against Iran As World Reacts To Apparent Israeli Drone Attack



AP - VOR News Image

Paris police find no weapons on a man detained at Iran’s consulate.

Police said Friday that they discovered no weapons on a man held at the Iranian consulate in Paris after responding to a report of a suspicious man carrying a grenade and an explosives vest.

A Paris police spokesperson told The Associated Press that authorities were verifying the man’s identity but discovered no such weapons on him or in his car.


AP News – VOR News Image

G7 Warns Of New Sanctions Against Iran As World Reacts To Apparent Israeli Drone Attack

The official spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not permitted to be publicly identified under police procedure.

Some of the police, special agents, and firefighters who rushed to the situation at the consulate were later spotted leaving the area after being arrested. A police cordon remained in place, although traffic had resumed in the area.

According to the official, the individual was observed late Friday morning, and police initiated a special operation as soon as they were notified.

The event occurred at a time of heightened tensions in the Middle East, as Paris prepares to host the summer Olympics.

The director of the United Nations’ nuclear inspector says there was no damage to the Isfahan nuclear facility following a purported Israeli drone attack on a major air base near the Iranian city.

When asked about the nuclear facility on Sky News, International Atomic Energy Agency Director-General Rafael Mariano Grossi stated, “There hasn’t been any damage at the site or anything that would indicate that (there) were hits nearby or something that could lead you to believe that there was an intention to reach these places.”

The Isfahan facility has three small research reactors supplied by China, as well as fuel production and other activities for Iran’s civilian nuclear program.


G7 Warns Of New Sanctions Against Iran As World Reacts To Apparent Israeli Drone Attack

Isfahan also contains locations related with Iran’s nuclear program, such as the subterranean Natanz enrichment facility, which has been frequently attacked by suspected Israeli sabotage strikes.

Iranian authorities claim that air defenses fired on a key air base in Isfahan, which has long housed Iran’s fleet of American-made F-14 Tomcats, purchased prior to the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Missile remnants were discovered Friday near Latifiya, southwest of Baghdad.

An official with an Iranian-backed militia in Iraq, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak with journalists, said the missile was shot down due to jamming efforts. The Iraqi army lacks jamming systems similar to those used to destroy the rocket, but Iran has handed such gear to its allied militias.

It was unclear whether the rocket was part of an Israeli attack on Iran or last weekend’s Iranian attack on Israel. Local media images of the site showed what seemed to be an air-to-surface missile. There were no reports of Iran firing air-to-surface missiles during Saturday’s onslaught, which comprised over 300 drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles.


G7 Warns Of New Sanctions Against Iran As World Reacts To Apparent Israeli Drone Attack

Tehran launched the attack in response to a purported Israeli strike in Syria on April 1, which killed two Iranian generals in an Iranian consulate building.


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Police Arrest Six People Over US$14.5 Million Gold Heist in Canada



Gold Heist in Canada
Largest Gold Heist in Canadian History: File Photo

Six people have been arrested, including a jeweler and a commercial airline employee, and police have issued warrants for three more suspects in connection with what they say the single-largest gold robbery in Canadian history.

According to Peel Regional Police in Ontario, a joint investigation with the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) resulted in the filing of nearly two dozen charges against the suspects in connection with the nearly $20 million Canadian dollar ($14.5 million) heist that occurred a year ago.

During a news conference in Ontario on Wednesday, Peel Regional Police Detective-Sergeant Mike Mavity told reporters that 400 kilograms of gold bars weighing more than 900 pounds, as well as approximately CA$2.5 million ($1.8 million) in stolen bank notes, were hijacked at Toronto Pearson International Airport after arriving on a commercial flight from Europe.

In total, 6,600 gold bars of various sizes were stolen, each of which was “99.9% pure and contained individualized serial numbers,” according to Mavity.

Gold Heist Air Canada

Gold Was in Hull of Air Canada aeroplane: File Photo

According to Peel Regional Police in Ontario, a joint investigation with the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) resulted in nearly two dozen charges being filed against the suspects in connection with the nearly $20 million Canadian dollar heist that occurred on April 17, 2023.

On April 17, 2023, the gold and money were loaded into the hull of an Air Canada flight in “an approved airline container” bound for Toronto.

At 3:56 p.m. same day, the flight arrived at Toronto Pearson International Airport, and the gold and cash were quickly removed from the aircraft and transported to an Air Canada facility.

At 6:32 p.m., a man suspect came at air can freight driving a 5-ton truck and approached the property with what police called a counterfeit airway bill, a document used by carriers to track shipments.

Shortly after, a forklift arrived and loaded the item into the suspect’s truck. The suspect then drove off.

fake shipping bill

Fake Shipping Bill: Photo Peel Police

According to a police press release, officials discovered the document bill at 2:43 a.m. the next day to be a duplicate of an airline bill for a valid shipment of fish delivered and picked up the day before.

According to Mavity, the fake bill was produced at the Air Canada facility, and when officials discovered the products were gone, they used security footage to monitor part of the suspect’s subsequent trip until losing track of the truck in north Milton, an Ontario suburb.

Police stated that the crime was an inside operation and that a former Air Canada manager was wanted in the case.

So far police said they have arrested the following suspects in connection to the gold heist case:

  • Air Canada employee Parmpal Sidhu, 54, of Ontario
  • Jewelry store owner Ali Raza, 37, of Toronto
  • Amit Jalota, 40, of Ontario
  • Ammad Chaudhary, 43, of Ontario
  • Prasath Paramalingam, 35, of Ontario

All five were released on bail and are scheduled to appear in court at a later date, Mavity said.

The truck driver who allegedly picked up the gold, Durante King-Mclean, 25 of Ontario, is currently in custody in the U.S. on firearms and trafficking related charges.

Here are the suspects at large:

  • Air Canada manager Simran Preet Panesar, 31, of Ontario
  • Archit Grover, 36, of Ontario
  • Arsalan Chaudhary, 42, of Ontario

Only CA$90,000 ($65,000) of the more than CA$20 million recovered, said to Peel Regional Deputy Chief Nick Milinovich.

According to US Today, U.S. ATF Special Agent Eric DeGree, King-Mclean was detained in Pennsylvania following a traffic stop that resulted in the seizure of 65 illicit guns destined for Canada. According to DeGree, King-Mclean attempted to flee after police discovered the firearms in a rental car he was driving.

According to Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick, two of the individuals identified by police worked for the airline’s cargo division at the time of the crime.

“One left the company prior to the arrests announced today, and the second has been suspended,” he stated, according to the site. “Because matter is now before the courts, we are unable to speak further.

According to the announcement, only about CA $90,000 (one kilogram of gold) has been found and melted down into bangle bracelets. According to authorities, the remaining gold was most likely melted down and used to purchase illicit weaponry.

“I commend our investigators, the ATF, other law enforcement partners, and our community for working together to identify and arrest those responsible for this brazen crime,” Peel Regional Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah said in a statement this week.

Anyone with information regarding the case should contact Peel Regional Police.

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2023: Poland Arrests Man Suspected Of Spying For Russia To Aid Zelenskyy Assassination Plot



NDTV - VOR News Image

WARSAW, Poland – A Polish man has been arrested on suspicion of preparing to spy for Russia’s military intelligence in an alleged plot to assassinate Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Polish prosecutors said Thursday.

According to a statement released by Poland’s National Prosecutor’s Office, the individual, known only as Pawel K. under Polish privacy regulations, was accused of preparing to transmit airport security information to Russian agents and was arrested in Poland on Wednesday.


AP News Image

Poland Arrests Man Suspected Of Spying For Russia To Aid Zelenskyy Assassination Plot

The man was looking for contact with Russians directly involved in the war in Ukraine and was expected to provide detailed information about the Rzeszow-Jasionka airport in south-east Poland, near the Ukrainian border, which serves as the gateway for international military and humanitarian supplies to Ukraine. It also caters to leaders and politicians traveling in and out of Ukraine. The airport is controlled by US soldiers.

If convicted, the guy faces up to eight years in prison, according to the statement.


AP News – VOR News

Poland Arrests Man Suspected Of Spying For Russia To Aid Zelenskyy Assassination Plot

The prosecutors claimed that close cooperation with Ukrainian prosecutors and security agencies, who tipped them off and provided crucial evidence, made the arrest possible. They stated the case is progressing.

On Thursday, prosecutors in Germany announced the arrest of two German-Russian individuals on suspicion of espionage, with one accused of agreeing to carry out assaults on potential targets, including US military bases, in the hopes of damaging supplies to Ukraine.

Dieter S. and Alexander J. were arrested Wednesday in Bayreuth, Bavaria, according to German federal authorities.

Since Moscow initiated its campaign on Ukraine in February 2022, several persons have been arrested in Poland on suspicion of spying for Russia, including a dual Russian-Spanish citizen.


CNN – Vor News Image

Poland Arrests Man Suspected Of Spying For Russia To Aid Zelenskyy Assassination Plot

Poland, a European Union member, has been a loyal backer of neighboring Ukraine and Zelenskyy in their fight against Russia’s aggression for more than two years.


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