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Authorities In Brazil Probe Capital Uprising




Authorities in Brazil said Monday that they were investigating who was behind the stunning revolt that saw demonstrators pouring into the nation’s seats of power in a riot that had a remarkable resemblance to January 6, 2021, insurgency at the United States Capitol.

Thousands of supporters of ex-President Jair Bolsonaro flooded into Congress and the presidential palace on Sunday in an extraordinary demonstration for Latin America’s largest country. Many of them said they wanted Brazil’s army to topple the newly installed leftist president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and bring the far-right Bolsonaro to office.

Also, on Monday, police broke up a pro-Bolsonaro encampment outside a military building and detained about 1,200 people, according to the justice ministry’s press office. According to the federal police press office, the force has already planned to indict approximately 1,000 persons.

The heads of the Supreme Court all signed a statement condemning the attack and promising legal action.

According to Justice Minister Flávio Dino, police have begun following those who paid for the buses that took protesters to the city. He added at a news conference on Monday that rioters appeared to aim for their displays to have a domino effect across the country and that they may be prosecuted with a variety of felonies, including organized crime, plotting a coup, and violent eradication of the democratic rule of law.

“We believe the worst is behind us,” Dino said, adding that the administration is now focusing on punishing lawbreakers. “We will not compromise in carrying out our legal obligations because doing so is critical to preventing similar occurrences from happening again.”


Brazil’s Protests Continue

Rioters dressed in the national flag’s green and yellow shattered windows, knocked over furniture and threw computers and printers to the ground. They smashed other works of art and punched holes in a huge Emiliano Di Cavalcanti painting at the presidential palace. They threw a U-shaped table where Supreme Court justices meet, took a door off one of the justices’ offices, and destroyed a statue outside the court. The interiors of the buildings were left in ruins.

The arrests on Monday were in addition to the 300 persons arrested during the unrest on Sunday.

Police were noticeably reluctant to respond, even after more than 100 buses arrived, prompting many to question whether officials simply ignored multiple warnings, overestimated the protesters’ power, or were somehow complicit.

Prosecutors in the capital stated the local security forces were, at best, inept. The regional governor was provisionally suspended by a Supreme Court justice. Another justice chastised authorities for failing to respond quickly to the emerging fascism in Brazil.

Bolsonaro, who has since gone to Florida, has been fueling belief among his ardent fans that the country’s electronic voting system is prone to fraud, although he never presented any evidence. Eduardo Bolsonaro, his legislator son, met with former US President Donald Trump, Trump’s longtime supporter Steve Bannon, and his top campaign strategist, Jason Miller.

Brazil President Hospitalized

As word circulated that Bolsonaro was hospitalized in Florida with abdominal pain, the remaining Bolsonaro supporters dispersed by early afternoon Monday. Although his condition was unknown, a photo published by the Brazilian publication O Globo showed him smiling from a hospital bed. Since surviving a stabbing in 2018, he has been hospitalized several times. A phone call and text message were not immediately returned by a hospital representative.

US President Joe Biden, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a joint statement from Mexico City condemning the attack “on Brazil’s democracy and the peaceful transfer of power.”

Brazil’s election results – the closest in over three decades — were promptly recognized by politicians across the political spectrum, including some Bolsonaro sympathizers and dozens of governments. And, to almost everyone’s amazement, Bolsonaro quickly faded from view. He neither admitted loss nor declared outright fraud, despite the fact that he and his party filed a request to overturn millions of votes, which was quickly denied.

Brazilians have employed an electronic voting method since 1996, which security experts believe is less secure than hand-marked paper ballots since it leaves no auditable paper record. However, Brazil’s system is constantly monitored, and neither domestic authorities nor international observers have found proof of it being used to perpetrate fraud.

Nonetheless, followers of Bolsonaro refused to recognize the results. They stopped roads and camped outside military headquarters, pleading with the military to intervene.


Protests Mostly Peaceful

Dino, the justice minister, described the encampments as terrorist breeding grounds. Protests were mostly peaceful, but isolated threats, such as a bomb discovered on a fuel truck bound for Brasilia’s airport, raised security concerns.

Bolsonaro came to the United States two days before Lula’s inauguration on January 1, taking up temporary residence in Orlando. Many Brazilians were relieved that, while he declined to participate in the power transition, his absence allowed it to take place without incident.

That is, until Sunday’s devastation.

According to analysts, the disturbance could result in increased political support for Lula and his professed goal of pacifying the fragmented country. Many right-wing people and officials were disgusted by the events of Sunday and were eager to separate themselves from far-right radicalism. The insurrection was dubbed “an embarrassment” by the leader of Bolsonaro’s own party.

Brazil’s Extreme Fascists

“This could have been the start of the end. “The political system will attempt to isolate and distance itself from that radical movement,” said Mario Sérgio Lima, a political analyst at Medley Advisors. “I believe that what we will see today is the right attempting to develop new alternatives and leaders while the center distances itself.”

Lula read a freshly signed decree asking the government to take control of security in the federal district during a news conference from Sao Paulo state. He stated that “fascist extremists,” as well as those who fund their actions, must be punished. He also charged Bolsonaro with inciting the rebellion.

Late Sunday, Bolsonaro refuted the president’s accusation. On Twitter, he stated that while a peaceful protest is an important aspect of democracy, damage and invasions of public institutions are “exceptions to the rule.”

Unlike the 2021 attack in the United States, few officials would have been working on a Sunday in the major government buildings. In addition, videos indicated just a sparse presence of the capital’s military police.

In one video, demonstrators quickly pushed through a police roadblock, with only a few policemen employing pepper spray. Another showed officers standing by as demonstrators stormed the Congress, one of whom was filming the proceedings on his phone.

“This was a colossal oversight by the federal district’s government,” Thiago de Arago, director of a strategy at Brasilia-based political consultant Arko Advice, said. “Everyone expected them (the demonstrators) to arrive in Brasilia. The federal district’s government was expected to respond in order to secure the capital. They didn’t do any of those things.”

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China Tries To Go For 8-For-8 Sweep In Diving Gold At The Paris Olympics



China | AP news Image

Chinese divers won seven of eight gold medals at the previous Olympics in Tokyo, making it one of the best performances in Olympic history.

More is predicted this time in Paris.

China Tries To Go For 8-For-8 Sweep In Diving Gold At The Paris Olympics

China has dominated diving for decades. However, it has never completed the elusive gold medal sweep at the Games. In a recent article, the People’s Daily, the Communist Party’s official publication, called this lapse “regrettable”.

How is that for pressure?

“I hope that all of us can stand on the top of the podium,” Tokyo gold medalist Quan Hongchan said in an interview with state media.

They might, and the evidence is already startling.

China has won 47 out of 64 gold medals, dating back to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, when it earned its first diving gold. Add to that 23 silver and 10 bronze. If you start counting from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China has won 27 of 32 gold medals.

That’s almost perfect, but someone always spoils the party, such as American David Boudia, Australian Matthew Mitcham, British Tom Daley, or Russian Ilya Zakharov.

The People’s Daily called the team to “launch an all-out bid this time for gold medals in all diving events.”

Three years ago, at 14, Quan won gold on the 10-meter platform. Teammate Chen Yuxi, who won gold in synchro on the platform, was only 15. Both have returned and are most likely in separate classes.

Wang Zongyuan, the silver medalist on the 3-meter springboard in Tokyo behind teammate Xie Siyi, is expected to be the favorite in Paris.

The American Challenge
Drew Johansen will coach the United States diving team for the fourth consecutive Olympics. Wenbo Chen, the University of Minnesota’s Chinese-born coach, assists the head coach at Indiana University. Purdue coach David Boudia, who won an Olympic gold medal on the platform in 2012, is also on the staff.

Three Tokyo silver medalists are back: Andrew Capobianco, Jessica Parratto, and Delaney Schnell. They all reached the podium in synchronized events, which may provide the best opportunities for Americans and others.

Parratto will dive again with Schnell on the 10-meter synchronized platform while Capobianco is on the 3-meter springboard. He did not qualify for synchronized. Schnell and Daryn Wright will compete on the platform.

“The world has been catching up to the Chinese in all the events except for women’s platform,” Johansen told reporters. “Chinese women on the tower are still way ahead of the world.”

Sarah Bacon and Kassidy Cook have a chance in the 3-meter synchronized springboard, while Bacon and Alison Gibson should compete as soloists.

Carson Tyler is the new name to watch in both the 10-meter platform and the 3-meter springboard, a rare in both disciplines and reminiscent of Greg Louganis’ double-double gold medals in 1984 and 1988.

“Carson has shown up as a great mental performer,” Johansen added.

“We’ve managed to beat China in certain events over the years and I feel like some parity has come to the sport,” he said afterward. “We have been hovering around those gold medals and points away from getting them.”

According to Johansen, part of the objective is to create pressure on the Chinese by attempting more difficult dives that, if completed successfully, will earn them more points.

“It’s a risk-reward game,” he explained.

The Mental Game
Johansen praises Xu Yiming, who taught Chinese Olympic divers from the mid-1980s to the 2000s, for sharing his technical expertise with the rest of the globe. Johansen considers Xu a mentor from their time together while Johansen was coaching at Duke University.

China Tries To Go For 8-For-8 Sweep In Diving Gold At The Paris Olympics

“He taught me a lot of their physical techniques right after he retired,” she said.

After incorporating this knowledge, the next plateau is mental conditioning.

“I physically couldn’t train them any better,” he told me. “I didn’t know anyone who was doing it better. The only way I could help my athletes succeed was to mentally prepare them, which I didn’t know how to do.

Johansen says he’s lately started creating a “performance think tank” to educate mental focus and sports psychology. Without naming names, he stated that the team comprises a Navy SEAL, a book author, and others who practice executing under pressure.

The program was launched only a few months ago and includes Paris, but the primary focus is on the 2028 Los Angeles Games.

“We acquired China’s physical skills, but if we want to beat them, we must also overcome them intellectually. “I’m convinced of that,” Johansen stated. “We have an advantage over the Chinese if we can be mentally stronger and better performers.”


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Former President Trump Survives Being Shot at Pennsylvania Rally



former President Trump is surrounded by U.S. Secret Service agents

The United States Secret Service has announced that former President Trump is safe after being shot at a rally in Pennsylvania. A video shows Trump grimacing and placing his right hand to his head before the Secret Service intervenes.

“The Secret Service has implemented protective measures and the former president is safe,” a Secret Service spokesperson said on X after what the agency called an incident. “This is now an active Secret Service investigation and further information will be released when available.”

Multiple shots were heard at the outdoor rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, shortly after President Trump began his speech.

The Secret Service then surrounded President Trump pushing him beneath the platform, while armed officers took up positions at the front of the stage. President Trump repeatedly raised his fist to the audience and shouted as he was led to a vehicle by the Secret Service.

There is no information on whom the attempted assassin may have been or if any arrests have been made.

former President Trump is surrounded by U.S. Secret Service agents

President Trump is surrounded by U.S. Secret Service agents – AP Image

In a statement, Trump’s communication director, Steven Cheung, said that the former president “is fine” and being checked over at an unnamed medical facility. He said President Trump thanks law enforcement and first responders for their quick action during this heinous act.

Reuters reports the venue where Trump was speaking was abandoned with chairs knocked over and yellow police tape around the stage. A helicopter flew above and law enforcement officers walked through the area, the video feed showed.

Armed law enforcement officers were also seen on a roof near the stage where President Trump was standing.

In 2020 a New York man upset with what he perceived as Donald Trump’s threat to democracy was criminally charged on Monday with threatening to kill the former president, who he once referred to as Hitler, the Guardian reported.

According to an unsealed complaint, Thomas Welnicki, 72, of Rockaway Beach, showed an interest in assassinating the then-president in an interview with US Capitol police in July 2020, as well as repeated calls to the Secret Service the following year.

Welnicki was charged with threatening to kill, kidnap, and do bodily damage to Trump. He allegedly told Capitol police that if Trump lost the 2020 election and refused to resign, he would “acquire weapons” and “take him down”. In one voicemail left with the Secret Service, he stated that he would “do anything I can to take out” Trump.

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On Anniversary Of Frida Kahlo’s Death, Her Art’s Spirituality Keeps Fans Engaged Around The Globe



Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo | AP news Image

MEXICO CITY — Frida Kahlo has no religious affiliations. So, why did the Mexican artist depict various religious motifs in her paintings before her death on July 13, 1954?

“Frida conveyed the power of each individual,” said Ximena Jordán, an art researcher and curator. “Her self-portraits are a reminder of the ways in which we can exercise the power that life — or God, so to speak — has given us.”

Kahlo, born in 1907 in Mexico City, where her “Blue House” is still exposed to the public, drew inspiration from her own experiences to create her art.

The bus accident she survived in 1925, the physical suffering she suffered as a result, and her tumultuous relationship with her husband, Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, all fueled her creativity.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo | AP News Image

On Anniversary Of Frida Kahlo’s Death, Her Art’s Spirituality Keeps Fans Engaged Around The Globe

Her perspective on life and spirituality forged a bond between her paintings and their viewers, many of whom are still ardent admirers of her work on the 70th anniversary of her passing.

According to Jordán, one of the keys to understanding how she accomplished this is through her self-portraits.

Kahlo appears in several of her paintings, yet she does not depict herself in a naturalistic manner. Instead, Jordán claimed, she “re-created” herself using symbols conveying inner human life’s profundity.

“Diego and I” is an excellent example. Kahlo painted it in 1949, and it sold for $34.9 million at Sotheby’s in New York in 2021, setting an auction record for a work by a Latin American artist.

Kahlo’s demeanor in the picture is calm despite the tears that fall from her eyes. Rivera’s face is on her forehead. In the center of his head is a third eye, representing the unconscious mind in Hinduism and enlightenment in Buddhism.

According to certain views, the artwork reflects the grief Rivera caused her. Jordán, on the other hand, proposes an alternative interpretation.

“The religiosity of the painting is not in the fact that Frida carries Diego in her thoughts,” Jordán informed me. “The fact that she bears him as a third eye, and Diego has a third eye of his own, reflects that his affection for her made her transcend to another dimension of existence.”

In other words, Kahlo illustrated how people connect with their faith via love.

“I connected with her heart and writings,” said Cris Melo, a 58-year-old American artist whose favorite Kahlo piece is the one mentioned above. “We had the same love language, and similar history of heartache.”

Melo, unlike Kahlo, was not involved in a bus accident that penetrated her pelvis and resulted in a lifetime of surgery, abortions, and leg amputations.

Melo, however, claimed to have suffered from bodily pain for years. And amid that anguish, afraid that her strength might wane, she told herself, “If Frida could handle this, so can I.”

Even though most of her work shows her emotional and physical agony, Kahlo’s paintings do not evoke melancholy or helplessness. On the contrary, she is viewed as a woman — not just an artist — capable of dealing with a wounded body but never losing her spirit.

“Frida inspires many people to be consistent,” said Amni, a London-based Spanish artist who only goes by his creative name and uses artificial intelligence to reimagine Kahlo’s work.

“Other artists have inspired me, but Frida has been the most special because of everything she endured,” she remarked. “Despite her suffering, the heartbreak, the accident, she was always firm.”

With him, as with Melo, Kahlo’s most unforgettable pieces are those in which Rivera appears on her forehead, almost like a third eye.

According to Jordán, Kahlo struck a chord that most artists of her day did not. Influenced by revolutionary nationalism, muralists such as Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros maintained a distance from their audience through academic works primarily concentrating on their social, historical, and political beliefs.

Kahlo, on the other hand, was open about her physical difficulties, bisexuality, and the variety of ideas that weigh on the human spirit.

In “The Wounded Deer,” she is transformed into an animal whose body bleeds from being shot with arrows. And, like a martyr in Catholic imagery, Kahlo’s expression is composed.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo | AP News Image

On Anniversary Of Frida Kahlo’s Death, Her Art’s Spirituality Keeps Fans Engaged Around The Globe

Kahlo, who supported Marxist theory, saw the Catholic Church as emasculating, meddling, and racist. Despite her dislike for the organization, she recognized that devotion leads to a positive spiritual journey.

A decade after her accident, undoubtedly overwhelmed by her survival, Kahlo began collecting votive gifts, which are little paintings that Catholics offer in appreciation for miracles. Her Blue House still houses the 473 votive offerings.

Jordán speculated that Kahlo may have considered her survival a miracle. “The only difference is that she, due to her context, did not attribute that miracle to a deity of Catholic origin, but to the generosity of life.”

Perhaps that is why, in her final days, she painted a sequence of brilliant, colorful watermelons as her last work.

She painted “Vida la vida,” or “Long live life,” on the canvas above a split watermelon beneath a gloomy sky.


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