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Musk Denies Reviving Ye on Twitter



Musk Denies Reviving Ye on Twitter

ON FRIDAY, Twitter CEO Elon Musk stated that he had no involvement in restoring Ye, aka Kanye West’s account, which was terminated earlier this month for making anti-Semitic slurs.

The billionaire stated that Twitter had restored the rapper’s account, now known as Ye, before completing the social media platform’s $44 billion buyout late Thursday. “They did not consult with or notify me,” Musk tweeted.

Ye, who has over 30 million Twitter followers, has recently courted controversy by publicly terminating big corporate alliances and launching social media outbursts against other celebrities.

Musk wrote, “Welcome back to Twitter, my friend!” on Oct. 8 after Ye posted on the network for the first time in two years after his Instagram account was suspended for anti-Semitic tweets. Twitter later suspended his account and deleted one of his tweets.

Musk took control of Twitter ruthlessly on Thursday, sacking key executives but providing little insight on how he plans to fulfill the lofty goals he has set for the popular social media network. more info

Musk, on the other hand, announced on Friday that Twitter will form a content moderation group with “widely different opinions.”

“There will be no big content choices or account reinstatement before that council convenes,” he stressed.

Earlier last month, Ye decided to buy Parler, a social networking platform popular among conservatives in the United States.


“The Bird is Freed”

Meanwhile, Musk has promised to protect all forms of free expression but has also struck a more conciliatory tone with world leaders seeking to reign in Big Tech, alarming activists and former Twitter executives.

Three hours after Musk announced success with the tweet, “The bird is released,” European Commissioner Thierry Breton retorted, “In Europe, the bird flies by our laws.”

He reshared a May video in which he said on Twitter that he agreed with the European Union’s new digital media regulation, which will force Big Tech to do more to combat illegal content or face fines of up to 6% of global revenue in one of the world’s most severe approaches to regulating content online.

On Friday, regulators in India reminded Musk of the rule of law. “Regardless of who owns the platforms, our norms and legislation for intermediaries remain the same,” said Rajeev Chandrasekhar, India’s minister of state for electronics and information technology.

For years, Twitter has fought a “complex war” with the government to safeguard free expression online, and this battle would be jeopardized with Musk in charge, according to former Twitter board member Jason Goldman.

According to Goldman, Tesla’s booming business in China, which made $14 billion last year, might put Twitter at risk.

“It’s quite frightening that he’ll be the one liaising with the Chinese government and potentially passing over information on users,” he added.

He added that Twitter has professionals who assess government data demands, but Musk has displayed disrespect for these experts.

“Whether or not (former US President Donald) Trump returns, I think that’s a parlour game,” Goldman remarked. “What will happen is that a dissident’s IP address will be dropped on the floor.”

According to current and former employees who talked with Reuters, Musk’s ambitions to reduce the guard rails prevalent on all social media platforms would result in a flood of vile, damaging, and potentially illegal content on Twitter. It has already struggled to identify and remove child porn. more info

Employees believe that members of Twitter’s trust and safety team, which includes content moderators, will be among Musk’s largest job cutbacks.

“Imagine a world without all those people,” one employee stated. “This is going to be a hellscape.”

twitter ads

Advertisers on Twitter

On the night of the deal’s expected closure, he tweeted an open letter to advertisers: “Twitter can’t possibly become a free-for-all hellscape where everything goes with no consequences!

… Twitter strives to be the most trusted advertising platform in the world, strengthening your brand and expanding your business.”

They cite Musk’s proposal to restore Trump’s account as a key hurdle to investing in Twitter.

After the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, Twitter suspended Trump indefinitely due to the potential of additional inciting of violence.

Welcoming Trump back might alienate moderate and liberal-leaning users, driving away large household brands that try to promote products and appeal to people across the political spectrum, according to Mark DiMassimo, CEO of ad agency DiMassimo Goldstein.

Some ad agencies and businesses were already dubious and anxious about Twitter’s future during a presentation for advertisers in May.

Musk cannot afford to provoke a backlash from a group that produces 90% of Twitter’s revenue unless he finds new sources of money.

twitter musk x app

Musk’s largest gamble is based on one of China’s biggest hits from the 2010s. “Buying Twitter accelerates the development of X, the everything app,” Musk tweeted earlier this month.

The concept of an all-in-one app, sometimes known as a super app, began in Asia with companies such as WeChat, allowing users to send messages and make payments, buy online, and hail a cab. The all-in-one service gave consumers few options in a location where Google, Facebook, and other services were restricted.

According to a source briefed on the topic, Musk has told investors that he aims to construct one that will sell premium subscriptions to lessen dependency on adverts, allow content creators to make money, and enable payments.

There are no super-apps in the United States since the cost of entry is high, and there are many other app options, according to Scott Galloway, co-host of the tech podcast Pivot and a marketing professor at New York University.

Galloway believes that Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google, which dominate the app stores on iPhones and Android phones, regard themselves as super apps and would unlikely allow other super apps to develop. As an illustration of a barrier to entry, consider Apple’s recent rejection of Spotify’s intention to offer audiobooks.

Goldman said payments, which normally need identification verification, might complicate a site that has allowed anonymity to grow, making Twitter a strong instrument for political activism in dangerous situations.

“(Super applications) are not conceivable at this stage of mobile internet evolution,” he continued.

Source: Reuters

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GameStop Boosts Profits in after-hours Trading, Despite the risk of Mood swings.



Image: Shutterstock

(VOR News) – The share price of the meme stock behemoth GameStop (NYSE: GME) had a big boost, which resulted in the continuation of the gains that were registered earlier in the week.

Gains in broader markets are reflecting an optimistic sentiment for risk assets, which includes bitcoin, despite the fact that recent political events, such as the attempted assassination of presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday, have resulted in the occurrence of such events.

following reaching a high of $29.96 following the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange, the stock is currently trading at roughly $29.60. This is the current price of the stock.

Statistical analysis reveals GameStop that this is the case.

In most cases, trading for GameStop GME and other stocks that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) takes place via electronic communication networks after the market has closed. Trading is able to take place outside of the normal market hours as a result of these platforms.

This followed the stock’s climb on Monday, which was the highest point it has achieved in a month, as well as a 13% advance over the course of the previous thirty days. The increase in the stock’s price occurred on Monday.

GameStop, which is frequently referred to as the “meme stock,” gained a significant amount of attention at the beginning of 2021 when retail investors on the Reddit group r/WallStreetBets started purchasing shares in massive quantities. As a consequence, this led to one of the most consequential short squeezes in the entire history of the market.

The initial excitement had diminished by the beginning of February of that year; nonetheless, GameStop has continued to capture the interest of investors, particularly when it began taking steps to diversify its business. This is particularly true after the company began to take steps to diversify its business.

The recent news made by GameStop that they will be offering a reward of $25,000 for a rare Lionel Messi sticker from the 2024 Panini Copa America collection has garnered some attention with its announcement. This statement is illustrative of the company’s mission to expand outside the traditional video gaming market it has been operating in.

This may be playing into the hands of risk on traders who are anticipating that the Federal Reserve of the United States will begin cutting interest rates as soon as September, according to the CME FedWatch Tool. Traders are assuming that the Federal Reserve will implement this change.

There is a significant possibility that additional liquidity would be introduced into markets as a result of reduction, particularly in the case of small-cap public stocks.

The Russell 2000 Index, which is a measurement of the performance of two thousand small-cap companies in the United States, has witnessed a twelve percent increase over the course of the last five trading days.

This change occurred during the GameStop period of the last five trading days.

The importance of interest rates lies in the fact that they have an impact not only on the price of borrowing money but also on the profits made from investments. There is a positive feedback loop between the Federal Reserve’s decision to cut interest rates and the increased affordability of borrowing money, which in turn supports both consumption and investment.

A bigger quantity of money is invested in a range of assets, including stocks and cryptocurrency, which leads to an increase in the market’s liquidity. This is the result of the aforementioned phenomenon.

Recent market action, including that of GameStop and small-cap stocks, is consistent with broader market trends. This can be observed by the fact that important U.S. indices have ended at record highs, which is evidence of the consistency of the market.

This week, the value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average has increased by 2%, reaching a closing price of 40,954.48, indicating that the value has increased. The numbers from the market indicate that the S&P 500 has also grown by 0.69%, reaching a high of 5,667.20, while the Nasdaq Composite has increased by 0.21%, reaching 18,510.86 altogether. Both of these figures are for the same period of time.



Alphabet is Considering Acquiring Wiz, a Cybersecurity startup, for $23 Billion.

YouTube rolls out new capabilities for users who upload short films, like those on TikTok.

Report: OpenAI Whistleblowers Seek to Investigate “Restrictive Non-Disclosures.”

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Alphabet is Considering Acquiring Wiz, a Cybersecurity startup, for $23 Billion.




(VOR News) – A person who is familiar with the matter and spoke to the media on Sunday revealed that Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is reportedly in advanced discussions to acquire the cybersecurity startup Wiz for approximately $23 billion.

This information was brought to the attention of the media. This particular piece of information was supplied by the individual who addressed the media.

If this transaction were to be finalized, the corporation that dominates the technology industry would be making its most significant acquisition to this point.

The acquisition, which is being funded primarily through cash, may be finalized in the not too distant future, according to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity while expressing their opinion.

Source provided Alphabet information on condition it stay private.

Wiz, a software company that was established in Israel and currently has its headquarters in New York, is one of the businesses that is expanding at the quickest rate throughout the world in terms of its global expansion.

Wiz was created in Israel. In addition to offering solutions for cybersecurity that are hosted in the cloud, it also offers real-time threat detection and responses that are powered by the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

If Alphabet were to go through with the transaction, it would be an unusual instance of a huge technology company pursuing a mega-acquisition at a time when the industry is being subjected to increased regulatory scrutiny under the administration of Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States of America.

This is something that would be the case given that the government is currently paying a greater amount of attention to the sector.

Over the course of the past several years, Alphabet regulators in the United States have shown a rising antipathy toward the idea of giant technology companies expanding their operations through mergers and acquisitions. This hostility has been expressed by the regulators.

The company Wiz collaborates with forty percent of the companies that are included in the Fortune 100, and the Alphabet website of the company states that the company’s sales in 2023 were approximately three hundred and fifty million dollars.

In light of the fact that the company recently completed a private investment round that resulted in the funding of one billion dollars, the valuation of the company was only recently assessed to be twelve billion dollars.

Wiz is a cloud service provider that collaborates with a wide range of firms, including Microsoft and Amazon, and claims to have a diverse clientele of businesses as its customers. Wiz collaborates with a number of different businesses, including Morgan Stanley and DocuSign, among others.

In the past, Wiz has asserted that it intended to raise the number of people working for it by 400 across the world by the year 2024. There are currently 900 persons working for the organization in various locations throughout the world, including the United States of America, Europe, Asia, and Israel.

Alphabet realized it wouldn’t be worth buying HubSpot recently.

A firm that specializes in generating software Alphabet products for internet marketing. HubSpot is responsible for developing software products.

This year has seen an increase in the total number of transactions that have taken place in the technology industry as a whole. This trend has been observed over the course of this year.

Synopsys, a company that specializes in design software, reached a deal in January to purchase Ansys, a competitor that is on the smaller side, for approximately $35 billion.

Ansys is a company that faces competition from other companies. In the month of January, Hewlett Packard Enterprise reached a deal with Juniper Networks, a firm that specializes in the production of networking equipment, to acquire the company for a price of $14 billion. The agreement was reached between the two Alphabet companies.

According to the information that was provided by Dealogic, the sector of technology was the one that was responsible for the greatest number of mergers and acquisitions that occurred during the first half of the year.

The total amount of these transactions reached $327.2 billion, which is an increase of more than 42 percent when compared to the volume of transactions that occurred in the previous year.



Report: OpenAI Whistleblowers Seek to Investigate “Restrictive Non-Disclosures.”

Meta lifts Trump’s Facebook and Instagram bans ahead of the Election.

YouTube rolls out new capabilities for users who upload short films, like those on TikTok.

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YouTube rolls out new capabilities for users who upload short films, like those on TikTok.




(VOR News) – YouTube users who create videos now have access to yet another wonderful tool that is made accessible to them by the site.

This tool is called the YouTube Creator Toolkit. Users who post short films to platforms such as TikTok will now have access to a number of new options, according to a statement that was made not too long ago by the website that allows users to share videos, TikTok.

YouTube has reportedly stated that some of the newly revealed capabilities will be available to users immediately, while the availability of other aspects will be confirmed in a few weeks, according to multiple media sites from different countries.

This information has been alleged to have been provided by YouTube. According to YouTube, this information is available.

YouTube was used to obtain this information.

YouTube Shorts is a fresh new feature that was just recently released by the video-sharing YouTube platform.

It is possible to draw parallels between this and the text-to-speech video narration that TikTok makes available to its users. The development of short videos was one of the objectives of YouTube Shorts, which was designed to provide users with assistance.

The voice-over technology that will be included into this new function will make use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology rather than the conventional ways that have been used in the past. Users who are watching short videos on YouTube have the ability to select any voice of their choosing from the four voices that are currently accessible.

This is made possible by the fact that they have the capacity to click on the advice button that is situated in the top left corner of the screen.

Among the numerous additional capabilities that YouTube has made available, one of them is the capability to automatically generate captions for videos.

With the assistance of these captions, viewers are able to make use of subtitles that are automatically generated without having to leave the video that they are presently viewing from which they are currently watching.

Furthermore, users have the ability to customize the appearance of the captions by employing a wide variety of typefaces and colors to achieve a look that is uniquely their own.

YouTube users can create highly personalized looks this way.

In addition, it is anticipated that the video service will feature the addition of a fresh assortment of Minecraft effects in the not too distant future. A connection may be made between this and the concept that was discussed in the sentence that came before this one.

On the other hand, it has been reported that YouTube Music is getting set to launch a new artificial intelligence tool that will enable users to search for music by utilizing voice commands and vocal cues.

This tool will be able to search for music. The ability to search for music will be provided by this tool. This application will eventually be incorporated into the YouTube Music subscription service at some point in the future.

According to the information that was provided by Android Authority, it would appear that this cutting-edge function was identified in the YouTube Music app for Android version 7.06.53. This information was provided by Android Authority.

“Ask for Music” is going to be a feature film that will be released in the not too distant future.

It is going to be released. Using this function, users will be able to search for the music that they wish to listen to by making use of voice commands and vocal suggestions. This function will allow users to search for music.

There are currently initiatives underway to widen the availability of the function in the time period that is to come; but, in the beginning, the feature will only be accessible to select subgroups of Android users.



Report: OpenAI Whistleblowers Seek to Investigate “Restrictive Non-Disclosures.”

Meta lifts Trump’s Facebook and Instagram bans ahead of the Election.

SpaceX Rocket Accident Leaves Company’s Starlink Satellites In Wrong Orbit

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