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Fans Pay Tribute to US Rapper “Takeoff” Shot Dead at 28



Fans Pay Tribute to US Rapper "Takeoff" Shot Dead at 28

Hip-hop artists and fans have paid tribute to Takeoff, a chart-topping group Migos member who was shot dead in Huston, Texas, at age 28.  Ja Rule, Kid Cudi, Khalid, and Dave all paid tribute on social media, while Rick Ross referred to him as a “young legend.”

Migos is one of the most important acts of their time, pioneering the “Migos flow,” a style of rapping in choppy, staccato triplets.

The band, who announced their breakup earlier this year, had multiple international singles, including Bad and Boujee, Versace, and Walk It Talk It.

The shooting occurred about 02:30 p.m. local time (07:30 p.m. GMT) on a balcony outside the 810 Billiards and Bowling Alley, where Takeoff, whose real name is Kirshnik Khari Ball, was playing dice with his uncle and bandmate, Quavo.

According to police, 40 to 50 people were at a privately held party when someone opened fire. Officers reported finding a huge crowd and a man with gunshot wounds to the head or neck when they arrived. He was declared dead at the site.

According to police, two other persons were hurt and rushed to the hospital in private vehicles.

takeoff shot dead

There have been no arrests.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner asked witnesses at the scene to come forward during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

“Please step up and send the information to us so we can bring some closure to this family that is currently in pain,” he urged.

Drew Findling, Akeoff’s lawyer, told the New York Times that the rapper’s death was a “devastating loss, particularly for Atlanta,” his birthplace.

There was one “Mr. Findling described Takeoff as having a “calm air,” adding that “the world was beginning to learn about Takeoff.” It was finally his turn to shine.”

On social media, tributes poured in. “Forever a legend, I can’t believe this,” Lil Pump commented on Instagram, while Ja Rule tweeted “love to friends and family” with a dove emoji.

Dave, a Brit Award-winning rapper, posted a sequence of images of himself and Takeoff on Instagram with the caption, “My brother… days we spent together were precious.”

On Twitter, fellow British rapper AJ Tracey stated: “Rest In Peace, Not Takeoff!” commented Atlanta singer Keri Hilson. Love and healing to your brothers, family, and friends. #gonetoosoon.”

Khloe Kardashian, a real personality, stated on Twitter: “This is heartbreaking. Wow! over what exactly? God bless everyone who is suffering. These senseless acts must stop. It’s sad.”

Cole Bennett, a music executive, tweeted, “nothing makes any sense any longer. Nothing at all,”; and Juice Wayne tweeted a Takeoff verse with the caption, “it will never make sense.” “.

“Takeoff was probably the least problematic artist,” actress Masika Kalysha noted. “He doesn’t annoy anyone and stays out of the way.”

rapper takeoff

Takeoff Escaped from Poverty through Music

Migos, comprised of Takeoff, Offset, and Quavo, grew up in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and came to symbolize the state’s capital, Atlanta, which is undoubtedly the spiritual home of trap music.

Takeoff stated that music provided an escape from poverty for the band, who were all connected.

“I used to attempt to make it in music when I was younger. I was grinding, which was exactly what I wanted to accomplish. I didn’t have anything else planned, “He revealed this to The Fader.

“I used to record myself in my spare time. Find a beat… make something for me. I’d wait for Quavo to return from football practice and play him one of my songs.”

Originally known as Polo Club, the band debuted as Migos in 2010 and earned their first hit with Versace, which was remixed by Drake, in 2013.

Their rise was halted in 2015 when Offset was arrested following a police raid on the group’s tour bus following a gig at Georgia State University.

Eventually that year, the group released the mixtape Back to the Bando, which featured the smash song Look at My Dab, which popularized the dabbing dance style, which was later picked up by sports and politicians alike.

They broke over in 2016 with Bad and Boujee, a viral song with quotable lines (“rain drop, drop top”) that created numerous memes.

It was a slow-burning hit, peaking out at number one in the United States two months after its release, partly to an enthusiastic endorsement from actor-rapper Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino.

“I think they [Migos] are the Beatles of our generation,” he declared at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. “Bad and Boujee’s music is fly.”

migos takeoff

Takeoff’s absence from that track sparked some debate among fans, but he dismissed it, claiming he was merely unavailable for the recording session.

Culture, the band’s second album, debuted at number one on the Billboard charts in the United States, propelled by its success. The duo partnered with Calvin Harris on Slide, their sole UK top 10 single, the same year.

Culture II, their follow-up album, features production by Kanye West and Pharrell Williams and guest appearances from Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage, Cardi B, and Drake. Another number one in the United States yielded the platinum songs MotorSport, Stir Fry, Walk It Talk It, and Narcos.

Offset began dating Cardi B around the same time, with whom he now has two children, Kulture and Wave.


Takeoff was the band’s youngest member and was frequently the quietest in public.

“He analyzes a lot, and I think that’s why his raps are so strong,” Offset told Rolling Stone in 2018. “He’s simply powerful.”

Before reuniting with Migos to record Culture III in 2021, the musician released a solo album, The Last Rocket, in 2018.

However, the band disbanded earlier this year following a disagreement with Offset.

“We stand on real deal loyalty, and sometimes it… ain’t displayed,” Quavo said on the Big Facts podcast earlier this year. “This has nothing to do with a label, documentation, QC, or anything else. This is connected to the three brothers.”

Takeoff and Quavo stayed together and released an album, Only Built For Infinity Links, which charted at number seven in the United States last month.

The pair had released a Halloween-themed video for their tune Messy shortly before Takeoff’s murder.

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California Representative Adam Schiff urges Biden to relinquish his position.



Adam Schiff
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/Getty Images North America

(VOR News) – According to a statement that was obtained by National Public Radio (NPR), Representative Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, is urging that Vice President Joe Biden withdraw from his candidacy for re-election.

Adam Schiff’s request was received by NPR. When the comment was first reported, it was done so by The Los Angeles Times.

Schiff, who is currently running for Senate in California, issued a statement in which he encouraged Vice President Joe Biden to “pass the torch” and “secure his legacy of leadership” by allowing Democrats to have the opportunity to convincingly defeat Donald Trump.

Adam Schiff is currently running for Senate in California.

A statement by Adam Schiff to the media noted that “Joe Biden has been one of the most consequential presidents in our nation’s history, and his lifetime of service as a Senator, Vice President, and now as President has made our country a better place.”

Adam Schiff noted in his statement to the media. On the other hand, our nation is present at a critical crossroads at the moment.

If Donald Trump were to win a second term as president, the entire framework of our democracy would be thrown into disarray, and I have serious concerns about whether or not the President would be able to defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming election in November.

To this day, Adam Schiff is the most prominent Democrat who has advocated for Biden to resign from the campaign for vice president nomination.

The Biden campaign made reference to the events that Biden has been holding this week in response to a request for a statement from the campaign.

As part of his efforts to promote his candidacy, he is currently taking part in a meeting in Las Vegas with members of the Congressional Black and Hispanic caucuses.

Vice President Biden has declared on several occasions that he will not be withdrawing from the campaign and that he is certain that he is the most competent candidate to shepherd the party through the election. He has also stated that he is confident that he will serve as the party’s nominee.

Further, Adam Schiff stated that President Biden is fully responsible for making the decision, and that he will support the party’s nominee, regardless of who that may be.

In addition, Adam Schiff said he would not support any other candidate.

According to statements made by Vice President Biden over the course of the past few days, he has acknowledged that members of his party are continuing to question him.

“The story goes that [former President Harry] Truman said, if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog,” Vice President Joe Biden quipped during the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in Las Vegas.

The NAACP is an organization that works to provide opportunities for people of color. “After the last couple of weeks, I know what he means.”

Schiff’s comment comes at a time when there is a renewed push from anxious Democrats for Biden to resign. Adam Schiff’s statement comes at a time when all of this is happening.

Due to the fact that President Trump was the target of an attempted assassination during a rally that took place on Saturday in Pennsylvania, the calls came to a temporary halt.

As a result of the seeming energy and confidence that Republicans displayed during the Republican National Convention, Democrats are growing increasingly anxious. This is despite the fact that that is the case. In addition, recent polls have demonstrated that support for Biden is exhibiting a downward trend.

In a virtual roll call vote that may take place several weeks before the Democratic National Committee’s convention, which will begin on August 19 in Chicago, the DNC is getting ready to officially name Biden the party’s nominee. The convention will take place in Chicago.

This preparation has resulted in an increase in the level of frustration that has been experienced over the past several days.



Elon Musk Says He’s Moving SpaceX And X Out Of California

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Tim Robbins Condemns Drawing Parallels Between His ‘Bob Roberts’ Film And Trump Assassination Attempt

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Elon Musk Says He’s Moving SpaceX And X Out Of California



spacex musk

Elon Musk has announced that he is relocating his firms out of California.

In two posts on X Tuesday, the billionaire announced that SpaceX’s headquarters will be relocated from Hawthorne, California, to Starbase, Texas, a business town under construction in the state’s south. He also said that social media platform X would be moving from San Francisco to Austin, Texas.


Elon Musk | CNN

Elon Musk Says He’s Moving SpaceX And X Out Of California

Musk said the SAFETY Act, a bill signed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom that prohibits school districts from mandating instructors to notify parents if a child wishes to be labeled as a different gender, was “the final straw.”

“Because of this law and the many others that preceded it, attacking both families and companies, SpaceX will now move its HQ from Hawthorne, California, to Starbase, Texas,” Musk told X.

In 2022, one of Elon’s daughters asked a California court to accept her new name and gender, claiming she no longer wanted to be related to her famous and affluent father “in any way, shape or form.” Musk has faced criticism for several of his statements on X addressing gender identification issues.

In a follow-up tweet, Elonstated that he was tired of the violent criminality surrounding the building where X is located in San Francisco.

Elon Musk Says He’s Moving SpaceX And X Out Of California

Elon has been drawn to Texas for several years. SpaceX moved to relocate its corporate incorporation from Delaware to Texas in February following a Delaware state judge’s ruling that Elon’s 2018 Tesla pay package was exorbitant, siding with a shareholder who challenged it.

Elon announced 2021 that Tesla would relocate its headquarters from the Bay Area to Austin, Texas. In December 2020,Elon announced that he had relocated to Texas.


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European Union Court Says TikTok Owner Can’t Avoid Bloc’s Law Cracking Down On Digital Giants



Tiktok | AP

LONDON —ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, cannot evade the bloc’s assault on digital giants, according to a European Union court decision issued Wednesday. The video sharing platform falls under new legislation that also applies to Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

The EU’s General Court rejected ByteDance’s legal challenge to being classified as an online “gatekeeper” subject to additional requirements under the Digital Markets Act of the 27-nation union.


Tiktok | PixaBay Image

European Union Court Says TikTok Owner Can’t Avoid Bloc’s Law Cracking Down On Digital Giants

The guideline, also known as the DMA, went into effect this year to counter Big Tech corporations’ dominance and make online competition more equitable by providing consumers with more choices.

TikTok has contended that it was not a gatekeeper but a new social media contender, taking on established giants such as Facebook and Instagram owner Meta.

However, the judges found that since 2018, TikTok had “succeeded in increasing its number of users very rapidly and exponentially” and “rapidly consolidated its position, and even strengthened that position over the following years.”

“We are disappointed with this decision,” the business wrote in a prepared statement. “TikTok is a challenger platform that provides important competition to incumbent players.” TikTok stated that it will assess its future steps and has already implemented efforts to comply with the DMA.


Tiktok | AP

European Union Court Says TikTok Owner Can’t Avoid Bloc’s Law Cracking Down On Digital Giants

The Digital Markets Act went into effect in March. It is a list of dos and don’ts for big tech “gatekeeper” businesses that aims to offer users more options but threatens significant penalties if they do not comply.

The verdict can be appealed to the EU Court of Justice, the bloc’s highest court, but only on legal grounds.


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