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As Jury Selection Starts In Hunter Biden’s Gun Case, President Says He Has ‘Boundless Love’ For Him




WILMINGTON, Delaware – A federal gun lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s son Hunter began Monday with jury selection following the collapse of a plea agreement that would have spared the spectacle of a trial so close to the 2024 election. First Lady Jill Biden was seated in the courtroom’s front row, showing her support for her son.

The president stated that as a father, he has “boundless love for my son, confidence in him, and respect for his strength.”

“I am the President, but I am also a Dad,” he added, adding that he would have no further remark on the subject. “Jill and I love our son, and we are so proud of the man he is today.”


Hunter Biden | AP News Image

As Jury Selection Starts In Hunter Biden’s Gun Case, President Says He Has ‘Boundless Love’ For Him

Hunter Biden, who spent the weekend with his parents, has been charged in Delaware with three felonies coming from a 2018 handgun purchase made when he was, according to his memoir, suffering from a crack cocaine addiction. He has been accused of lying to a federally registered gun dealer, making a false claim on the application used to screen gun applicants when he stated that he did not use drugs, and illegally possessing the pistol for 11 days.

He has pled not guilty and claims the Justice Department is unfairly targeting him after Republicans criticized the now-defunct agreement as preferential treatment for the Democratic president’s son.

The trial comes only days after Donald Trump, the GOP’s expected 2024 presidential contender, was convicted of 34 felonies in New York City. A jury convicted the former president of conspiring to conceal a hush money payment to a porn performer to protect his 2016 presidential campaign. The two criminal cases are unrelated, but their proximity demonstrates how the criminal courthouse has grabbed center stage in the 2024 campaign.

The judge will examine prospective jurors’ ability to serve impartially on the jury, including whether they have donated to political campaigns or run for political office. She will inquire whether their views on the 2024 presidential campaign preclude them from remaining neutral.

She’ll also ask prospective jurors if they believe Hunter Biden is being persecuted because his father is president. She will also inquire about handgun purchases and addiction issues, such as: “Do you believe someone who is addicted to drugs should not be charged with a crime?”

Hunter Biden will also face a second trial in California in September on charges of failing to pay $1.4 million in taxes. Both cases were supposed to be concluded by a bargain with prosecutors last July, marking the end of a years-long inquiry into his financial operations.

However, Judge Maryellen Noreika, who was nominated to the bench by Trump, questioned some unusual aspects of the agreement, including a proposed guilty plea to misdemeanor offenses to resolve the tax crimes and a diversion agreement on the gun charge, which stated that if he stayed out of trouble for two years, the case would be dismissed. The lawyers argued over the arrangement and could not reach an agreement; therefore, the contract fell apart. Attorney General Merrick Garland designated the lead investigator as a special counsel in August, and Hunter Biden was indicted the following month.

This trial is not about Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings, which Republicans have used without evidence to portray the Biden family as crooked. But it will expose some of Hunter Biden’s darkest moments.

The president’s aides are anxious about the trial’s impact on the elder Biden, who has long been concerned about his only living son’s health and sobriety and must now watch as his son’s tragic past mistakes are publicly probed. He’s also protective: Hunter Biden spent the weekend with his father before the case began, riding and attending church together.

On Sunday evening, President Biden changed his plans and returned to his Wilmington complex instead of his Rehoboth Beach house. Boarding a chopper on Sunday was the president’s lone public appearance without his son this weekend.


Hunter Biden | AP News Image

As Jury Selection Starts In Hunter Biden’s Gun Case, President Says He Has ‘Boundless Love’ For Him

Hunter Biden came first at the Delaware Courthouse on Monday. The first lady, who celebrated her 73rd birthday on Monday, arrived about 15 minutes later and entered court quickly with help from US Secret Service agents. Hunter Biden’s sister, Ashley Biden, also appeared in court to support him. Later that day, the president remained at their Wilmington home until he left for a campaign reception in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Allies are also concerned that the trial will become a diversion as the president tries to campaign despite low poll ratings and prepares for an upcoming presidential debate while the procedures occur.

Prosecutors aim to prove Hunter Biden was addicted when he purchased the rifle and so lied on the documents. They have stated that they intend to utilize his published book as evidence and the contents of a laptop that he left at a Delaware repair shop and never returned. The contents made their way to Republicans in 2020 and were publicly published, including embarrassing and personal photographs of him naked and using drugs, as well as messages in which he requests suppliers for scores.


Hunter Biden | AP News Image

As Jury Selection Starts In Hunter Biden’s Gun Case, President Says He Has ‘Boundless Love’ For Him

The case against Hunter Biden arises from a time when, according to his public admission, he was addicted to crack. His spiral into drugs and alcohol began after his brother, Beau Biden, died of cancer in 2015. He acquired and owned a gun for 11 days in October 2018 and stated on the gun purchase form that he did not use drugs.

Hunter Biden has pled not guilty in both cases, and his attorneys have hinted that he may argue that he did not consider himself an addict when prosecutors claim he ticked “no” to the form question. They will also undermine the gun store owner’s credibility.

Prosecutors intend to bring as witnesses Hunter Biden’s ex-wife and his brother’s widow, Hallie, with whom he became romantically connected.

If convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison, though first-time offenders seldom receive the maximum sentence, and it’s uncertain if the judge would impose it.


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The Biden Campaign Swaps Trump’s Criticism for Unity After the Shooting



Biden campaign
REUTERS/Mike Segar/File Photo

(VOR News) – The former Vice President Joe Biden campaign quickly changed course after the western Pennsylvania murder attempt on Republican contender Donald Trump. The Biden campaign emphasized togetherness rather than harsh attacks on the former president.

Biden’s team pulled TV ads and ceased political communications within hours of Saturday’s shooting. These messages highlighted Trump’s May criminal conviction in New York state court for paying a porn star hush money to distract from a sexual scandal before the 2016 election.

Biden said, “We must unite as one nation,” at the White House on Sunday. He also announced an Oval Office address later that night. Vice President Biden again condemned political violence and asked Americans to “let the FBI do their job.”

Biden campaign officials, who requested anonymity, said:

The White House and Biden campaign will draw on the president’s history of condemning all forms of political violence, including his harsh criticism of campus protests over the Israel-Gaza conflict’s “disorder” This will replace verbally denouncing Trump in the coming days.

Some Republicans say Biden’s criticism of Trump sparked the shooting, but there’s no proof. Though his reason is unknown, the 20-year-old shooter was a Republican.

Biden’s advisers had hoped to tamp down recent calls from Democrats and others that he step aside and let another candidate represent the party in the November 5 election in order to focus on Trump’s threats to democratic norms and reproductive rights in the US and Trump’s false statements about winning the 2020 election.

An Biden campaign official said, “This changes everything,” about the assassination attempt. We are undecided. It will be harder to argue against Trump and paint that split screen.

Additionally, the official said the president is trying to lower the temperature.

Get out of the way instructions

However, Biden campaign officials expect the assassination attempt will diminish congressional Democrats’ pressure on the 81-year-old to resign from the race owing to concerns about his fitness for office. Several House and Senate Democrats have called for Vice President Joe Biden to drop out of the race after his poor debate performance against Trump in June.

“Biden campaign is out,” a White House insider told Reuters after 2024.

Some Democratic sources think that’s too optimistic. They said the current round of calls had stopped but will resume when Biden fails again.

The White House has postponed Vice President Biden’s Monday visit to the Lyndon B. Johnson presidential library in Austin, Texas. Biden was scheduled to talk at the presidential library in Texas about Johnson’s 1960s Civil Rights Act and oppose Trump’s attacks on immigrants and diversity.

Vice President Biden will still give a keynote presentation at the NAACP convention in Las Vegas on Tuesday, highlighting his administration’s commitment to racial justice and equity for all Americans.

The shooting occurred in Pennsylvania, a 2020 electoral battleground state that Biden narrowly defeated Trump, so some political analysts believe it could increase Republican and Trump-supporting voters.

Republican pollster Frank Luntz tweeted, “This does not guarantee that Trump flips Pennsylvania.” On the other hand, Joe Biden’s already arduous and winding route has now gotten worse. As George Floyd’s shooting affected tens of millions of Americans, Donald Trump’s shooting will have a far-reaching impact that the gunman never intended.

Black Floyd was slain by a white Minneapolis police officer in 2020. This murder provoked protests across the US and beyond.

Many Democratic contenders this year are rethinking their plans to focus on Trump’s dangers if elected.

However, the real question is whether we can return in two weeks and say Trump threatens the nation. An anonymous Senate Biden campaign Democrat said, “That was our playbook, and it’s fair, but it’s unclear how much of our spurs were taken off.”

At the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Monday, 78-year-old Donald Trump will accept his party’s presidential nomination.



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Richard Simmons, Flamboyant Fitness Icon, Dies at 76

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Diabetes: To prevent diabetes, avoid common foods.




(VOR News) – It is advised that you significantly reduce the quantity of Diabetes processed meat you ingest in order to more effectively prevent the development of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. This will assist you in safeguarding yourself from the development of these diseases.

This is, in fact, the situation, as confirmed by recent medical research.

It has been determined by research findings that a mere thirty percent decrease in the consumption of processed beef has the potential to prevent the occurrence of over three hundred and fifty thousand cases of type 2 diabetes annually.

This study’s results suggest that a decrease in the consumption of processed beef has the potential to decrease the number of cases of cardiac disease by 92,500 and the number of cases of colon cancer by 53,300.

It has been shown that a mere five percent decrease in the quantity of processed meat an individual consumes can have a beneficial impact on their overall health.

Processed meats contain a high concentration of lipids and salts in their composition, as indicated by the results of a study conducted jointly by the University of North Carolina in the United States and the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

Diabetes was investigated in the United Kingdom.

In accordance with the research’s results, it is recommended that fresh meat be chosen as the preferable alternative to processed meat. The dietary habits of 8,665 individuals from the general community were analyzed for the objective of the study.

The study’s results indicate that the average American consumes 29 grams of processed beef each day. The quantity of fresh meat consumed on a daily basis and the quantity of processed meat consumed were compared in order to reach this conclusion.

The researchers concluded that reducing the daily consumption of processed meat to 8.6 grams is advantageous in the context of the prevention of diseases like diabetes. The researchers utilized the model they developed to arrive at this conclusion.

The World Health Organization designated processed beef as a carcinogen in 2015. This is a matter that should be brought to your attention. Furthermore, it is imperative that you are informed of this information.

According to a 2021 study, the risk of developing colon cancer is 18% higher when fifty grams of processed beef are consumed daily. This discovery is comparable to the one that was previously disclosed.

The University of Naples Federico II, which is situated in Italy, conducted a study in 2022.

Dietary diversity and diabetes risk were examined in the study.

The objective of this investigation was to examine the impact of a diverse array of nutrients on the body. Red meat, white meat, processed meat, seafood, cheese, yogurt, eggs, high-fat dairy products, and low-fat dairy products comprised this category.

The probability of developing diabetes is twenty percent and twenty-two percent higher, respectively, when an individual consumes one hundred grams of red meat or fifty grams of processed meat on a daily basis. This was demonstrated through research. Furthermore, the likelihood of developing diabetes increases by four percent when an individual consumes fifty grams of white meat daily as part of their diet.

Conversely, the probability of contracting this condition is reduced by approximately ten percent when one consumes 200 grams of milk daily.

By consuming one hundred grams of yogurt daily, the risk can be reduced by six percent. Furthermore, the risk can be reduced by three percent by consuming dairy products with a minimal fat content.

The outcomes of the study were recently published in “The Lancet Planetary Health.” This journal is available for peer review.



US Health Agency Issues Dengue Virus Infection Warning

Man Dies After H5N2 Bird Flu Infection

Inside The Courtroom As Case Dismissed Against Alec Baldwin In Fatal Shooting Of Cinematographer

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Richard Simmons, Flamboyant Fitness Icon, Dies at 76



Richard Simmons, Flamboyant Fitness Icon, Dies at 76

Richard Simmons was easily identifiable in his short shorts, flashy tank tops, and frizzy hair. He was among the most unique, vivid, and popular fitness celebrities in the last 50 years.

Richard Simmons died on Saturday at his Los Angeles home; a spokesman told NPR. He was 76. A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department told NPR that officers investigated a death at a Hollywood Hills location. NPR used public records to link the address to Simmons’ house.

Police did not specify the cause of death, but no foul play was suspected.

Richard Simmons built a fitness empire in the 1970s encompassed tapes, classes, books, goods, infomercials, his program, and numerous television appearances.

It helped that his business venture coincided with new technologies – at least in the 1980s. Simmons released fitness classes on VHS cassettes to be played on VCRs. During his lifetime, he created over 65 workout DVDs, including “Sweatin’ to the Oldies,” which sold over 20 million copies.

Milton Teagle Richard Simmons was born in New Orleans and describes himself as a compulsive eater as a child. Others teased and mocked him because of his weight.

“I grew up without any physical education,” he remembered on NPR’s Tell Me More in 2008. “I was 200 pounds in eighth grade. And when I graduated high school, I weighed about 300 pounds. I was a sad, perplexed teenager who couldn’t figure out what I wanted out of life or why I had such a strong relationship with food.

According to Simmons’ website, he experimented with diets and laxatives before settling on “a lifestyle of balance, moderate eating, and exercise.” His life’s job became making exercise enjoyable for all types of bodies.

Simmons started his Beverly Hills studio in 1974, catering to clients looking to reduce weight and fit. It was originally called The Anatomy Asylum, but it was eventually renamed SLIMMONS. It also included one of the earliest salad bars in the area, dubbed “Ruffage.” Simmons remained there until 2013.

Simmons’ exercise technique was lively and inviting. In a commercial for one of his popular “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” videos, he exclaimed, “If you’re looking for a lively, entertaining, stimulating, humorous, colorful, frolicking, playful, inspiring, safe, low-impact workout that’s full of kicks, thrills, gusto, fervor, passion, fury, bustle, and action, you don’t have to look any further.” “This is it!”

No other fitness celebrity resembled Richard Simmons. According to historian Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, the people in his sessions were unlike anyone else in era-specific fitness films. “They were all different ages and genders. Most notably, many would have been deemed overweight according to the standards of the period.”

According to Petrzela, author of Fit Nation: The Gains and Pains of America’s Exercise Obsession, the inclusion of overweight individuals in fitness throughout the 1970s and 1980s was groundbreaking. Petrzela says Simmons has recently faced criticism for fat-shaming.

“That criticism is not misplaced,” she argues. “But I also think it’s so important to see the way that … the important work that he did in expanding people’s sense of who deserved to exercise, who was welcome at the gym and who was deserving of finding joy through movement and in communities of movement.”

Richard Simmons became a recluse after reaching his 60s. Many of his fans were perplexed why this outgoing and happy individual remained silent and did not leave his house.

Several films, including one made by TMZ and aired on Fox and Hulu, and the podcast Missing Richard Simmons have explored the topic. Simmons acknowledged his supporters briefly in a message issued in 2022. Previous interviews, including one on the Today show in 2016, mentioned health difficulties and a desire to spend time alone.

Richard Simmons’ philosophy was simple. He advocated for positivism, portion management, and at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity. That message spoke to people who didn’t see themselves in the typical realm of fitness and felt like they were the last person chosen for the squad.


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