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Inside McLaren: Chief Andrea Stella’s Vision For Sustained Momentum




McLaren enters 2024 optimistic that they have continued their good growth from last year but are concerned about Red Bull’s potential performance.

Lando Norris gained more points than any other driver last season, except Max Verstappen, after McLaren improved their chassis for the Austrian Grand Prix in July.

McLaren team principal Andrea Stella stated that his team has “not seen diminishing returns” in developing their new car.

However, he fears the same will apply to the dominant champion, Red Bull.


Inside McLaren: Chief Andrea Stella’s Vision For Sustained Momentum

“Red Bull should be extremely competitive and we will see where we are and what kind of challenge we will be able to set on track,” she said.

Last year, Red Bull and Verstappen had the most dominant season in Formula One.

The Dutchman won 19 of the 22 races, with Sergio Perez taking two of the remaining three.

McLaren began 2023 as one of the slowest cars in the field, but by the second half of the season, it had emerged as a prominent contender behind Red Bull, thanks to a highly effective development strategy.

And McLaren believes that, while their new vehicle looks good, Red Bull will make at least as much progress with their new design.

Speaking at an event to debut McLaren’s 2024 livery, Stella said the team was able to build on the significant progress made in Austria and a following big improvement in Singapore in September.

“The gradient we established last year that led to the Austria and Singapore development, it seems like we can maintain it,” she added.

“In the background, we are already working on other advancements that we plan to release very soon throughout the season, and they appear to be extremely fascinating.

“In terms of the regulations themselves and the development at McLaren, we seem like a linear gradient of development can be maintained.”

However, he pointed out that Red Bull stopped improving last year’s car unusually early in the season, which could be a bad sign for their 2024 performance.

“Competitiveness on track depends on what the opposition has done,” she remarked. “When we consider Red Bull, one factor raises concerns about what will happen in 2024: they have yet to significantly develop their automobile.


Inside McLaren: Chief Andrea Stella’s Vision For Sustained Momentum

“So, have they cashed in, gathered developments, and will they capitalise on the next year’s car? Here’s my theory.

“I can’t believe Red Bull was not in a position to create their car. They may have decided not to deliver improvements, but this could indicate that their [development] gradient has continued.”

McLaren enters 2024 with one of the strongest driver lineups on the field, featuring Australian Oscar Piastri alongside Norris.

In an outstanding maiden season, Piastri won the sprint race at the Qatar Grand Prix, becoming the first F1 driver before Norris, and signed a contract extension with McLaren until the end of 2026.

Norris’ contract ends a year before that, and McLaren is determined to extend it with the British driver.

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown stated, “My primary role is to put the right people in place and provide him with the necessary resources and support.” That’s Andrea and the entire squad.

“When you want to win the World Championship again, you need management, technology, infrastructure, and two grand prix drivers. We have all of these in place.

“We have Lando under contract for another few years. Of course, we have a continuous dialogue with him.

“He is starting to think through [his future], as we are – 2026 is not far away and we recognise that being able to retain Lando and Oscar is a key element and something that is a high priority for us.”

Brown returned to an issue he has discussed several times recently, voicing worries over Red Bull’s connection with their young team.

The season-long rebranding of Alpha Tauri, who will reveal their new identity in the upcoming weeks, is leading them to a situation in which they are taking as many parts for their vehicle as is legal.


Inside McLaren: Chief Andrea Stella’s Vision For Sustained Momentum

While this is comparable to Haas’ arrangement with Ferrari in 2016, Brown is concerned that their second team may gain an unforeseen edge given Red Bull’s dominance and the budget limitation that limits every team’s investment.

“I’m concerned over the Alpha Tauri-Red Bull alliance,” he remarked. “Alpha Tauri is, from what I gather, heading to the United Kingdom, which will assist both teams. This A/B squad and co-ownership raises serious concerns about the sport’s health and fairness.

“When these rules were implemented, the sport was in a different place. There was a significant divide between folks like us, who had large budgets, and the smaller teams. And now everyone is almost near the cap, if not already there.

“So everyone is playing with the same size bat, to use a baseball analogy, and hence [sharing parts] is unnecessary. However, it may provide someone with an unfair edge, and as a sport, we must address this issue as soon as possible.

“I would like to see us focus on that as an industry before it gets to where F1 once was, which is very out of balance because people are playing by the rules but a different set of rules.”


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Employees at Boeing will vote on whether to authorize a Possible Strike.



Representational image

(VOR News) – In the event that ongoing contract negotiations fail, tens of thousands of hourly Boeing employees were summoned to a vote in Seattle on Wednesday. It is expected that the vote will ratify a potential walkout.

“What can you do to get a good contract?” Local 751 of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) poses this query on its website. “Attend strike sanction vote on July 17th!”

In the Seattle, Washington, region, Boeing employs more than 32,000 individuals, with approximately 30,000 of them employed at its facilities in Everett, where the 777 is manufactured, and in Renton, where the 737 is assembled. In the event of a strike, operations at both factories would cease.

The parties initiated negotiations on a new contract in March to replace a 16-year-old agreement. The agreement will conclude at midnight on September 12.

Union members are not permitted to view the proposed contract until Wednesday’s vote. If the contract is rejected by members, a second ballot would be required on September 12 in order to proceed with a strike.

Boeing says Wednesday’s vote is simply a “procedural” measure.

“We remain confident we can reach a deal that balances the needs of our employees and the business realities we face as a company,” according to a statement issued by Boeing.

In addition to a “substantial” pay increase of at least 40%, Jon Holden, the president of Local 751, has requested guarantees for health care, retirement, and job security.

Despite “massive inflation,” Holden has declared that a substantial wage increase is required after eight years of providing workers with minimal cost-of-living assistance.

In a Senate hearing last month, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun declared that employees “will undoubtedly receive a raise.”

The union is also requesting that Boeing ensure the production of its next generation of aircraft in the Seattle area, which is expected to occur around 2035.

Holden maintains that the assurance of the next plane’s production in the Northwest guarantees “job security for the next 50 years.”

In recent weeks, discussions have largely stagnated, according to the IAM. The union is anticipating a substantial attendance on Wednesday in order to effectively communicate its message to Boeing.

The event will be held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, the home of the Seattle Mariners baseball franchise. The stadium has the capacity to hold up to 48,000 spectators. The IAM is coordinating a motorcycle procession on Wednesday, which will feature more than 800 vehicles.

Boeing’s solidarity, according to the IAM’s local website, is the goal.

In its report, the local reported that the factory would remain silent, and that this was intended as a “message to take our proposals seriously and a reminder of the consequences of rejecting a substandard offer and voting to strike in September.”

Boeing declared that it would permit employees to arrive late or depart early on Wednesday to accommodate “reasonable” travel time.

“We respect and support the right of our employees to take part in the July 17 vote,” according to Boeing. “Partial time away from work will be excused and not counted for attendance purposes.”

The IAM has stated that the early strike authorization vote will give union officials legal notice to prepare for the payment of strike pay to workers in the event of a cessation.

Striking employees are entitled to $250 per week in pay from the third week of a strike.

The IAM has also requested at least one seat on Boeing’s board of directors, despite the fact that it is considered a long chance.

On Wednesday, the 1,200 Boeing employees in Oregon who are part of the IAM’s W24 district will vote, in addition to the workers in Washington.

Given Boeing’s current problems, the union is seeking permission to negotiate any changes to quality management that could potentially affect the production system.

“We never proposed those things in the past but it’s our reputation, it’s our jobs, it’s our livelihoods,” Holden asserted.



Google Is Close To Making Its Biggest Acquisition Ever

2024 | Hacker Group Claims It Leaked Internal Disney Slack Messages Over AI Concerns

Amazon Prime Day Is A Big Event For Scammers, Experts Warn

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Google Is Close To Making Its Biggest Acquisition Ever



Google's Latest Spam Update Met with Widespread Criticism Amidst a Year of Turbulent Changes

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is in advanced talks to buy fast-growing cybersecurity startup Wiz for around $23 billion, a person familiar with the situation confirmed to CNN.

A takeover of Wiz, which provides cybersecurity software for cloud computing, would be Google’s largest cybersecurity acquisition to date.

According to the source, the talks between Google and Wiz began after the business raised $1 billion from venture capital investors earlier this year.


Google | CNN

Google Is Close To Making Its Biggest Acquisition Ever

According to the source, the terms of a potential deal have not been completed, and negotiations may fail.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report on the Wiz talks.

Neither Google nor Wiz responded to CNN’s requests for comment.

The transaction would likely beat Google’s $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola almost a decade ago, the company’s largest buyout in history. Only two years later, Google sold Motorola for a huge loss.

Wiz’s $23 billion price tag roughly quadruples the startup’s $12 billion valuation from its most recent fundraising round.

In March 2022, Alphabet paid $5.4 billion to acquire cybersecurity firm Mandiant as part of its attempts to help businesses better confront cyber risks and grow its cloud computing business.

Cloud is critical to the company’s efforts to diversify revenue streams beyond its main search advertising business. Despite increased cloud revenues, it has yet to compete with similar services like Microsoft and Amazon.

Buying Wiz would be a “shot across the bow” at Microsoft and Amazon, demonstrating Google’s “major bet on the cyber security space to complement its flagship offering in the cloud,” Dan Ives, managing director and senior equity research analyst at Wedbush, wrote in a note to clients on Monday.

Cloud security has grown increasingly critical recently as businesses have extensively moved data to cloud systems. Last week, AT&T disclosed that virtually all of its wireless customers’ call and text records were compromised in a huge breach caused by an “illegal download” on a third-party cloud platform.

The Wiz acquisition talks came despite intensified antitrust investigation of internet titans by the Biden administration.

However, if Trump retakes the White House, that antitrust vigilance might be turned back slightly, Ives said, making the Federal Trade Commission “much weaker” and sparking an “accelerated merger and acquisition environment to take place for Big Tech.”


Google | Wiki Image

Google Is Close To Making Its Biggest Acquisition Ever

If the acquisition is confirmed and completed, it will be a big departure for Wiz and its founders, Assaf Rappaport, Ami Luttwak, Yinon Costica, and Roy Reznik. The four executives first met when enlisted into Unit 8200, the Israel Defense Forces’ cyber intelligence branch.

In New York City, Wiz has experienced rapid development since its inception in March 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, the organization claims that 40% of Fortune 100 corporations are its clientele.

Notable customers include BMW, Slack, and Salesforce, and it collaborates with major cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.


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2024 | Hacker Group Claims It Leaked Internal Disney Slack Messages Over AI Concerns




An activist hacker group claimed to have exposed hundreds of Disney’s internal message channels, including details on unreleased projects, raw photos, computer codes, and even logins.

Nullbulge, a “hacktivist group,” claimed responsibility for the breach and stated they exposed approximately 1.2 gigabytes of data from Slack, a communications platform. In an email to CNN on Monday, the group said it got access from “a man with Slack access who had cookies.” The email further stated the group was based in Russia.


Disney | CNN Image

Hacker Group Claims It Leaked Internal Disney Slack Messages Over AI Concerns

According to the mail, “The user was aware we had them. He tried to kick us out once but let us walk right back in before the second time.”

CNN could not independently verify the claims.

In a statement issued Monday, Disney stated it “is investigating this matter.” the entertainment empire encompasses various divisions and enterprises, from ESPN to Hulu, Disney+ to ABC News.

The group also declared that it wishes to defend artists’ rights and pay for their work, particularly in the age of artificial intelligence.

“Disney was our target due to how it handles artist contracts, its approach to AI, and its pretty blatant disregard for the consumer,” the hacking group stated via email.

Nullbulge had hinted at the massive release on social media for several weeks. For example, in June, the organization released visitation, booking, and income data from Disneyland Paris on X.

Artificial intelligence was a major stumbling block in negotiations during the Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild of America strikes. Writers are anxious that ChatGPT can produce screenplays in their place, while performers are concerned that computer-generated imagery, or CGI, would completely replace them.

The hackers claimed they leaked the material because making demands on Disney would be pointless.


Disney | Wired Image

Hacker Group Claims It Leaked Internal Slack Messages Over AI Concerns

“If we announced, ‘Hello, we have all your Slack data,’ they would immediately shut down and attempt to take us out. “In a duel, you better fire first,” the email read.

In 2014, a massive cyberattack at Sony Pictures attributed to North Korea sparked an international crisis by disclosing emails from corporate officials, celebrity aliases, social security information, and full movie scripts.


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